Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Golly Molly, It's Monday

I think Fall might be in the air! It's suppose to stay in the 80's today and go down to the 60's tonight. We don't really get too excited by those numbers in Texas. By the end of the week it could be over 100 again. That's just the way it is, but I always hold out hope that maybe an early Fall will be in order for us! A few years ago we had just that. I love just the thoughts of putting my sweatshirts on again and opening the windows. I can almost smell the leaves turning. NO, I haven't been drinking this morning. I'm just feeling fallish!
My morning started off with meeting the newest pets in our home. We had a few Ants come in visit us! They freak me out!!!! I got my LARGE can of bug spray out and hopefully I took care of them. That was just what life was missing!
We do have a new pet, sort of---we always have a nice group of Lizards in our garage and a few days ago we had one in the kitchen. Barry tried to catch it, but every time it runs behind my dishwasher. I've named it and told it that he or she may stay and visit, as long as I don't have any Lizzy poop in the kitchen!! I haven't heard from he or she since yesterday. I'm hoping he found his way home (and not mine!)!
Well, I'm off to finish up the wash and clean a bit. A very little bit and maybe work on some cards. I need to get some done. I have only 3 1/2 finished to list for tomorrow. NEED MORE!
Have a great day and hurry back! Thanks to all of you who have a send a card to Barry's Mom. Getting mail from friends of mine has been such a fun thing for her! She'll be in the Rehab Center for at least another 2 or 3 weeks and I'm running out of cards in my stash to send her. Time for more!
Hugs to all who enter!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lotto Crazy

I know, Mr School Book Riley Guy doesn't have anything to do with the Lotto, but I made this card on Friday and thought I'd share it any how. Fun paper? YES! I can't believe I never inked up this Riley, but somehow it was still a Virgin stamp. NOT anymore!

Back to the Lotto---we all heard how much the Mega Millions was this past week---didn't we? Yes, you heard right 333 MILLION dollars! NO I didn't win the prize. I did have 3 numbers. Too bad they were on 3 different lines, but if you don't play, you can't win anyway. Back to the Lotto (once again). I have been feeling lucky all week. The good Lord only knows why, because nothing in my life seems to have anything to do with "good" luck lately, but I thought "why not"! I had Barry take to get a lotto ticket yesterday. In order to save you the holding breath kinda thing, I didn't win the Lotto. I didn't even have any of the numbers that were picked, but I was a winner just the same. I bought a scratch off and won $10! 9 if you want to be picky about the $ it cost to buy the ticket, but money never the less. I also thought I had gotten a ticket for the Lotto for last night, but it seems in all my talking with the guy selling, I got a Mega Millions ticket for next week. Well I just had to go back and get the lotto numbers (remember I was feeling lucky), so last night my dear sweet hubby took me back. That's when I got the ticket with no winning numbers, but I did buy another scratch off and guess what---I won another $2! Now I know I'm on a roll of good luck!!

So that was a very long story, but a happy one! We also went to the LSS yesterday. I love getting those emails that say NEW stuff is in---hurry on over before it's gone! Barry, on the other hand, is not thrilled by this type of email. He said that my Saturday "little" rides make him very tired! They make me very happy! I didn't get much, that darn money thing again, but I did get a few new pieces of Cosmo Cricket. SO pretty!

Today is another lazy day. I'm going to work on some projects that have to get done and try to make a few cards to send to Barry's Mom this week. I'm trying to send along a card every other day. The boys are doing the same thing. We've added some pictures in a few of the cards. That way she'll have pictures of the kids to look at. If you'll like to help cheer this wonderful woman up, I'd love to share her address with you. Please email me if you can share a card.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Love and Hugs to all who enter!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't Forget Even the Weeds Can Bloom

You would not believe how many "bloom" stamps I own. I can never pass one up. I get so excited when I see one, as if it was made just for ME! Isn't it? Anyway, today I'm sharing I card I made yesterday. I was busy using scraps on my desk again and this was the end result. I love how it turned out! I love the October Afternoon papers. I can't seem to get enough of them. Then again, I can't seem to have enough of any beautiful printed paper! I think the green plaid is from American Crafts. It's hard to find this paper so I bought several sheets when I saw it. The flower is from my friend Gretchen. Another of her gifted stamped images to me. This bloom verse is from Verve stamps.

I save all my old Mary Engelbreit magazines. You never know when you'll need a bit of whimsy to get you going in your creative quest for that perfect card. No, I've never made that "perfect" card, but I have made lots that I love to look at, but that doesn't stop me from trying to create better and better. That's the lesson for today. Use your own imagination! Creating the perfect card isn't the reason most of us create. It might be the goal, but remember to enjoy the process. I know so many crafters who think that their work is not good enough to show off. Why is that? Can we all improve? Sure, but only improve for ourselves. I want to laugh when I look back at some of my earlier cards. How could anybody have bought those? I ask my self. Self answers the same way every time. They saw what could be. I've been selling cards for a long time and I have a few wonderful friends who have been buying from me from the start. I'm sure they think the latest cards are the best, but I hope they treasured the first ones as well. The moral of this story is---don't be afraid to show off your creations! They are part of who we are!

This is a quote from Mary

At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done. Then they see it can be done--Then it is done and the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago!

Have a wonderful day! Love and Hugs to all who enter!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Sharing Some Cards Today

Just wanted to share some cards I made yesterday. I really don't have anything new to talk about and I'm just not in the mood to chit-chat. Come back tomorrow and maybe we'll have some fun things to talk about.

Until then,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm sure Fall is in the air, somewhere, just not in Dallas today! It's going to be another hot one for us. 99 plus! We're usually on the "plus" side of the temps! It's OK, Fall will be here soon enough. As much as I love the summer, I do think Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the warm colors and the fresh apples. We're from Maryland and we used to drive up to the mountains and bring back so nice fresh apples by the baskets. We were lucky if we had any by the time we reached home! I have a lot of nice memories of those days. Now I can't get my "boys" to go for a ride anymore! I'm lucky that Barry likes to drive and a "ride" can be anything from a few hours to a few days with him!

The card I'm showing today was made using an old SU set of stamps. I bought it from eBay this summer for a very good price. I really love the apples and the set has a great pumpkin too. The only stamp I'm not sure about in the set is a Sunflower. I love those type of flowers, but it's a bit funky for a stamp. I have to play a bit with the image before I can say it's ready for prime time card making! I used some fun, fun paper that I got from Emily's store when my friend Gretchen took me there. It's been hanging around my stash for a while now, and cried out to me yesterday. It's a little busy, but I think it works well with this card. Notice the dew drops? They are from a set of Halloween colors!

Today I have to work on cards. I got a lot done yesterday but just NOT enough done! I have to get back to "machine" mode in cards. I'm working up to that slowly! Very slowly! I made a bunch yesterday and posted them in my eBay shop. They sold well. Now to make more---that's the hard part!

Have a wonderful day and come back anytime!



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have I Said I'm Tried?

I hate the end of the month! Bills come due that are so hard to pay. Bill collectors get crazy with their phone calls and still there are NO jobs! I feel like I'm on a roller coaster some days. One day good, the next day, not. I've tried not to turn the news on so much either. That's hard because we're news junkies at our house. But that's not helping my stress level one bit! I go off the deep end when I hear the wing-nuts on TV talk about the health care issues! I wish I could say to them---walk in my shoes for the last year without health care! Figure out how you're going to pay for the pills you need to stay healthy and how to keep food on your table! I know that there are many people who are just so Happy with their health care. Well so were we when we had it, but everyday things are a changing! Tomorrow the job that you have today may be gone---then what? If you plan on Cobra for a family and paying for it with your unemployment check---forget it! You can't have both! I know this for the truth! You know that big wonderful government run program called Social Security? Not one person took me up on my offer to give them the papers to opt out of it---so much for BIG GOVERNMENT not working! It's a life saver for many Americans! What would my in-laws have done without it? Like I said---I'm tired!

Enjoy the Fishing Riley! He's always having a good day!


Monday, August 24, 2009


I finally inked up my beautiful RAK set of SU stamps from Paula this weekend. Isn't this the prettiest card? It looks so much richer in color IRL, but you get the picture. I used some My Mind's Eye paper that I got on our little Sunday trip a few weeks ago. No one carries all the new stuff in our area. I love the papers of My Mind's Eye. They are always so pretty. It's hard to find pretty purple papers. I used up the last of the Razzleberry ribbon that Gretchen shared with me. I'm going to have to get some of the new stuff for my self. Self, make a note!

We had a nice quite weekend. On Saturday we went to the $ movie to see Star Trek. It was great. I really liked the way it showed the people when they were young. Fun! Last night we had dinner with Evan. That was about it for us. Barry did get a lot of rest!

My MIL, Annette, arrived on Friday at the rehab center. Sid is now sleeping in his own bed and using his own bathroom. What a treat! When I spoke with him last night he said Mom is doing a bit better, but they're still having a hard time getting her up from the bed. She's in a lot of pain. They were hoping today would be the day. They need to start working on the broken parts! If you could spare a get well card to send along to her, I would be so grateful. Just email me and I'll be happy to send along the address. Barry's Mom loves getting cards in the mail!

Today I'm doing all those things I didn't get done over the weekend. You know, like wash and clean. Ok, so maybe I'll only get the wash part done. I WILL try to get some of the cleaning done. Now that Barry's parents aren't coming any time soon, I feel I don't really have to clean right now. Barry on the hand, thinks I'm a day late in cleaning!!

Take care and hurry back soon!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Mom-In-Law On The Move!

Barry's Mom is doing well enough to be moved today to a rehab center back in Silver Spring, MD where they live. They are taking her this morning by ambulance and Sid will follow in the car. He's going to call this afternoon and give us all the details as to where and how long she'll be there. It should be about a month. They have to rehab the hand and shoulder that were broken in the fall. I know my FIL will feel much better once he's in his own home. I know I've said this before, but my MIL is my best non-paying customer! I send her cards every month because she's a great letter writer and really enjoys sending out my handmade creations. She's always been a big supporter of all my crafts. I'd love to shower her with cards when I get the address so if you could help out and maybe send her an extra card you might have around that would be so great. If anyone is interested in helping me out, please let me know by email and when I have the address I'll send it along. I've added my email address at the very top of this page on the right hand side! Thanks so much in advance!
I remember when I had to have the set of stamps from SU that I used to make this card. I mean I HAD TO HAVE THEM! Don't get me wrong, I used them lots and make many, many cards, but like all toys, they became old. With a very limit stamping budget this summer, I'll taken out lots of old toys to play with. I remembered why I wanted this set---it brings a smile to my face just looking at the stamps! Simple cards are always the best!
Nothing much planned for the weekend. I'm sure we'll see Evan this weekend. I want to see what he's done in the past week to the house and I must see the fridge I waited a whole day to come looks like. I'm hoping to get a little stamping in and maybe a trip to the LSS if I can talk Barry into it. I reminded him this morning at breakfast I haven't been to one that about a hour from us for a long time, so maybe....
Have a great day and hurry back!
Hugs and Love to all who enter!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Congrats To Kim!

I didn't make the final cut for the Guest Design spots for Hanna Stamps this time, but I'm so happy for my friend Kimberly. Her site is Creating for Sanity listed on the my favorite sites, and wish her a happy too! Kim is waiting for the birth of her 5th child right now.

Not much new in the Bloom Zoo world. Annette (MIL) is doing OK. I spoke with Sid last night and he said they are taking her off her pain meds so she'll start to mend better. I think that's a good idea. They still don't know how long she'll be there, but he was told to make plans to move her to a rehab center soon. Poor guy. These are the things Annette would normally do, not Sidney.

School was better yesterday for Barry. He said he had a little easier time with the coding. That is a very good thing. Still no job, but as always we keep hoping. Maybe I should say I keep hoping. I really don't know what else to do but keep good thoughts in my mind. Without that I really would go NUTS!

We're hoping to get together with Evan either tomorrow night or Saturday and go to one of his favorite places for dinner. His treat of course!

I'm off to try and create something today. I didn't get much done yesterday again. I don't seem to be able to get a handle on my MOJO. I still think it's at the beach or at least the pool!

Love and Hugs to all who enter!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love how this card turned out! Sometimes my brain just can't seem to get an idea out and then I turn to the net. I went blog hopping yesterday and found several ideas out there. I combined the best of the best and then made it my own with my own combination of colors and shapes. This is the finished card! I used some new Basic Grey papers. 3 different papers to create this card. I must buy some more of those Plain Jane verse's that Verve has. I like how they make such a great statement on a card. For the center panel of this card I used a pretty busy piece of printed paper. I layed my spellbinder over the part I wanted to use and then just added the butterflies to finish it off. I need to make more of this. It's a great way to use up some of those pieces of paper that come in the pads that you really don't know what to do with without covering up all the pretties on the paper.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Evan's waiting for his fridge to come. At 3 Evan called and said there was so sort of mix up and they weren't coming, so I went home. At 4:45 they called Evan at work and said they were on their way. He left work and went home to meet them. That was my day. Hurry up and wait! Now today I have to do the wash, clean a bit (not too much, don't want to upset the dust bunnies) and find time to make a card or two. I was planning a trip to my LSS to check out all the new stuff she's got. I'd love to do some more sample cards for her. I like getting paid in trade. It's nice to know I don't have to take money out of my pocket to get a few new pieces.

I would like to say thanks for your support. A few of my customers read that I was having some doubts about my work. Was it good enough or not, and again they supported my habits!

Barry's Mom, Annette, came through the surgery yesterday just fine. I spoke with his Dad afterwards and he said she was doing good. I'll call him again today and check. That was such good news.

I'm off to the race now. Have a wonderful day!

Hugs and Love to all who enter!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Do you love Lulu? She's a new addition to my stamping children. This is a Stampin Bella Ketto stamp. I think she's too cute by far! I have had a box of tiny little saying from Hero Arts for years and years and keep going back to them time and again. I think this was one of the first sets of Hero Arts I got many years ago. I've added a few more stamps since then!

I'm beginning to think my cards are unloved. In the last two weeks I've sold about a half dozen cards at my ebay store! Where is everyone or have my cards suddenly become so darn ugly that people don't want to buy them? I'm at a loss as the cause of this problem. Do you sell cards? Is this happening to you too? I don't want to spend anymore money buying fall and holiday papers and stamps if this is going to be the way it is. I NEED to sell more then 6 cards a week just to pay for my own needs! Forget eating! I'm hoping it picks up soon. The good news is that I've gotten some really, really great new customers in the last few months and I hope they will continue to support my habits!

We had some good news about my MIL last night. Barry's Dad called to let us know that Annette had a good day and was feeling about 100 times better then the day before. She was able to eat some and even sat up at the end of her bed. I guess she'll be feeling bad again by tonight. She's having the pacemaker surgery this morning around 9 AM. I'm praying every thing goes well. I don't know how my FIL would handle it if anything were to happen to her. She's the rock in the family. At least Barry's brother Don is with him today. He drove up on Saturday with his GF. His other brother is coming up later today. That gives Barry some peace of mind.

Today I have to go to Evan's house. He's got some new things coming today, but he had to go back to work. Mom can always be counted on! I'm trying to get a little house work done (very little) and some wash before I go. Maybe I'll get a little card making too.

Take care everyone.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Thank you for taking the time to check out my contest posting yesterday. I know it wasn't a winner, but I did have fun doing all the projects and meeting new crafters. That's really what counts.
Check out my new hottie Riley. He's my hero! I have so many of these moose stamps and I'm always saying the next new is my favorite, but he really is a treat! I used some new BG papers to create this card. It's made using a Verve layout that I really liked. I think it's the circles that are very pleasing to the eye that I find so fun to work with. Who knows, I just like it!
Barry took me for a ride yesterday. We went to the Ballpark In Arlington to get the last of our free tickets for the Rangers Games. We had already gotten our tickets for the last home game of the season, but we invited the boys to come to the game with us, so we had to go get 2 more tickets. We also got tickets for a Sept 12 game. It's a Lion's thing as well. The tickets in the section that they are going to sit at was $25 per ticket, way too much for us, so we used the last of our free for us tickets and are sitting in the upper deck instead. We really enjoy the gift of the 10 tickets from Larry this year. It was a great idea. I hope they'll do it again next Hanukkah!
After that Barry took me to the LSS not to far from the ballpark. There was lots of new papers but since I have the $30 credit at the store I did some design for, I'd rather spend it there. I did buy a new Ketto stamp. The store is carrying the Bella's and she's going to get in MFT as well. I can't wait to ink up my new little girl!
We don't have anything planned for today. Lay low and rest up for the week ahead. MIL is going to have the pacemaker replaced tomorrow and Barry has school all week. I'm headed to Evan's new house to wait for the refrigerator to come tomorrow since he has to go back to work. I need to start work on some holiday cards this week as well. Some many plans. Now to see if any happen!
Have a great day and hurry back.
Hugs and Love to all who enter!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Final Hanna Project!

Today's the Day! Yes, thankfully, it's the last of the Hanna Guest Designer Contest entries! We were suppose to make a 3-D project and this is mine. I used a bottle of bath salts with a fun topper and then added a gift "pillow" made using a template that I have had for several years. The little gift card attached is 3x3. I punched out a hole in the front of the card so you could see the Riley in the bathtub. I hope it's an OK set. It was such a hard project for me to think up!
On a happier note, my MIL is doing a bit better. We talked to Barry's Dad last night and he said that she is going to have the pacemaker replaced on Monday. Then she'll be in the hospital for about a week. Then they want to have her go to a rehab center for a month. My FIL is very upset about that one. They don't have insurance! It makes me want to scream! They need the help that the government can give them, and I'm sure they'll get it, but what we really need in this country is better health care for everyone! Not wing-nuts going around the country trying to scare people, but a serious talk about what we need to take care of all the people out there! I better not get started or I won't be able to stop. I'm just so tried of people saying they don't want a government run health care program and they aren't willing to give up their Social Security! Oh please---Stop listening to the Sarah's and Rush's of this world. There isn't a Bad Man behind every door! ENOUGH SAID!
We're headed off to the ballpark to use up the last of our tickets we got as a gift from the kids. We're getting tickets for the boys so they can join us at the last game of the season in September. I love spending time with the boys.
Have a great day and hurry back!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

I am so thankful it's finally Friday. It's been such a long week already and we still have the weekend to go. At least I'll be able to post my Hanna Stamps Guest Designer Contest entry tomorrow and then be done. If I win or not, it's been a blast to play along with the other girls. Everyone is so talented and I'm sure glad I don't have to be the one to make the choice of only 6!
Today I've posted a card made using a Verve stetch. It's over at SCS. I don't remember which one it was and frankly don't care. It's just one that I liked and thought would be nice to make. I used some NEW Basic Grey Lemonade paper. I had to break down and get a pad of it. Only 1 this time. I'm sure I'm going to be sorry I don't have more, but that's the breaks these days. Eat or paper! I used a Verve stamp and lots of Martha Butterflies.
MIL is still doing OK. I haven't spoken to anyone today yet. I'll call BIL later to check in. Barry wishes we were closer so he could see his Dad. I think he's more worried about him then his Mom. He knows she's getting the care she needs, but it's hard on his Dad. Hopefully some family will get to see him this weekend.
Barry is finishing up a long week at school. They had a special class this week and hopefully this will put him over the top of his learning curve. He's been having a tough time with the info getting into his brain, so now it should make a little more sense to him. One can only hope.
We don't have any plans for the weekend. I would like to go to the balloon festival up in the next town, but we'll see how that goes. We don't always stick to the plans we make anyhow. Maybe a swim with Madelyn is in order, as well. The summer will be over before we know it and I've only been wet once. That's some kind of record for me. I love the water and the beach. I love the beach so much that I've started sending Barry job postings for Hawaii! He gets the hint! If someone offered him a job and paid for the move, I'd go in a heartbeat. The kids could fly over anytime they want and see us. Oh well, a girl has to have a dream to hang onto.
Have a great day and PLEASE come back tomorrow and check out my creation for the contest!
Hugs and Love to All who Enter!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Barry's mom seems to be holding her own. My son Larry spoke to Alan, BIL, last night and he said she's doing better. They are still trying to get all her blood levels stable, but they hope to put the new pacemaker in next Monday. That seems like a long time to me, but I guess the DR's know what they're doing.

Another Tilda card today. I made her so soft and pretty in purple. This is some My Mind's Eye paper that I picked up last weekend at a scrapbook store we visited. What would life be without my Martha butterfly punch? I really like the tiny little ones. I think they add something to the feel of this card.

This morning I finished my project for the Hanna Guest Designer #3 contest. It's suppose to be a 3-D item. I wish I could share it with you today and get it over with. It came OK. I just don't feel as if I'm up to much of late. As I said, the week has been hard with Annette being sick. She's always been a big supporter of all my crafts. When I did needlepoint, she got needlepoint. She has several pieces on her wall of framed pieces of mine. When I made jewelry, she got Angel pins, and now she gets cards. The bad part is that she broke her right hand in the fall. She'll miss sending out her cards. I'll still send them. Maybe she'll get my FIL to write them for her. He's only 91 himself!

Please keep them in your prayers.

Hugs & Love,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Bunny Loves You or Is It the Chocolate?

Mr Bunny came into my home yesterday. Isn't he something? He's part of a new set of stamps from MFT. My oldest son is a choco-guy and darn proud of it, so I thought this set would be perfect for a birthday card for him next month. And of course how many others have this same problem?????

We got some bad news yesterday about Barry's Mother. My in laws, who are from Maryland, were visiting this past weekend up in New York. My MIL fell on Sunday on the way home and broke her hand and shoulder. To make matters even worse, her pacemaker has gone bad and that's what they think caused her to black out and fall. Now she's in the hospital in New Jersey along with my FIL. They are waiting for her to be more stable so they can replace the pacemaker and then fix the rest of the broken bones. They are no spring chickens. Sidney is 91 and Annette is 86. Sid didn't want anyone to come and stay with him. They are giving him a room at the hospital right now. I told him to milk it for all it's worth and get food too! Please keep our family in yours prayers. We dearly love them both.

That's it for today. I'm still trying to figure out what to make for the 3rd item for the Hanna Stamps thing. Mind is NOT working.

Hugs and Love to all who enter!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

Riley is just enjoying the heat of the summer at a fine lookin' beach! Ok, I'm dreaming, but please don't wake me yet! Don't most of us wish we could just lay back and do nothing all day at a nice shady place? If I could only win the Mega Millions tonight! This card was made a while back but since I haven't been very creative lately I thought I'd share it with you today. The paper is from last years SU printed papers and the cute little flip flops are a brad I picked up some time ago at some place. I know not when or where! Stash use again! I just used up this ribbon and I really need to find some more. I think it came from Wally World.
I'm washing again today. Yesterday I headed over to Evan's new house to help him out and I didn't get all the dirty clothes done, so that's my first job today. After that I'm hoping to get some stamping done. I have got to think of a project for my Hanna Design Tea Contest. I need to think of a 3-D project. My mind is blank as usual. Oh well, I'm sure something will come to me soon.
I'm off to the races now. Have a wonderful day and come back again soon. Maybe I'll have the good news that I won the Lotto! Or maybe not!
Hugs and Love!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tina's 40th Birthday Party

This is a picture of my honey and I at Tina's party on Saturday night. Her sister Dani must have snapped it because she was in charge of the camera! You can hardly see that I'm wearing the tomato sauce from the meatballs. I mean, what's a little extra food on your chest? It happens to me all the time! The party was a great hit. She was surprised at all the people that showed up to celebrate with her. A happy evening for all. Today Justin when to Vegas to visit his Dad for 2 weeks. He'll be there for his 19th birthday. We'll have to celebrate that when he comes home. Madelyn told me last night that she wished he didn't have to go. I tried to explain to her that he needs to see his Daddy and his other Grandma. She understands in a way that only a 6 year can.
Today was moving day for Evan. The movers came to his home and packed up all his stuff. On the way to this new home they stopped for his dining room set that I was storing in my studio along with a twin bed we gave him for one of his rooms.
Barry and I went for a ride to a scrapbook store we had never been to before. It's about 60 minutes from Dallas, but it was a nice day and we needed to ride. I wanted to go and he was a sweetheart and took me. I found several pieces of brand new My Mind's Eye papers. We don't have any stores in our area that carry that line. I love the richest of color and texture their paper has. I should be able to made lots of new car. Yea, sure!
Thank you all for stopping by and checking out my cards for the Hanna Stamps contest. Now to think of something to make for next week!

Hugs and Love to all!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Here's Sophie!

It's the good life! Sophie just can't help herself---she must relax after a hard day of craftin'! This is my second card for the Hanna Guest Designer Contest. I used new SU Razzelberry papers and lots of bling for this gal today.

Please enjoy and come back tomorrow!

Hugs and Love


Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday!!

I love the beach! Can you tell? We used to live in Tampa and the water was so close. We had a nice pool in the backyard and the beach was about 10 minutes away. Ok, so you couldn't swim in the pool in the summer during the day. The water was too hot, but so nice in the evening! When I made this card yesterday that's what I was thinking about! I used parts of several old SU sets. I have two different ones but I don't have a clue what stamps go with what set anymore. I've mixed and matched for so long! The chair is stamped in the new ink color from SU. Part of my RAK. The paper is from Cosmo. Did you like the little red crab?

Last night we went and did the walk through with Evan. Today is going to settlement. His house is a really, really nice starter home. 4 bedroom and nice yard. It's old and needs some improvements for sure, but nothing he can't get done with a bit of money! He just called to say the house is his now! He's 34, single and owns a home. He drives a nice car and he's not Gay. Anybody got a nice daughter who wants to live in Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm off to finish up a special order for Marla. She missed some cards on ebay yesterday. No problem!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow bright and early for my Hanna Stamps Design Contest Card #2. She's a real beauty!

Have a great evening!



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wishing I Could Share More

Today I can only share this card I made yesterday. I made a card for the Hanna Guest Designer Contest, but I can't share that one until Saturday, so today you have another Magnolia Tilda. I hope you don't mine! This image is another left from Peggy's batch last year! That's how big that one was. I always say that crafter's have the biggest hearts! The "miss you" stamp is from a set I found in the Target $ bin. There are 4 little cuties in there. Notice the little glass flowers? They are also from the $ bin. You just never know what you'll find there!
Tonight Evan is having his walk thru at his new home. He closes tomorrow. Barry and I are going to meet him there at 6. He's so excited and we are for him too. The movers are coming on Sunday morning bright and early. He has 2 more weeks in his apartment, so he'll have plenty of time to get the fish tank packed up. A friend of his is going to help with that job!
I spoke with the inlaws last night. I think they want to come in September instead of October for my birthday. My MIL said she can't wait to see us all. Since the Jewish New Year falls at the end of September this year, she'll almost make it to my birthday!
Let's see, what else is new? Barry was called about jobs yesterday. That was a nice change. Not that he thinks either one is for him, but it was still nice to get a phone call about a job. Last night he re-read one of his books from an earlier class and now he thinks it will make more sense to him. I sure hope so. I was hoping he'd get to the end a little faster then this, but he'll make it on his own time I'm sure.
No goodies for me in the mail yesterday. I was disappointed after getting RAK's in the mail for the two days before that. Oh well, everyday can't be perfect or can it?
I'm off to the shower and then the post office. I've posted some new cards on ebay this morning and hopefully I'll be making another trip to the PO soon!
Hugs and Love to All who enter!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If One Apple Is Good...

Then a basket full must be better! It's a shame you can't see this card in person. The apples are so rich looking. I lost my white gel pen, again. I think it's hiding somewhere in my pile of stuff on my desk, but until I find it, I have to make do. I did just that with the apples. I was careful to leave a white spot on the apples for some extra depth. This is some fun Autumn paper I picked up somewhere and a piece o beige with little tiny checks on it that I used for the center piece. This is an old set of stamps from SU. I stamped the leaf stamp on the center part and the verse is from the set. I bought this set on ebay for dirt! I love those kind of sets. Then if you use a while and want to resell it, you really haven't lost much.
I finally got my second card done this morning for the Hanna Stamps Design Contest #2 card. I'll post it on Saturday, so come back to check it out. She's having a great time in her bath, again!
Last night was our free Jack n' Box taco night and then $ ice cream cones at BR's. Great night! Barry went off to school today. He has a lunch meeting and then I think he's going to a Job Fair. You never know who'll you'll run into at those things. Usually nothing good ever happens because there are just too many job seekers and not enough real employers there, but you have to still keep trying.
I've gotten a few cards done this morning, but I really want to take a nap. My eyes keep closing. I may have to give in. All this is because I'm taking an overload of med's for my allergies. They are really kicking up this summer. I don't usually have this problem until the fall.
So what plans have you got for the rest of the summer? Anyone going anywhere fun? To strange new places? Tell us all! Those of us not traveling want to enjoy your trip!
Hugs to all!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Second Post of The Day

Notice the paper? It's the new SU Raselberry(?) I got yesterday as a RAK from Paula Leu! See the posts below for the details. Just let it be said--she's a special lady! I used the new ink to match the paper to stamp the card and verse. I guess I'm going to have to give back the stamp set to Gretchen soon. She must be "needing" it! See the ribbon? I got that from Gretchen. I found the hardware in a drawer full of goodies in my stamp room. I MUST move all the stuff back in there some day. I love this card and the layout. It always works for me!

Tonight is FREE Taco night at Jack n' Box. We have coupons for 2 free each. What a deal! Other then that, nothing new in our little crazy world. A good friend of Barry's from Lion's Club passed away on Monday. He was in his 80's and not well, but we visited with late last week and he seemed to be on the mend. I was sorry to hear that. He was a true gentleman. Barry is taking off school on Friday morning to attend the services for Gene. His family is in my prayers.

I made lots of cards today and posted some over at eBay if you're interested in looking. Hopefully they won't be around too long to look at.

That's about it kids!

Hugs and Love to all!


Dear Dear Friend Leu

You have been found out Lady! I get comments from someone named Leu2500 all the time and today I received another RAK, to go along with the new one from yesterday and I want to publicly say Bless You and Thank You! The package was sent from SU to me, but the name on the invoice was to Paula Leu. Today's gift was 4 new color ink pads, Peace Within stamp set(which I love) and a ticket punch! I am truly amazed at the goodness of people in this world! I am so glad to know you friend! Please email me at so we can talk.

Hugs and Blessings to you all!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Baked With Love!

UPDATE! UPDATE! I just got the most thoughtful and wonderful gift in the mail from someone! This kind and generous person sent me a RAK box of SU card stock and printed papers. I want to say the biggest thank you possible. There is no city or state on the box so I'd have a clue, but thanks a MILLION for you thinking of me!

Birthday cake anyone? I forgot to take pictures of the cards I made for Emily at Scrappin Bunnies, so I made another card with the same stamps. These CHANGITO monkeys are all fun to play with and you can't go wrong using Como papers!
It's Monday already and I feel like I've already had a whole day worth of "things to do" done! I got the wash done, the dirty dishes washing in the dishwasher, packed up the mail to go to the post office and gone to a scrapbook store. I know the last one wasn't suppose to be on my list of "to do", but I wanted to check out the ribbons and see if they had anything new. Yes, they had some new ribbons, but no, they didn't really have any new papers. I did get some Cosmo that I don't have and added a page or two of some I really want to keep on hand. I got some new May Arts orange and black plaid ribbon. It's really wide, but I loved the richness of the colors, so I'll give it a try. I also got some Halloween color dew drops. If you haven't tried them, you should. They really add a bit of texture without most effort.
Barry went off to school today and hopefully he'll stay the whole day. Last week he was home early 3 days in a row. Maybe this week will be better. Next week he's taking a special class and it runs all day, so I know he'll be there!
Did I tell you that Barry is now getting Social Security? He filed a few weeks ago and it was in our checking account this weekend! It's not enough to live on and he'll still need work, but it does help with at least the mortgage!
That's about it for now. Thanks for the lovely comments on my Sophie card. They always mean so much from other crafters. I have to do another card for next weekend. I have no clue as to what I'm going to do with the same stamp, but I'm sure something will pop into my head!
LOVE to you all!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sophie Just Being A Girl

What could be finer then having a nice glass of wine in your own bathtub? Maybe having it in a nice hotel would be better, but could you bring your own duck????

This is my first entry into the Hanna Stamps guest designer round #2 contest. Sophie is bubble crazy. I used yellow dew drops for the bubbles. Her head is popped up and so it the duck. I hope you enjoy her day of fun!

Be back later!