Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Part II--Still Give Til It Helps!

Thank you all who donated to The American Cancer Society. It's still not to late. Please see if you can help by donating a $---just one to a good cause. I do understand if you can't, so please come back to visit again soon!
This weekend I pulled out this SU set of stamps to make this card. It seems like I'm pulling out all and any old stamps I have. I do have a wonderful set coming from Verve that I won in the contest on Friday. I chose O Christmas Tree. It has some really great wreath stamps in the set and I knew they would be perfect for cards. When I was making this card I thought to myself that it needed that something extra. I pulled out some chipboard snowflakes and used silver embossing powder on them. They are so shinny and pretty IRL. You should see them. The whole card turned out great! The snowman head is popped up on a dot.
If anyone out there thinks that government run health care is WRONG, let me tell you that YOU are wrong. Yesterday Barry and went for his first appointment with the VA Clinic. They treated us just wonderful. All I heard while in the waiting room was good things about them. They took all the information Barry had to give and went about taking care of his needs. They ordered his med's, set him up for his tests that were past due, and made an appointment for with the DR for his cancer check-up. They even set up an appointment to get his eyes checked! The blood work and chest x-ray were done while we were there! After dealing with so many insurance companies and doctor offices that don't seem to care if you live or die, if made me more in favor then I already was of public health care for all!
Well, I'm off to create. I need to finish up as many cards as I can before Friday. I have miles to go and bills to pay! Have a warm and happy day!

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  1. Paula - I'm so glad that another worry has gone away.

    You're so good to pull out your older stamps. And they must love the attention!