Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet Fella

Edwin is so sweet. Thanks to my friend Pat, from WY, I am able to make lots of images with her stamps and Edwin is one of those! She should be getting her cards in the mail tomorrow if the post office is on time. I used some Bo Bunny papers and BG make this fun card! Notice the Label Spellbinder? It was from Pat as well.
Yesterday seem to be a lost day almost. After spending the day on Monday with Madelyn, Grandma needed the day to rest and play catch up with the chores. I got all the wash done. I even got all the dishes in the sink done. That was until dinner! It's chilly in Dallas and so I made a big pot of Chicken Noodle Soup. We're not big on the chicken from the soup, so I used the meat and made Chicken Salad to go with it. That's one of Barry's favorite sandwiches. Ok, he's never met a sandwich he didn't like, but Chicken Salad is still a good one. The nice part is that I don't have to cook tonight since we have lots of left-overs.
Today I'm trying to make cards, but it seems my MOJO is still napping. What is with it? Some days I start moving and making first thing, and other days, I can't get my act together. It could be today because I am so short of card stock. I mean REALLY short. I'm waiting to get my paper from my friend who ordered it from SU and I met another wonderful seller on ebay this weekend who is sending me some paper. It was funny because I am so short that I thought I'd buy some of the expired colors on ebay to spice up my left from last year papers and the sweetest lady said she knew who I was from SCS and that she would sent it to me! What really made it special is that she and her family are also going through some hard times as well, and she is willing to share. Won't it be nice if the government thought that way too? I'm so tried of all the he said, she said stuff. I just wish they would think about the people that sent them to Washington! If they are so worried about us, then do something. Stop the fighting and name calling. Just do something! I would ask you to write your Congress person, but I've already done that in my state---what a joke! I got almost the same form letter from them all! Out of the three I heard from, only one had my name on it! They swear they are protecting me from something---I think it's them! TX is near the bottom in social programs and they wonder why? Enough of my soap box---just write your elected Representatives and let them know you've had enough. It's time, well past time, to stand up and be counted for US!

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