Friday, October 30, 2009

Goals Not Met

I'm sorry to say that I didn't reach the goal I had of collecting $50 this year for the American Cancer Society. I'm not surprised with the way the economy is, but I am still sorry that I fell short. They do good work and there is a great need for research. Maybe some year I won't have to get out there and collect. Maybe some year they will finally find some answers! Thank you for your help in quest!
Like the card? I'm not sure about, but I had this paper for a while and it called my name. Oh, my name is not Cosmo Cricket? What was I thinking! I stamped the tree from SU into the paper first and then added the little birthday verse. I found the stamp lost in my stash with no other home to go to! Well I think it's a nice card anyway. I think I'm on a losing line these days. I have SOME many cards over on my store. I always wonder if suddenly my creations are just plain old ugly or what. I'm doing as well with the new cards as I did with collecting for ACS.
Madelyn is coming to visit tonight. When we said we'd watch her, I did speak up about having her spend the night. They come home late from a party and my bedtime is early---so I thought her spending the night would be MUCH better. Last night Larry called to say there was a change of plans. Tina would drop her off and Justin would pick her up around 10:30! I think I'll just stop making plans for the when we have her. It doesn't always work out the way it was planned! We also had plans for tomorrow, but I think I'll just sleep late instead!
Today I'm suppose to be working on more cards for my little ebay store, but who knows. It appears to be "one of those days". You know, we all have them. Maybe it's a stay in bed all day, day, or maybe it's a run away day, or just maybe it's a do nothing day! Yea, right!
What ever you're day brings, have fun!


  1. Hugs to you Paula!! I wish I were rich so I could have given you lots for your cause, but you know our situation is as dire as yours! I think your cards are beautiful!! Last I checked, it looked like you had sold quite a bit!! I'm off to run errands with the school me if you want to vent....have fun with Madelyn!

  2. I like this card! Your cards are SO nice...I'm sure your e-bay sales will pick up. I need to start selling some stamps and papers but haven't gotten to it yet. I've been trying to comment under my shellyrmn AIM account but it's not working for me...hopefully this will work!