Sunday, January 31, 2010

Owl Always Love You!

OK, so maybe that was a stupid title, but I wanted to get the word "owl" into it and I've only had one cup of coffee this morning so far. You get my point anyway! Mr Owl is from another Whimsie Doodle digi image. They are still on sale over at the site for 20% off your entire order if you use the code PAULA20. Just follow the link at the top of my sidebar. This card was made using some more of the new BG papers. I'm determined to use up as much as I can instead of letting it sit all alone in my studio. I want to free the masses of BG papers I own!
So what did you all do this weekend? It was really cold here so we stayed in most of the day yesterday. We did have to make a run to Sam's Club for mailing envelopes. I sold some cards on ebay and had to have something to mail them in. Works that way! I got one card made the whole day, but we were able to watch a bunch of stuff on the DVR. That counts as something done!
Today we don't have any plans. Just be lazy again. I do need to work on the wash. It's a growing concern. MUST work on cards. I need to restock the ebay store and I need to work on a gift for my DT team member for Valentine's Day. So much to do and so little time!
Well, again, I want to say thanks for everyone for all your concern about the Bloom family. I still don't know how we'll make it, and the longer it goes, the less sure I am about making it, but I do know that people care about us and that makes it bearable!
Hugs and Love,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Let Me Say....

The very biggest of Thank You's to so many of you that emailed me or left a note to let me know I'm not alone out in this big old world. I am so very blessed with good friends that care about me. Sometimes when you're going through a rough time, it's easy to forgot you're not alone. I guess we're never alone really, but thank you all. A special thanks for a friend whom I really hope to meet in person someday for sharing her February craft spending budget with Barry and I. I didn't win the Lotto last night (OK, I didn't play, but I didn't lose either), but I hope somehow I can made up to you for what you've done. We got the light fixed yesterday! I heard a song this morning on one of the early shows about never being alone. It really hit home. I was going through a dark moment the other day, and when I finally looked up, there you all were.
Hugs to all!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take Away the Black Clouds

What did I ever do to warrant day after day of bad things happening to me or my family? Honest, I wake up most days a happy person, a person wanting the day to go great or at least nothing bad to happen, and then, it does! Anybody who has followed my blog knows that this past year and a half have been bad for the Bloom's. Today Barry took his first Microsoft test, and he didn't pass! It is very, very hard and many of our friends who have taken it don't pass on the first try, but after all this time of school and studying, Barry really felt he had what it would take to make it. I think I was more upset then him. I really was crushed under the weight of him not passing. Not taking one step closer to finding a job. You'd think that I would have had enough stuff to deal with at that, but NO says the God's that be! Tonight we went to have dinner with Evan and when we were leaving his place, Barry noticed at one of his head light was out! Normally that wouldn't be such a disaster, but because we have about 7 bucks to our name, I honestly don't know what we'll do! How we'll continue to live is a mystery to me. I know I've talked all week about being at the end of my road, but today maybe really is. No, nothing like ending it all. I do have a lot to live for, but how does a person continue to put one foot in front of the other again and again. It seems that when ever I have the slightest bit of hope, it's gone in a flash. I keep applying for jobs that don't exist or if they do, there not "for" me. It's tough when even Walmart isn't hiring now. I know when you come to my blog you expect to see pretty cards and happy talk about my sons, grandchildren and even the new puppy. They're all still there, but today it's about me. It's about my needs, not even my wants. Power ball is coming to TX this weekend. It's a shame I don't even have the $ to play!
Come back again tomorrow. Maybe something good will happen. Maybe someone will think I'm a worthy cause!

Just "Swinging" By

Got your attention now? I don't know about you, but some cards just keep me looking and looking at them. This is one! She's a new image from Heather Ellis who also does stamps for MFT's. I wish I could afford to buy them all, but at 9 bucks a pop, it's out of my reach these days, so I do the next best thing, buy digi images. They are much cheaper and since I have a HUGE amount of little saying stamps, it all works out for me. For this card I used some papers from SU (thanks Pat) and lots of different shapes. I really love how it turned out! Another friend of mine, Shelly, has offered to send stamped images from a few new sets of this little girl from MFT. I can't wait to play.
Barry was up nice and early this morning. He's taking his first MS test! Can you believe it? I know I'm having a hard time with the idea. It's been so long since he started this new journey in life and to see it come down to this is just wonderful! When he passes this test, he'll have 2 more to take, but this is the hard part. What ever payers you have, please say them for us. He's studied and knows the stuff, but every bit of help is good!
It's raining down there in Dallas. We're suppose to have lots of rain. Tons in fact and a chance of snow or ice tomorrow. Yesterday it was Spring and tomorrow Winter. That's life in TX!
Have a wonderful day. Stay safe and dry!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This IS A Great Card!

Have you ever seen a card online and fallen in love with it? I mean all of it---the layout, the words, and even the paper? While blogging away last week I saw a card using this layout. Instant Love! I changed up the paper, changed the verse and now it's mine! I found all these papers hiding in my old Basic Grey pads on my shelf in my studio. I go in there all the time to see what I've hidden away. Barry would like me to hid ALL my goodies in there. They are still in the living room. I just don't have the energy to move everything back. It seems like too much work. But, back to the card---Verve stamps for the verse and Prima flowers along with a nice Martha punch for the leaves finish up this card. I found a tinny piece of ribbon and used it. Too bad it wasn't enough for a bow, but it worked. Now if you like the card, hurry over to my ebay store and check it out. There is a link on my sidebar. There's also a link that could save you 20% off any and all things at the Whimsie Doodle site. Just click and go. Remember to use PAULA20 when you check out!
Barry had his doctor's appointment for checking his process since he had cancer almost 3 years ago yesterday. He got a clean bill of health and doesn't go back, except to finish the tests for another 6 months! YEA! Tomorrow he's taking his first MS certification test. Say anything you believe will help---we need all prayers! I know he'll do good. He's studied and studied and knows it all!
I'm just hanging around trying to find my MOJO again. It seems to be getting ready to talk a walk again. I don't understand how it can leave so fast! One day you can create, create, create and the next---Gone! We're suppose to have some bad weather in the next few days and I'm hoping if I have to stay in and do something maybe it will help!!
Have a grand day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Lord, It's ONly Tuesday!

That's me, always putting out one fire after another. That's how I feel anyway! Just another one of my Moose people cards I made this weekend. And yes, he's still sitting over at ebay with no home of his own! The paper is from a really old pad of My Memories at I got on sale at 90% off at M's one day. Only half the pad was there, but still a good buy! I love to play with gingham papers and this blue piece fits that just right!
We're off to the doctor's again today. I know, it's a good thing that only one of us is sick. I don't know who would take care of me if something happened. Surly not Barry! Hopefully we'll get a clean bill of health today. It's his check up from the bladder cancer. Almost 3 years. Hard to believe we've fallen so far in that time. From having something to having nothing. I'm telling you, I'm going to become a disaster and then maybe someone will pay attention! Good news it that Barry is finally going to take his first test on Thursday. I sure hope he passes it. He's really studied hard. It's the first MS certification and it's so important to me for him to do well. Everything, and I mean everything is riding on it! Oh well. I'm sure there's more important stuff in the world then eating and having a roof over your head (LOL)!
Have a good day and stay warm.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday Moose

I just don't seem to make enough Moose cards anymore. I used to do a lot of them, but then the Sweet Innocence girls made their way to my house and Riley got pushed away---well no more! I made 3 Moose cards yesterday and have them for sale over at ebay. Lots of good that does me, but they are there waiting for a new home anyhow! I used some more of that fine Sugar Rush from BG. I saw they are coming out with more new papers soon. I want to say STOP, but they are so cute, I can't help but want them all! Now my head should be hanging in shame, but it's only thinking of ways to raise some more money to get new papers! It's not like I save them up or anything. All I do is make cards to sell with them, but VERY pretty cards!
Today we went to the VA for follow up care for Barry from his surgery. All is well and he's healing up perfectly! They really do give great care there.
This afternoon I don't have much in the way of plans. I need to go and pay my cell bill and pick up a few things at the store, but all in all, nothing big. Last night we had a very, very nice evening at Larry and Tina's. Larry made yummy meat on the grill and Tina added potatoes and green beans to the mix. Perfect! The entertainment was Coco. Evan bought her along to meet the rest of the family. She was good little doggie. Madelyn loved playing with her and Tina took some really cute pic's of the kids with Coco.
I'm off to do something now. If I keep saying that, maybe I'll get something done!!!
Have a great day and stay warm.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Coco & Grandpa Playing!

Friday night we had dinner at Evan's and this is one of the pic's I took of Barry with Coco trying to lick the "wet" off his glass! She really enjoyed the drink! She's getting so big and cute, if you can say an English Bull Dog is cute!
Tonight we're headed to Larry's house for dinner. I could get to love this. Now if I only had a few more kids, I might not have to cook forever! Justin is home from LV where he was visiting with his Dad's family. I can't wait to see him, but at 19 he only has eyes for Morgan. She's the love of his life right now. She's a pretty and very sweet girl. He's made a good choice.
We're not doing much of anything else today. Just taking a day to watch TV and rest. Ok, so that's what we do most days, but it's even nicer on Sunday.
Take care, have a wonderful day with your family and hurry back,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Something I Won't Do Again

That something is list my cards on ebay at a low starting price! Oh yes, I'm happy to sell cards, but not to make any money from them is a SIN! I know I should not have listened to people who said I'd do better to list them as an auction instead of fixed price, but believe me, I've learned my lesson the hard way! Each card that sold, I think I lost 2.00 on between the fee and what it cost to make the card! YES, this is my pet peeve for today and one of my own making! I won't do this one again!
The card I've chosen to share today was such a fun card to make. I don't use the long notes often enough, but when I found some of the SU one's in a drawer that I got as a gift, I couldn't resist. I paired up some SU papers that I have always loved with a Heather Ellis digi image. The little Birthday is from Verve stamps. I bought the little flower some time ago also. I wish I knew where, but it's pretty anyway.
Last night we had dinner at Evan's. He's such a good cook and the entertainment part of the evening was pretty fun too. Coco was up the whole time we were there. She usually falls asleep after she's played, but she had her grandparents to watch over her. Her favorite thing to do last night was eat Barry's shoe laces. At the end of the evening, they were so wet! Barry said when we got home last night we smelled like "dog"! Who would have thought that!~!~ I will upload a picture or two tomorrow of her.
Barry is off to Lion's Mid-Winter Convention today. It's not even a whole day, but I'll take it anyhow. I'm just being lazy and of course felling sorry for myself over my sales on ebay. I do have to start work on new projects soon. February's will be here before I know it.
Have a fun day and hurry back.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

No, I don't have anybody's birthday to celebrate today, but I do love this little card. She made using a layout I saw over at SCS about a week or two ago. The little girl is from Heather Ellis and the paper is My Mind's Eye. Always love to use any of that. The weight is super for crafting!
I do have something to show you, but you'll have to jump over to the Whimsie Doodle Blog to see! I'm the designer for the day that is featured on the site! Boy, can that make you feel special! While you're there, check out the images and rubber for sale. If you add PAULA20 when you check out, you'll save a bunch!
We're headed over to Evan's tonight for dinner. He's doing the cooking and we're getting to play with Coco. I haven't seen her in over a week and can't wait. The camera is going with us since Evan seems to have lost his in the move. We mailed pictures out yesterday to Barry's dad so he could see the doggie. She's so cute and getting bigger every week.
I managed to get a few cards done and posted over at my ebay store for sale. I sure wish they would all fly out the door. That whole $11 bucks I have in my paypal account won't go far without me selling some this weekend. Boy does money seem to spend faster these days. Everything cost more. Even with coupons, food is costly! We try to do the best we can, and sometimes it's just not enough.
Have a wonderful weekend. Barry is going to a meeting tomorrow morning and that's it for the plans for the weekend for us. I must create some things with the FEB release from Whimsie Doodle. You are going to love what you see. You'll just have to come back in Feb for those!
Hugs and Love to all,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Day, Another Doctor

Check out my cute little Ellie for a moment. She's another Whimsie Doodle image that's been added this week. You can have her and everything in the store for 20% off. Just follow the link on my side bar and use the PAULA20 code when you check out. The balloon in the image does say I Love You, but I just traced around the balloon on card stock and stamped the HB instead. Easy to do! The paper is from BG and I used a layout challenge from SCS!
Like I said, another day, another doctor. It seems that's the story of our lives these days. Barry is still having the hearing problem and today he goes back to see if they can get the wax that has lodged in his ear out. They tried last week, but now after a week of drops (that I had to play DR to do), hopefully they can take care of it. He's lost some of the hearing out of that ear and I'm tried of yelling to make him hear!
So what are you up to today? It's almost the end of the week. Have big plans for the weekend? Tomorrow night we're having dinner at Evan's and we get to see MS Coco. She's growing so fast. Evan says she'll gain about a pound a week for the first year. Much bigger then our cats were!
Have a good day and hurry back,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You know that I've fallen in love with digi stamps. I can't help it. You see what you want, you buy, and then you print it out! It's so easy! This is one of the newest added to the Whimsie Doodle site and you can have all the products for a 20% discount!! Go there, shop, and when you cheek out, add PAULA20 and you'll get your discount. I've added this offer to my sidebar, so you can just follow it there!
This little angel was stamped out and colored with copic markers and then mounted on some more of that wonderful BG Sugar Rush. Since I save all those tiny pieces, I was able to use one of the flowered one's on the side of this card. I love how it turned out!
Barry is off to school today. Now for how long is always the question. At least I have the morning to myself. Self needs more then one morning to herself, but this will have to do! I do need to do some DT stuff and clean up a bit, and then it's all for me time! By all I usually mean a quick shower or a minute in the bathroom to myself. This morning I told Barry I was not his Mother! He didn't even hear me with his ear problems! Tomorrow we go back to the doctor for that problem! That seems to be my life these days. Taking care of him and going back and forth to the doctors! I thought 60 would be a good age---who knew!
Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Today I'm sharing a new card I made (and sold) yesterday. I bought these fun little bingo cards on ebay a while ago and finally thought I might try and use them. It worked! I dug out a pad of some older papers and this is the finished card. It's a Happy card!
Barry went off to school this morning. I really wasn't sure he was going. He's having a hard time with getting better. Sometimes I think it might be in his mind after all he's been through, but that's a easy answer to the problems. I think it's going to take time for him to KNOW in his own mind he's doing OK. His wound is healing well, but for some reason he woke up thinking he should go to the doctor's today and see why it wasn't. He had a dream, again! Everything is really doing fine with him. He does have my cold, which at any moment could be a death sentence. He's a big baby about the cold thing, as are most men. That's my thing after another!
I had a creative day yesterday after all was said and done. I started making cards late in the morning and got lots done. I added some to my ebay store and guess what---I sold some of the cards! I even sold a stamp! We can eat another day! Speaking of eating, we did pizza last night. It was a treat that I thought we needed. Sometimes you just have to do it. Last night was one of those times.
Well, I'm off to create something to add to my store again. I also got some new images last night from Whimsie Doodle. OMG, check them all out! If you like Valentine's Day like I do, you need to hurry on over! And don't forget you get 20% off everything if you add PAULA20 when you check out! There's a link right at the top of my blog!
Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Fun New Flower To Try

From now until Feb 4, Whimsie Doodle is having a sale on everything in the store!! That's right rubber stamps and digi images! All you have to do is go and shop and then add PAULA20 when you check out and you'll get 20% off everything in the store!!! HURRY, HURRY over!
Don't forget the big sale over at Whimsie Doodle. You can get this cute saying that can be used for dozens of different cards you want to make!
Today's card features a nice big paper flower. I saw this idea over at SCS and just had to try my hand making one. I think the ones I saw had about 10 punches, but due to what I had left in the music paper, mine has only 8. I think that's plenty. I punch the layers out with my SU punch and then added a brad to the center to hold them all together. I started with the top layer and just keep mushing them up and around each other. I added some ink to the edges and a little glitter. I found this button on my desk and just glued it in the center right over the brad. I live the way it turned out. The papers are some more of the BG Sugar Rush. I wish I had another pad of it, but that would be wishing for the moon right now!
Barry went back to school today. He wasn't sure about it until this morning. He had a bad night, but I'm so proud that he's at least trying to start school again. He really needs to finish and get a job....I'm praying!
My plans include waiting for the cable guy this afternoon. Last night we lost our Internet connection and they didn't know why, so they're coming to check it out. You can see we have it again today. Don't know where the problem is, but I'm so glad to have my computer working again!!
Have a wonderful day and say safe and warm!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


From now until Feb 4, Whimsie Doodle is having a sale on everything in the store!! That's right rubber stamps and digi images! All you have to do is go and shop and then add PAULA20 when you check out and you'll get 20% off everything in the store!!! HURRY, HURRY over!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lazy Days, For You and Me

Starting today until Feb 4, Whimsie Doodle is having a sale on everything in the store!! That's right rubber stamps and digi images! All you have to do is go and shop and then add PAULA20 when you check out and you'll get 20% off everything in the store!!! HURRY, HURRY over!
Oh sure, it's the weekend and everybody gets to do fun things, but NO, I get to put drops in Barry's ear! Am I having fun or what?@!@!
Today I posted a card that just sort of grew into something. I love these Pure Innocence images. They are the little girl I never had. She sweet and loveable and will never be six years old like Madelyn. She's a sweet child, but at six, girls can turn ugly at the drop a hat, so my little sweet digi imges remind the same always!
Did you see the reminder about the sale over at Whimsie Doodle? Please check it out and remember you get 20% off EVERYTHING!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Toadly Cute!

**********************************UPDATED SALE***********************************
Starting today until Feb 4, Whimsie Doodle is having a sale on everything in the store!! That's right rubber stamps and digi images! All you have to do is go and shop and then add PAULA20 when you check out and you'll get 20% off everything in the store!!! HURRY, HURRY over!

I know, you just want to kiss this guy and turn him into a Prince! The digi images from Whimsie Doodle can be made into any size you want. That's the great thing about digi, but if you want to have the rubber, check out the's there!
Barry's check-up went fine yesterday. It was just a follow-up from October. We still have the surgeon it 2 weeks. I'm sure it's going to be fine. Now if only I was fine. Barry asked me if I wanted to put the ear drops in his ear this morning and I said NO, but I would. I told him WANT has got nothing to do with me anymore! If I wanted to do something, it would involve laying on a beach in sunny Maui! Oh to have the winning Lotto numbers!!
Take care, hurry back and pray for the Haiti people!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Things Come In Little Packages or Cards!

I think 3x3 cards are so fun and easy to make! I made these little guys from Whimsie Doodle's digi images. I love the ease of printing out the image and having it to color as many times as you want. It's instant! No waiting for the rubber to come, but if you like having the "real" thing in your hands, then check out the newest addition to Whimsie's line---Rubber Stamps!
Barry went to a follow up at the doctor's today. He's doing good. They checked out his ears. He's been having some trouble with his hearing and a build up. I know, it's anything but sexy. More med's for those darn ear's now! I can't win for anything! He's taking a nice nap now, so I have a minute to myself. I should be doing something other then playing on the computer, but my mine seems to be in slow MO today, again.
Take care, lots of love and hugs to you,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet Our New Grandpuppy

This is Ms Coco Chanel Bloom. She is the cutest little English Bulldog you've seen. She only weights 9 pounds now, but she'll be about 50 when she's all grown up. A friend of my son's took about 100 pictures of her yesterday. On the way home from the hospital yesterday Barry and stopped off so he could meet her. She came home to Evan's on Sunday. She's not very steady yet on her legs, but she knows where her puppy pee-pee pads are and that's IMPORTANT!
Barry came home from the hospital yesterday and sleep for hours after that. He was beat just making it into the house. He's feeling so much better now then last week. He's hopeful he'll be back at school by the end of the week. I hope so too. We really need him to finish up and get a job. We are about to fall over the cliff. I wish I knew someone who had a bit of money to just give us so we could save our home. I don't know if that's going to happen. Things are that bad now. I just hope we make it. We need that miracle to come soon. It just doesn't seem to be finding it's way to our front door. Heck, I'd leave the back door open it that would help! I've put so much stuff on ebay, but there it sits. I don't mean to be a bummer tonight, but I just have this sinking feeling that nothing is ever going to be right again. It's sad to think that at this stage of my life, I've come to this. Just say a prayer for me. I think I really need all I can get. The New Year isn't starting off the best. WoW, and it's only January!!
Off to bed now. Come back again soon.
Hugs to you all,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Find Day

Yea, I bet you thought I'd say like what a crappy day it was or I'm down and out, but NO, I'm not going to say that today---just feel like it instead! Barry is doing a bit better. He's still in pain, but the med's help that. The problems with fluid coming out are getting less, and he had 3 bites of food for dinner. Now doesn't that sound like a better day? I'm sharing a card I made for the Whimsie Wednesday post over at Paper Crafter Planet. I used my new Label 8 to make the card and then embossed it and there you have a very nice simple Valentine card. It was in my ebay store, but it got sold today. However I have added so many new things. If you think you need a few "new to you" rubber stamps, then head on over and check them out! I even have a great buy on 3 Magnolia Stamps, with free shipping. Can you see how much we need to raise some cash at our house? Tomorrow I'll go through my stash again and see what else I can part with. It's just "stuff", so it's OK!
I'm off to bed now after another long day at the hospital. Tomorrow Evan is getting his new puppy. I can't wait to see her. I'll be sure to get some pic's of my new Grandpuppy!

Bet You Didn't Know....

That I have made Angel pins! I used to make them all the time along with silver and beaded bracelets, but now paper seems to be my thing! This one and a few of her friends are now in my ebay store if you'd like to take a look. Maybe even take one home!
We had a rough day yesterday with Barry. He started leaking yesterday around 4. At first we thought his bag has broken. Nothing new in that, even after almost 3 years, but it was from his surgery this time. Something like a little pocket has developed and filled with fluid and it was pouring out of his tummy! SO Scary!! That was at 4. Finally at 7 a doctor came and it was another hour before thing really did something besides all padding to the area to get up the fluid! They opened up a stitch or two and let it drain all night. It seems to be stopping this morning, but he's in a lot of pain and still sick to his stomach. He's had medicine for that too! I didn't leave until 10:30 last night. It was another 12 hour day at the hospital for me. I slept a little later and now I'm trying to put some things in my ebay store and maybe get some money coming in the house. Not having to cook was a god sent this week, but the gas is killing me! Not to say anything about Barry missing school. I thought the old year was over and a new one had begun. It seems like the same old, same old!
Well, I'm off to finish up and then get a move on to see the world. Thanks for listening to my troubles. Think happy thoughts---like warm Maui beaches!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Oldie, but Goodie SU Set

I really dug deep in the pile of old BG papers for this one. I found this stray piece of stripe paper laying on the floor of my studio just begging me to use it! I said sure, and now it's been paired up with a fun but not used-very-often stamp of SU stamps! I used to use this chicken set alot when I got it, but it's fallen on hard times. I used the little verse all the time, but forget about the birds. Not today! I used some of my new Label 8's and a bunch of prima flowers and there is my card!
Today wasn't a very good day for Barry or me really. He doesn't seem to be healing as well as the doctor's would like, so they put him on some other med's. He wants to eat something solid and doesn't like the bland diet they have him on. Needless to say, I didn't want to hear all that. It was so cold here in Dallas today and I have a nasty cold coming along that I didn't go visit him today. He told me to stay home and keep warm. It's suppose to be even colder tomorrow, but I really should go see him.
I worked around the house instead and got all the wash done. Now Barry has lots of clean underwear and all his clothes for school are clean and ready to go. I got a few cards made as well. Barry called me tonight to see if I would make a fishing card for his room mate. He's a big fish guy. Of course I went right to work on it and that the sea glitter is drying. I try and I try to make cards without glitter, but the sea has glitter, doesn't it? I think he'll like it.
I'm off now to do something, like sleep I think!
Have a good night and please keep us in your prayers. The New Year isn't starting off good and I'm so afraid it won't get better. I really wish anyone of my wonderful net friends was close by right now and would give me a big hug, so I guess I'll give myself one!

All You Need Is Love

Today's post is another new digi image from Whimsie Doodle. If you haven't checked them out yet, hurry on over. Digi images are so fun because as soon as you pay for it, you've got an instant download and there is nothing as fun as instant satisfaction! Another great thing about going "digi" is that you can resize you're image. Being a crafter, I love having another option to craft with!
The little boy was colored and then cut out. He's got lots of glitter on his wings. Then mounted on a circle. The little flat buttons were just a fun touch. For the little flag I stamped an SU "loved" stamp several times and then cut it out as well.
Barry is getting stronger everyday. He's still in the hospital, but if all goes well today he'll start eating some food instead of the soft stuff he had yesterday. It's suppose to be very cold today so I'm in no rush for him to come home and get sick again. I seem to have gotten his cold and there is only room for one sick person in our bed at a time!
Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beam Me Up Scotty!

I want to first say a big thanks to all of the folks who came over yesterday to check out my little mail box on the blog hop! It was a big success and I hope you all had a great time. I know it was the best for me!
Barry is still in the hospital but making progress. Hopefully he'll be able to come home tomorrow or the next day at the latest. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed the whole bed to myself, but it's getting cold outside and he's a nice big warm body! I stayed most of the day with him yesterday and then came home to rest. I've been coming down with a cold or something all week and I was beat, but then my son wanted to visit his Dad, so off I went. What's a Mom to do? I know we never outgrow that roll in our lives. My own Mom was always the "mom" until the day she died and I guess I'm the same way.
Did you check out the cute card? Mr Robot is from some stamps I got at M's on sale a while ago. He's be perfect for little kids birthdays or even a silly Valentine card! I listed him and a bunch more of my cards in my ebay store.
Well, I'm going back to bed for a while now. I think the cold med's are kicking in now. Have a great day and thanks for all your comments!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Quick Card Post & Update On Barry

Please someone stop me from digi images! I'm so hooked on them. I love the instant of having new toys to play with and isn't that part of this crazy hobby we have? Pure Innocence has done it again. Heather added more new images to her blog. There were lots more, and I'm so tempted to hurry on over, but I'm trying so hard to be good while Barry is ill! And speaking of ill, he's doing much better tonight. They took the tube out of his nose and he took some pain med's and now he's just waiting to get something in his tummy. He'll be there a few more days, but I'll soon enough have him home. Lucky me!
So, that's it for tonight. Please come back bright and early tomorrow for the big blog hop from Whimsie Doodle. You're going to love all the prizes that will be yours for just a few comments or two!
Hugs and Love to all!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hubby Had Surgery This Weekend

I've just arrived home after 14 hours at the VA Emergency Care! My dear husband had surgery tonight to repair a hernia! He started feeling bad last night and this morning at 7 I took him to the hospital. They gave him every test around and tonight did the job! Less then 3 years ago Barry had major surgery to have Cancer of the Bladder done. He doesn't have a bladder now and wears a bag, so anytime something happens, we hit the panic button! It went just fine and he's doing well. My two son's came around 5 to be with me. It was a very long day and night and now I'm headed for sleep. I have the pre blog hop wording set to post tomorrow on my blog. Hopefully that will work.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, A New Beginning

I'm so hoping that the new year will be that new beginning for the Bloom's. I can't say how tired I am of the last year, so I won't. We did have some really upsetting news this morning. Our best friends for more then 30 years called to wish us a Happy and my GF was told she has Cancer. I wasn't shocked because when we were up in DC in the fall she had been sick during the summer and they finally found out what the problem was this past week. She starts chemo on Thursday and my prayers are with her and her family. They are the best people and would give up their bed for me. My heart is just breaking, but Laura is only thinking good thoughts and so our we.
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve. We spent some of ours with Larry, Tina, and the kids. Larry made a great dinner and we watched the Mav's game on TV until the end. At 9 it was time to come home. Justin was having some friends in for a "safe" party. He's off to LV today to visit his Dad's family out their for 3 weeks. Then he'll know more when he's going into the Navy. Later the better I think! I had to wake Barry up at midnight to wish him a happy. I watched a bunch of old Thin Man movies and was happy as a bug in a rug!
Today is a lazy day at our house. Ok, so every day seems like it's a lazy day these days. Evan went to see the Bull Dog puppies this week. They were so cute and I should have a new Grand puppy soon. He wants a little girl dog and since the litter was 10 pups, he should be able to narrow down his choice soon.
This is going to be the year of good thoughts only. At least I'm going to try that today. I figure if you start the year out that way, maybe it will continue. One can always hope that works out. I have small wishes for the year. Barry to finish school, Barry to get a job, and Barry to have a nice clean check up next week from the doctor. I'll let you know how that all works out for me.
Have a wonderful life!