Friday, April 30, 2010

It's A Bugaboo Saturday!

I am in love with digi images as you may well know. That's why I love working with Whimsie Doodles and now I've discovered Bugaboo Images as well. Every Friday they have at least one free image to download. This little guy is one of those. I found this paper in my stash and it worked perfect. The verse was used because I was lazy and didn't want to get up and find another one that fit better. This one was already on my desk. IT works! I wish I would feel well enough to get more then one or two cards done before my face starts to hurt from the pressure that build us, but I'm hoping each day will get better. PLEASE!
Not much new to report today. We're hanging in there and Barry is doing a good job at school. HE's ready to start writing programs to get back in gear. It's been a while. He's so ready for school to be over as well. YEA! SOON!
Have a wonderful weekend and hurry back. You can check out all my cards at my ebay store. PLEASE, don't feel you have to or I'm begging you to buy. I'm not. I just like to show them off!

Is It Going To RAin Today?

I'm trying to decide if I want to drag stuff out for a garage sale today and it looks like it's going to rain! I've been up for about an hour thinking I should do this so I could have some money in our pockets for the weekend, let along buy some food, but it's cloudy with a 30% chance of rain! What to do , what to do! Meanwhile you can at least look at a pretty card I made when I was feeling better. It was made using a MFT set of stamps and some papers that were still sitting on my desk. It turned out "just OK". Sometimes things work and sometimes they just miss the mark. I think this one may have "just" missed that mark, but I like it anyway.
I don't seem to be getting much better in the hearing department. I don't know what's going on. I don't have much hearing in the right ear at all, but some in the left. This Spring weather isn't helping any either. What a Spring! I feel like I'm ready to just lay down and die. It's been 3 weeks since I first got sick and truthfully, I don't feel a heck of a lot better. I know Barry is tired of me not hearing, but other then wait it out, I'm fresh out of idea's and money to do anymore!
We have no plans for the weekend. Barry is suppose to collect for White Can day tomorrow for the Lion's Club. He really enjoys this outings with them. It's good for him to do this. It makes him feel more normal then an "out of work" guy. Several of his buddies at Lion's have either been their or are there now, so they understand. We pray for things to turn around, but it just seems to take forever this time. I don't know the answer anymore, let the questions to ask!
I have to go before I get myself down even more then I am. I always enjoy writing. Someday I'd love to write a book or even some short stories, but those dreams will have to wait.
Take care, hurry back, and stay safe!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This WAS The Tiny Little Book!

This tinny, tiny little chipboard album has a new owner today! May Beth bought it yesterday. I was sad to see it go. I've never made one before but love how it turned out. Each of the pages were lined with paper---check it out!

It was way fun to create and now I'd like to make a few more. The hard part is thinking up way to make it pretty and fun to give!

Not much else is new at the Zoo. I still am having the hearing problem. It really seems to make me feel beat up. I mean tired. One ear gets better and then the other ear is filled up again! I'm hoping against hope that things will clear up soon!

Barry is back at school today. Yesterday he had a little class about a new Microsoft product that's coming out soon and he studied some more for his test. In the afternoon he went to a resume class that was a waste of time. It was very out of date in regards to what has happened with the job market now. I hear IT jobs are going to be in "hot" demand soon. I'm keeping my figures and toes crossed!

Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 For 1 Today!

I am going to share 2 cards today that I made over the weekend. The first one is made using some BG papers and MFT images. This little guy is so cute and I like his puppy looking at him with love! I had bits of scrap and used them for the grass and even the sun. The sun was part of a SU punch, and a button finishes everything well! The second card was made using some SU paper that I got in an RAK. Gotta love that. If anyone else wants my address for SU stuff they don't want anymore, I'd be HAPPY to take it off your hands! LOL!! Anyway, the card was made using a die over top of cut papers. What I love about this pack is that they are printed on both sides and that makes it a heck of lot easier to "quilt" with! I just glued the squares on white card stock and then cut with the die. The saying is SU as well. Hope you like both my cards. I worked on a tiny album for Mother's Day. I put it on my ebay site. Don't look if you're not interested. I'm sure it will make it's way over there soon! I wish I could say I'm not sick anymore, but this ear things is going on. Now I can hear some out of the left hear, but the right one is now having problems! I think a day under the sun at the beach will be needed soon. Oh never mind that we live nowhere near a beach and it's cloudy outside...a beach day will come again! Barry is fine and still studying for school. He's waiting on the coupon from school so he can sign up to take his .Net test again. Meanwhile, he's studying very hard! Well, have a fine day! P

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guess Who Has A Meeting Tonight?

If you guess my own Lion, you're right! It's Monday and Barry is off to Lions' Club! Yea, I don't have to cook a big dinner!!!! He really does eat at home before he goes because it's way more then we want to spend for dinner to eat there, but at least I get to feed him early and then have hours to play in my studio!
Back to the card---I made it using a older set from SU called Wild About You. I really enjoy this set. I used to use it a lot. It was one of the only sets I had for boy cards way back when, but now it doesn't seem to get much use. I decided to dig it out again on Sunday. I got the stack of paper last year at M's with a coupon, but I haven't used most of it. It was late in the Fall when I was ready to move on to Christmas, so I just put it away. I used some of it again yesterday for this card. It's all layered up around the Lion's mane.
I had an comment left that was very nasty this weekend and I deleted it. It was very hurtful and I didn't feel anyone else should have to see it. My blog is free to come to and I write about things that I feel like. If it's my life for the last 20 months, so be it. I don't beg anyone to come and visit. I'm glad people do, but if I write something you don't like, please feel free NOT to visit me. I write things that I want to get off my chest. Sometimes it's about issues, and sometimes it's about my own frustrations in life. We all have those. Anyone that thinks each day is rosy and right is either kidding themselves or someone else. No, not everyday is horrible, but some days we each need a little extra love and that's my thoughts on that subject! Another issue she bought up was asking people to "buy" my cards at my ebay store! I have people all the time ask about them and check them out. Buy or just look and get idea's---it's your choice. If she's been to Facebook, she really must be unhappy because most of the gals are putting out stamps, or trying to sell something from the teams they work for. The more I think about it, the more I think she is the one with problems. I just have issues!!
Again, please come back and check out my cards. I do love to create and this weekend I was on a roll, so now I have lots of new one's to share in the days ahead!
Hugs and love,

Good Sunday Morning To You!

We baby sat Madelyn last night! She is such a sweet child. Grandpa and Madelyn played Mouse Trap! It was a treat to see them both on the floor building the game! I can't remember the last time I saw Barry on hands and knees playing! I wish I had my camera with me last night so I could share a great picture of them both---but take my word, they were cute!
We're going to have a slow day at home. One of those stay in your PJ days. I have some work to do for the DT and fill some orders. And lastly, try and get better. I am starting to hear some more since last night. I showed Barry that I didn't have the TV up as loud this morning. He just laughed at me! It didn't seem as loud to me, so maybe we both can't hear a thing!
Have a great day and enjoy the Sun!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday!

Today's post is short and sweet. I can't help myself. When in doubt of what to make, I fall back on this cute little girls! Nurse Nancy is so sweet. Who wouldn't want to take your medicine from her?
That's the short of it. Since I figure no one is really reading my posts, just looking at the pictures, I won't keep you today!
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Friends, Great Family

I'm sharing a fun card I made today using another digi image from Heather Ellis. They are so fun and I love this card. Because it's Earth Day, I wanted to do a card in all scraps. This is one of those ALL scrap cards! Even the base was from another half done project! Enjoy!
I had one of those pick me up type of calls this morning. No, not a nice bill collector. They are never nice, but from Deb. She's my best of best bud's! After all, she's known me since the day I was born. Deb is really my first cousin, but I always refer to her and she does for me, as sisters. After all,we are closer then some, many I'm guessing! Deb is older then me by 10 years, but I was always the little sister she took with her no matter where. The bond is truly of sisters. Anyway she called to see how I was. Not that anyone called to tell her I was sick, she just knew. They are having tough times too, but she always makes me feel better. Cheers me up and gets me going. We did talk about that Power Ball again. Man, if only I had $ to buy that winning ticket I would! I can hear the beach calling me. That's about all I can hear today. Both ears are still stopped up. It's really bad and I'm getting scared because it's been over a week like this. Nothing is working. Barry keeps wanting me to go to the doctors and I had to explain to him again that because we shopped for food this week, that it was impossible, unless I could find a doctor who wanted to be paid in Chickens!
Unless you like Liberal news like I do, I'm sure you're wondering what that's all about. The lady running in the race against Harry Reed is purposing that people pay for medical services in chickens! I swear, she did say just that, and it's on video! Let me know how that's workin' for ya!
I'm off to try and something done today. I have almost 2 cards done for a friend that ordered 4. I'm almost halfway there!
Hugs and Love to all

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Challenge

Welcome to another Whimsie Wednesday!
Thanh is the host over at Whimsie Doodle's Paper Craft Planet Challenge. April 22 is Earth Day and Thanh has challenged us to create a project to promote in saving the Earth.What does Earth Day mean to you? How are you reducing your ecological foot print?Things you could do are:
use a recycled item on your project from around your house
have a reduce, reuse, recycle message
incorporate a save Earth message (using the WD stamp )
paint or stamp with household objects
make a project with only scraps and as many scraps as you can using earthy stuff
use earthy colors
incorporate all of the above into one!
At Whimsie Doodles, we believe in reducing our ecological footprint hence why most of our images are digi! To help spread the message, we're going to be giving away our Save Earth digi for a limited time.Please click HERE for your download.

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's A New Day, But Same Old Problems

It was nice to take last week off from working. It really was, but now because I was so sick and really unable to create last week, I'm a week behind in selling! I can't seem to win for losing. I know that should make sense, and I'm sure it does to someone, but's a silly saying! I don't feel much better today then I did a week ago, but life has to go on. I have bills to pay and one due today. I finally made some cards yesterday and put them on ebay. Have they sold? Hell NO! I was hoping that I'd find them all gone and the money in my paypal account this morning. Then my money worries for today, at least, would have been over! I know, it seems like every week there is a new thing "due". It is! Today is 90 for the cell bill again! It seems like I pay this darn thing every other week. I did pay them last week, but it was just the past due amount and now today the other 90 is due! Will I make it? I don't know. I put those cards on ebay last night to get that last amount I am short, so we'll see what happens. They said they won't turn it off until Midnight! You know, if I wasn't sick before, I'd be sick now. How much can a body take of all this stress? I ask myself that every day and still have no answer!
I hope you like the card I'm showing today. She is so pretty. Leah is from Whimsie Doodles April digi release. I thought she'd make a pretty Mother's Day card and I was so right! I don't have a clue who makes the papers I used. They were from the scrap pile! The little label is from a $ set if stamps.
Well, I have wash to do, and the dishes need to be done as well. You'd think Barry was sick with all he doesn't do. He did tell me it was trash day and that he needed clothes washed. Nice of him. Sometimes I don't think he's all there, if you know what I mean! BTW, his Dad is in the hospital again. He wasn't feeling well on Saturday and a friend drove him to the hospital. Today they are doing some more tests to see what the problem is. At almost 92, it could be anything. Another worry for all of us!
Hugs and love,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank YOu All.....

For your concern about where I've been. I have been so sick and today was the first day I was able to create something. I'm not sure how good a something, but something. I still feel like death would be better, but I'm hanging in there.
My FIL is back in the hospital with who knows what. We'll know more tomorrow. He's still in FL, so it's hard to make sense of what he says at times. We all try.
That's it for now. I'm headed back to my pal---BED!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Oldies--But Good Ones

I'm still under the weather, and no signs of this nasty yuk getting any better, so I'll share some cards I made last year with you. I haven't been near my studio in a week and my MOJO is still sick, so I hope to get back there soon.
We went to the tax man on Tuesday night and have now made a deal with the devil to make payments to pay the bill. I don't know how somebody that doesn't make any money can still owe taxes! I do know, it was because we used up all our 401 and didn't have any taxes taken out---gee so we could keep living (big joke) and now we have to pay the price. There is no reason the system is like this, but that's a fight for another day. I don't have the energy today for it. Barry is still in school, but I think he's now getting the cold back. Oh Lordy, now he'll be sick again! I had a fortune cookie yesterday and it said my future was bright---so I'm only thinking happy thoughts--yea, I can't see that happening. I still have to figure out how to buy food for the week and still pay the cell bill, again! I keep selling stuff off on ebay and every time I do, there is a need for that money and more. It's ground hog day all over again!
I know it's going to get better, I know it is. I say this 3 times, click my heals together and then head back to bed! See, it worked!
Love you all for keep up with me and caring about how I am. As soon as I can hear again, I'll be back. Until then,
Lots of Hugs,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Let Me Tell You About My Friend Laura

Today I just wanted to take some time to write and tell you about my very best friend Laura. She along with her family still live in Maryland. Our home. Where are roots are, and will always be. Laura has been going through some rough times of late. After being sick all last summer, they found out around Christmas she has Cancer. Yes, another person with that horrible disease. I wish they would find a clue, but all my wishing can't help. We just need to have people in leadership rolls do the right thing. Sorry, I was tell you about Laura and her family. Our hubby's met first. It was about 38 years ago. Remember the old CB's? Barry and Hank were big time on them! Hot, man, Hot! Anyway, Hank's car broke and he called out for help and Barry stopped. Remember the days when you did that? They didn't know each other before that night, neither did the families, but they hit it off and got to talking about their families. Each had a beautiful talented creative wife, 2 kids, and cats! What more could a guy ask for! They made a date for all of us to met on the weekend at the Lake. I thought Barry was crazy. Who are these people, I asked. He said, I'd love them, and you know he was right! It really was love at first sight for all of us. Their kids were a tiny bit older then ours, but they still played nice together, and enjoyed the day. Laura and I found out we really LOVED the same things. First we both sewed and did lots of crafts, read the same type of books, and more importantly loved the same color nail polish! That says it all! Our friendship grew in the next few years. We went to the beach together, we traveled to FL in my inlaws 24' RV. It's a good thing the kids were little. We just enjoyed each other's company. After we moved to FL, we met up in Orlando, and they came to visit us in Tampa. We even went up North for a family thing a day early so we could stay at their house and not have to see anyone else. Oh the fun! Are children are all grown now and have turned into fine human beings. Roni, their daughter has MS, but she's so cute and will always be a little girl in my mind. Neal is married and has 3 children of his own. They've gotten a little older and a little rounder, and Hank still won't let me severe him coffee ( I once spilled HOT coffee on him in Orlando), but when I speak with them, like today, I really miss the friendship we're had. I keep thinking when I win the lotto, we'll all move somewhere nice and warm, where Laura and I can do counted cross stitch and read the day away.

Please say a prayer for her this week. She's going to start another round of Chemo on Wednesday. I hope this time is the charm!

Love and Hugs,


Long Bad Nght

Boy oh boy was last night a long one. I was really sick, so sick in fact, I scared little old Barry out of his pants! It seemed like I got worse and worse as the day went on, and at 3 this morning, the worse was upon me! I feel a little better now, but I still can't hear out of my hears, my nose is still stuffy, and my cough is still coughing, but I don't have the pain in my ears that I had earlier! For all those people who think having health care is someone else's problem, it isn't! I would have been to a doctor in a heart beat if I had insurance, or for that matter money this week to go to a doctor. NO one should have to suffer without care. Long term unemployement isn't something anyone choses to do, nor is living pay check to pay check if you are working. We've been living on Barry's SS and of course it doesn't come until Wednesday this week, so hopefull the OTC med's will take me to that point. I really feel it's a right of everyone to have health care. Not just stange idea that the government "man" wants to come and take your rights away from you. Ok, so enough of my soap box today. I'm headed back to bed and some more med's!

Love and hugs,


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mega Headache Day

I wish I felt good enogh to go out and play like this charming little Leah is, but this darn cold has now gotten into my head as well as my chest. I think I'm going back to bed, but I wanted to share her first. She made using one of the newest little digi stamps from Whimsie Doodles. They are so darling and easy to use. You should try them out! The paper is from my friend Pat who sent me tons of fun stuff this winter to play with. It's so wonderful to have good friends.
Have a great day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Need To Send This Card To Myself!

Another night with Barry's cold and now it's morning and I feel no better! Barry offered to take me to the hospital during the night, but I said no. We have no insurance and what's more, no money, so I'll just keep taking the OTC med's and see what happens. I have a bad cough, but I don't think it's in my chest, so we'll see. I used to say that little phase a lot when the kids where little. It usually meant NO, but in this case, we'll see how I feel. I'm still trying to figure out how to keep going until Wednesday when Barry SS comes in. I wish my cards were blowing out the doors, but I guess it's one of the those "between" times for cards and so I have to figure out how to make 29 dollars last. Have I said just how tired I am of this stuff? I am and I don't want it to continue any longer. If wishing were so, I'd have wished for a happier ending to this story!
Barry is back to studying so he can retake the test he didn't pass this week along with the other one. He now feels lost, but I guess it's my job to make sure he hasn't wasted the last year on this school. What he really needs is a job. I need one too, but the only one's I find our one's I have to stand on my feet for hours, and I just can't do that anymore. My poor left foot just can't take the wear anymore. Someday I'll have insurance again and then maybe I'll start to feel better. Who in their right mind thinks everyone doesn't need health care?
I'm going back to bed and a while, and rest up some more.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Takin The Day off Due To Nasty Cold

Enjoy the pictures today. I'll be back tomorrow. Today I'm not feeling so well, but I would feel better if someone wanted to buy these little sweeties! Just kidding---they are for sale over at ebay, but don't feel you HAVE to follow the link on the top of my blog!
Have a good day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys!

Today's the day to play along with PCP at Whimsie Doodles Wednesday Challenge! Grab your own fun "boy" stamps or digi images and play along with us! My card today is made using a new digi stamp from Whimsie Doodles that was released yesterday, and some fun scraps of paper from my desk! It seems like a never ending pile!
Barry is taking his .NET test today at 9:30 and needless to say, I'm on pins and needles. I almost don't want to talk about it, for fear it will jink the whole thing! Please say a prayer for his passing. He's studied so much and I really don't know what will happen if he doesn't pass this test. I'm sure keeping my fingers and toes crossed!
I seem to have come down with his chest cold. Nice of him to share. Why oh why am I so lucky! I love the boy dearly, but he could have kept this to himself! I'm trying to find some MOJO to create something today. So far this morning, it's still hiding out! I wish the bill collectors that start calling at 8 AM would be hiding out, but true to form, they started calling bright and early. It's a real bummer to start the day worry how to keep your body and soul together. Just for one day, I want to dream of happier times.
Hugs and Love,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whimsie Doodles Release Day!

Whimsie Doodles is ready to "swing" into Spring with our adorable new images! All of these images are available starting today in the Whimsie Doodles store.

This is my card using Swing Leah.

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's The Day Before New Release Day!

Doesn't this pretty little girl have you just wondering what's going to be new tomorrow for Whimsie Doodle? You will love each and every new digi image, so hurry back tomorrow for to see all the newest images! If you rush on over to the Whimsie Doodle site and leave a comment you have a chance to win all the new releases tomorrow---run-run-run!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday. We didn't do a thing and it was heave! We stayed in PJ's all day and watched all the movies on the Hallmark channel. The whole series of the Love Comes Softly one's. Today is the opening game for the Rangers and it's on TV this afternoon, so I need to get all my running around done early today. Darn if we don't need clean clothes again! And I have a sink full of dishes from yesterday because I need to run the dishes in the dishwasher before I'll have room for any new ones. We gave up paper plates some time ago trying to go green, but the amount of plates sometimes is too much! And only for two people!
Have a sweet day, and don't forget to go and leave a comment.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun Time At Ballgame!

Last night we went to the baseball game with Larry and his buddy Derek. The Rangers won and I got to have my dog and onions! It was a pre-season game, but we still enjoyed it and winning is good anytime!
Today I'm showing you a card I made during the week. I get tired of always having a card look the same, and so this was a bit out of that comfort zone, but I really like the way it turned out and will try and make some more similar to this. In the end I thought maybe I added a bit too much, but I'll keep it the way it is! I stamped a big SU backround stamp on the cream part in pale green and then just kept adding "stuff" from around my desk!
Have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's A Good FridayQ

Good Friday to all my friends that celebrate it. And a very good Friday because it's the end of the work week for those who are working! I just love, love how this card turned out. I found this paper at Hobby Lobby a while ago and thought it would be fun for baby cards, but that didn't happen, but it works for me now. I used a Hero Arts stamp that I got a few years ago and a piece of paper already embossed from my desk and a really pretty card came out!
Today I'm babysitting Madelyn and of course my TV in the living is not working. It's been going for some time, but now we can't get any picture. It's one of those things that needs to be replaced, but since we don't have the money for that, it's at the bottom of the list...until the TV in the bedroom dies, we'll just have to use that one!
We're going to the TX Rangers game tonight if it's not rained out. Larry has tickets and is taking us. Barry isn't really feeling well. That darn cough won't go away, but that seems to be my life this winter---Barry sick! Oh well, I keep going on, one day at a time!
Have a wonderful day, and stay dry and warm!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

OK, So You Didn't Like Coco's Pictures?

Is there something wrong with showing off the puppy yesterday? It seems like nothing thought enough of her to leave a little comment on how cute she is. Well, you missed out on a treat not doing that! The treat you ask, why the joy of letting me know how much you like my pictures, of course! Well, maybe you'll like the card I'm showing today better. I made it a while ago with pretty, pretty BG papers and a pretty verse from Verve stamps.
Today I'm just trying to play catch-up on some projects that need get done and then get the mail out. I have lots of cards that need to go to their new homes. I just made a really pretty new card and when I went to take a picture of it, my batteries where dead! I had to put them in the charger because I'm out of the regular ones, so you'll have to wait to see that new one. It's really pretty. Come again tomorrow to see it!
Speaking of tomorrow, my day will start early. Madelyn is off for Good Friday and since her Mom just started a new job yesterday, no one will be home with her. It's a good thing that her grandparents just live right around the corner! Justin is suppose to take her in the afternoon, but with Justin you never know until you see him at the door! Then tomorrow night Barry and I are going to a pre-season baseball game with Larry. He got tickets for the game and invited his parents to go. He know what a game lover I am and his Dad will come along for the food! When we're at the game, it will truly be Spring!!
Gotta run and get something done. Have a wonderful day and hurry back!