Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I do not know where the month has gone, but I do know I've been busy with work and creating new cards for my store. I've shown you a few of those creations today. I just finished an order of 5 cards with an Easter bunny train on it. I now know why I don't do special orders anymore! I hate making the same card more then one time!
We now have a name for baby Bloom. She'll be called Sydney. It's after Barry's dad. We are thrilled with the name. The week when Mandy has the baby, we're going to take Coco home with us. What a hardship to have my favorite furry grand baby with us!
I'm still working and so is Barry. We have been planning a few trips. In May we are heading to Branson, MO to spend a few days, and now we're planning a trip to Disney in September. Life is getting better for us again. We still our money, but we're able to enjoy life a little better these days.
I'm off again today, but I work the next 4 days to get my 20 hours in. I'd rather have a break in the days I work, but that's how this week is, so I take it slow each day!