Friday, October 30, 2009

Goals Not Met

I'm sorry to say that I didn't reach the goal I had of collecting $50 this year for the American Cancer Society. I'm not surprised with the way the economy is, but I am still sorry that I fell short. They do good work and there is a great need for research. Maybe some year I won't have to get out there and collect. Maybe some year they will finally find some answers! Thank you for your help in quest!
Like the card? I'm not sure about, but I had this paper for a while and it called my name. Oh, my name is not Cosmo Cricket? What was I thinking! I stamped the tree from SU into the paper first and then added the little birthday verse. I found the stamp lost in my stash with no other home to go to! Well I think it's a nice card anyway. I think I'm on a losing line these days. I have SOME many cards over on my store. I always wonder if suddenly my creations are just plain old ugly or what. I'm doing as well with the new cards as I did with collecting for ACS.
Madelyn is coming to visit tonight. When we said we'd watch her, I did speak up about having her spend the night. They come home late from a party and my bedtime is early---so I thought her spending the night would be MUCH better. Last night Larry called to say there was a change of plans. Tina would drop her off and Justin would pick her up around 10:30! I think I'll just stop making plans for the when we have her. It doesn't always work out the way it was planned! We also had plans for tomorrow, but I think I'll just sleep late instead!
Today I'm suppose to be working on more cards for my little ebay store, but who knows. It appears to be "one of those days". You know, we all have them. Maybe it's a stay in bed all day, day, or maybe it's a run away day, or just maybe it's a do nothing day! Yea, right!
What ever you're day brings, have fun!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Part III---Give Til It Helps!

Today is the last day I'll be asking for your help in meeting my goal of collecting for the American Cancer Society. I thank you all for your caring and your donations for this worthy cause! If you have an extra, I know, what's that, but if you have, please consider the good it can do with helping find a cure for Cancer. Enough said.
Do you like this card? I think it's so elegant for a Christmas card. I used another one of those saved images from Verve stamps with the verse it came with, and created this card. I had a tiny bit of black paper in my stash, so I was only able to make two cards, but I love the way it turned out. The snowflake paper is from Bo Bunny. When Madelyn and I were at the newest LSS I found it there.
Today I made my weekly trip to the CCA pantry. It's such a blessing to be able to add that amount of food to our own pantry. I told one of the people there that's it like opening a treasure chest each week, because I don't know what I'm going to find from week to week! I go at 9:30 on Thursdays and that seems to be the time when all the nice baked goodies come in. It's not like we need them, but the bagels are big and fat and wonderful! This week I added more soup, canned sliced potatoes, and even some bottled water to my stash!
Well, back to work. I need to create. If you'd like to see any of the cards I post, please take a look at my ebay store. There's lots of new pretty cards!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Part II--Still Give Til It Helps!

Thank you all who donated to The American Cancer Society. It's still not to late. Please see if you can help by donating a $---just one to a good cause. I do understand if you can't, so please come back to visit again soon!
This weekend I pulled out this SU set of stamps to make this card. It seems like I'm pulling out all and any old stamps I have. I do have a wonderful set coming from Verve that I won in the contest on Friday. I chose O Christmas Tree. It has some really great wreath stamps in the set and I knew they would be perfect for cards. When I was making this card I thought to myself that it needed that something extra. I pulled out some chipboard snowflakes and used silver embossing powder on them. They are so shinny and pretty IRL. You should see them. The whole card turned out great! The snowman head is popped up on a dot.
If anyone out there thinks that government run health care is WRONG, let me tell you that YOU are wrong. Yesterday Barry and went for his first appointment with the VA Clinic. They treated us just wonderful. All I heard while in the waiting room was good things about them. They took all the information Barry had to give and went about taking care of his needs. They ordered his med's, set him up for his tests that were past due, and made an appointment for with the DR for his cancer check-up. They even set up an appointment to get his eyes checked! The blood work and chest x-ray were done while we were there! After dealing with so many insurance companies and doctor offices that don't seem to care if you live or die, if made me more in favor then I already was of public health care for all!
Well, I'm off to create. I need to finish up as many cards as I can before Friday. I have miles to go and bills to pay! Have a warm and happy day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Give Til It Helps!

Aren't they the sweetest son's a Mom could have? Of course the answer is YES! I took this picture on Friday night when we went out to dinner for my birthday. It was a great success! Dinner was good, company was better and I got some wonderful presents! Gift cards from everyone, and Evan added some money---perfect timing---since I had a cell bill due! When we came home from dinner I checked the Verve Forum over at SCS and I'd won a free set of my choice from the new releases! All in all, I'd say a pretty good 60th birthday!
Now I'd like to get to something else near and dear to my heart. You may have notice the donations link I've had on my right sidebar for a while now. It's finally gotten it's name. This time, every year, I collect for the American Cancer Society. Even in bad times, especially in bad times, people need help! If your new to my blog, or even if you've followed me for a while you may or may not know that my own husband got Bladder Cancer about 2 1/2 years ago. The course of treatment was to remove the bladder and now he wears a bag. I am the caregiver. His hands shake sometimes and he's unable to change it for himself. I do this 2-3 times a week. I say all this because I want to you know that I'm speaking from the heart. What I'm asking of my fellow stampers is if you like my blog and think it's worthwhile to come and check us out, please give ONE DOLLAR! All money, along with my collections from my 15 neighbors on my list, will be sent to the Cancer Society at the end of the month. I understand if you can't or don't want to donate. It's a hard time for everyone, but my thanks in advance if you can. I'm not asking for 100's of dollars, just ONE.
Come back again soon and check out the new cards I'm making for the holiday's. They get better and better!
Hugs and Love to all who enter!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Birthday Wishes

Oh yes, it's my birthday and I have lots of wishes. First let me tell you how my morning started--the smoke detector went off very, very, very early in the morning. Let's say it was near 4 AM! Barry had to get up and change the batteries. Of course I had to be his helper. Did he say at that point "happy birthday dear"? NO! When we finally went back to sleep until 6, did he say it then? Did he say it after I fixed his breakfast? I guess you get the point. He must be holding off for the big moment! I got a really pretty card in the mail yesterday from my friend Colleen. I've know Colleen for years. We go back to the Simply Sentiments days. They were really fun. Now most of us have gone our own ways. When SS was started online and as a magazine, it was a small group and we all felt like family. It's nice to hear from a few of them. I'm just as bad in staying in touch. I sometimes feel I get overwhelmed by life. OK, so Barry didn't wish me a happy, but yesterday while he was getting gas, bought me a Mega Million ticket. One set of numbers. I think for my birthday I should win. It's the only fair thing to do! If I don't win MM, I have a line of numbers for Saturday's Lotto. Just think, I could be a winner twice!
Tonight we're going to dinner with the kids. I'm looking forward to that. It's always a treat to see them.
Well, I'm off to do something. I've made a few new cards and posted them in my eBay store. Go and check them out. It's much easier to buy mine and have them all done then to take out all your holiday "stuff" and do it yourself. I know it is!!
Hugs to all and thanks for all the birthday wishes! They make me feel so special!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Just another card using my same old angle and snowman. I love this stamp. I've made it my best friend, and more of the DCWV stack. I'm going to use up this stack if it kills me! Or at least a good part of it! Do you ever buy the stacks before you find one or two papers that you "have to have" and then the rest just sits and looks at you from your shelf? Well, I am not going to let that happen to this package!
One more day til my birthday. I can't believe it's here already. My Mom would have been so upset to have a daughter that was 60! I wish she were here now. She always called first thing in the morning and sang to us all. NOT a pretty way to wake up, but when it's gone, you miss it. Evan and Larry now have taken over that task! I am a lucky woman I guess.
This morning is my trip to the CCA pantry. It's not a perfect way to go, but I sure make fewer trips to WalMart and that is a good thing! The Lotto is 70 million this week. Wouldn't that be a nice thing to win for my birthday? Oh yea, I'd have to buy a ticket and that would take a $ I don't want to waste!
My friend Gretchen is headed out tomorrow for a 12 day cruise and will be away 16 days. Best wishes to her and Fred on their trip!
That's about it for today. I'm so busy and need to hop in the shower. Have a great day and hurry back!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Many Times Do You Get to Be 60?

Thank goodness the answer to that question is only once! My DIL called last night to ask me where I wanted to have dinner on Friday night for my birthday? She called because my son Evan called her to find out what the plans where. We settled on Tex-Mex. It's something we all like and haven't been to in a while. Hey if it's not Mickey D's we don't go! And the $ menu at that! Oh well, I know better days are just around the corner! Evan asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told him nothing, but the more I thought about it, I thought I'd like an ebay gift certificate. The kids have given them to me before and I always enjoy being able to shop for myself that way. I know there must be some new Basic Grey papers out there that I want! Today's card is made using my Fall Riley again. These little guys are always a "happy" maker! I pulled out some holiday papers from last year from SU. The fall colors worked like a charm. Notice his clothes? I have to put something on these folks. Naked is not my thing!
Today we have rain. It was suppose to be here this afternoon, but it arrived early. I have to go out anyway. The post office is calling me in a big way. Packages of cards are piling up on my desk! I'm also going to try and work on more cards to sell in my ebay store. Everything is going along with that. I just wish I could make more in a day! I need an extra set of hands---that's a good gift to wish for!
Have a safe and happy day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goodies To Eat

Aren't the holiday's suppose to be about good things to eat? I say a big YES! Another card that Barry thinks is a bit "heavy"! That might be an understatement in this case, but I love the way it turned out. I've had this PP for years. I think it came from a company called Diane's Sister or something like that. I only have scraps left, so I don't really have a clue, but I like it anyway. The gingerbread charm came from last year OTC and the other "charms" are buttons. the apron is from a clear set of stamps bought at HL with a coupon. I stamped it on a scrap of gingham paper. Cute? YES!
Today I'm trying to work on some pretty pink and blue snowman cards. I stamped up a bunch of images yesterday and even got a few cards made and SOLD, but I have lots more to go. If only I could find a way to do my cards faster. There must be a way. Maybe if I turned off the TV and chained myself to my desk, but even then I don't think that would make me work any faster.
Barry is only going a half day to school today. IT's the day he goes to visit the state department that funds his school. He has to check in with them every ten school days. It's a pain, but that's where he gets his gift cards for free gas. What we really need is free housing. Our mortgage payments are not that big, but are killing us right now. I thought I had a job doing proof reading. I did two of them. I was told I did a good job, but I haven't gotten anything from the company in two weeks. I guess they replaced me! Too bad because I really enjoyed the job and because I think I have a nice way with words, it would be a good fit---best laid plans---don't work out!
I'm off to work on more cards. Christmas will be there before you know it. Don't forget who's birthday is coming Friday---MINE!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Free New Digi Stamps

This is the first time I've down loaded a digi stamp and colored it out for a card. I love how it turned out! The digi stamps are from Verve stamps and free to download until Friday, which just so happens to be my birthday! Note the "Countdown Clock"! I tried to make my card using a layout that was posted but it turned out my bow was too big, so I just used the same elements and did it my way. I really like the way it turned out. The paper is some more of the DCWV stack and the ribbon is just a scrap leftover. The store I bought the ribbon closed last month. It's a shame we lost another scrapbook store. Gotta Scrap just gotta went! You know you have to love all the Martha punches and my Snowflake is no different. I seem to pull another favorite out for every season.
Today I'm busy trying to play catch up with cleaning and the wash. I've got the bed sheets outside over the chairs so they can air dry. I just really wanted to get more in the dryers then I had room for, but I do always like the way the sheets smell. I've been working on cards too and have uploaded a few new ones at my ebay store. Check them out if you must!
Gotta go and do something besides play on the computer.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Did you see my new countdown clock? It's to celebrate my 60th birthday on Friday. How many times can a person celebrate 60? Thank Goodness only once! Or as I like to say, 30 twice! We don't have plans yet, but I'm hoping the kiddo's will be around. I've been reminding them for some time, so it's not likely they'll forget! I used my own Mom's method, I let them know everyday!
Yesterday was the best weather day we've had in a while. The sun came out, but not too hot, we had a nice breeze and the world was right! We didn't do anything too special. Just a ride to watch the planes at the airport and a stop at Wally World. I did manage a stop at J's to use my coupon for the week. They had some pretty DCWV stacks for the holidays. I got the one that had pinks and blues. I like to be different for Christmas! Ok, so I like to be different all the time!
Today we're going to the $ movie and then hopefully get my SU paper from my GF. We haven't been able to get together before and now I REALLY need the Pretty In Pink to go with my new paper! That should be my middle name---I NEED! I always NEED something!
Well, we're off. Have a great day and hurry back to visit!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Anyone Out There?

It's finally the end of the work week---if only I had a job to come home from! I keep sending in my resumes to companies and nothing. NO big surprise. There doesn't seem to be a lot of jobs out there where they really want to pay for somebody nearly 60 who is a warm loving grandma and can make cards at the same time. I think I'm worth it, but I might be a bit pricey for a company to hire!
Like the card? I was checking out my holiday stamps and ran across this cute bear from Close To My Heart. Who knows how old this is. It's still mounted on wood! I know I bought it off ebay many years ago, but still like it. The paper is from the new BG holiday line. When I went with Madelyn on Monday they had some of the sheets. I prefer the 6x6 size for card making, but they didn't have them in yet. What are they waiting for? Oh well, I don't have the gas money to make a return trip any time soon, so I'll make do with what I got.
Yesterday was pantry day at the CCA for me. It's fun to see what they will have each week. I have enough can goods after going for the third time to last all winter. I got Stove Top this week and even some Halloween candy! It really is a blessing for us. I haven' t been to Walmart all week in need of anything. Our shelves are stocked and our freezer has food. That as Martha says is a "good thing"!
Barry also got some good news on the Medical front this week. He was accepted in the VA system for his medical needs! Talk about a real lift in your life. His medicine's are very costly that he takes every month and the bags he needs to have are about $100 each month, so we are very hopeful about the VA. He goes on October 27. Now to find help for me. I really need to see a doctor for just a general check-up. One step at a time.
That's it folks. Have a great weekend. It's suppose to be sunny and cool there. They are calling for the rain to hold off until next week, so things are looking good!
Hugs and Love to all!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet Fella

Edwin is so sweet. Thanks to my friend Pat, from WY, I am able to make lots of images with her stamps and Edwin is one of those! She should be getting her cards in the mail tomorrow if the post office is on time. I used some Bo Bunny papers and BG make this fun card! Notice the Label Spellbinder? It was from Pat as well.
Yesterday seem to be a lost day almost. After spending the day on Monday with Madelyn, Grandma needed the day to rest and play catch up with the chores. I got all the wash done. I even got all the dishes in the sink done. That was until dinner! It's chilly in Dallas and so I made a big pot of Chicken Noodle Soup. We're not big on the chicken from the soup, so I used the meat and made Chicken Salad to go with it. That's one of Barry's favorite sandwiches. Ok, he's never met a sandwich he didn't like, but Chicken Salad is still a good one. The nice part is that I don't have to cook tonight since we have lots of left-overs.
Today I'm trying to make cards, but it seems my MOJO is still napping. What is with it? Some days I start moving and making first thing, and other days, I can't get my act together. It could be today because I am so short of card stock. I mean REALLY short. I'm waiting to get my paper from my friend who ordered it from SU and I met another wonderful seller on ebay this weekend who is sending me some paper. It was funny because I am so short that I thought I'd buy some of the expired colors on ebay to spice up my left from last year papers and the sweetest lady said she knew who I was from SCS and that she would sent it to me! What really made it special is that she and her family are also going through some hard times as well, and she is willing to share. Won't it be nice if the government thought that way too? I'm so tried of all the he said, she said stuff. I just wish they would think about the people that sent them to Washington! If they are so worried about us, then do something. Stop the fighting and name calling. Just do something! I would ask you to write your Congress person, but I've already done that in my state---what a joke! I got almost the same form letter from them all! Out of the three I heard from, only one had my name on it! They swear they are protecting me from something---I think it's them! TX is near the bottom in social programs and they wonder why? Enough of my soap box---just write your elected Representatives and let them know you've had enough. It's time, well past time, to stand up and be counted for US!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

You know how those plans can change in a moment, well that's today! We went to dinner last night at Larry and Tina's house. It was wonderful as usual. The feed us a great chicken dinner. Larry was going to take off work today to stay with Madelyn because it's a school holiday. That WAS the plan. About 8 PM last night we got a call at home from the very same Madelyn. She wanted to know if she could spend the day with Grandma instead of Dad! Her Mother asked her why she didn't say anything while we were there and she told her that "she just thought it up"! We're off to the new LSS that opened last week and then to see G-Force at the $ movie. Of course we have to stop at the Dollar Tree for treats before we go. All the plans that I made for today will just have to be put on hold until tomorrow. Who needs to make Christmas cards today? I'd rather spend the day playing with Maddy! This card was made using my trusty Penny Black stamp and BG paper left from last year. The little verse is SU.
Have a wonderful day and please come back tomorrow. I have lots to say thanks for from friends near and far.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Slow Down, You Move To Fast

I hope those words will start singing in your mine. I know they do it for me! Today I'm showing off another holiday card I've made using some more stashed BG papers from last year. Oh, if you only knew how many of these darling little 6x6 pads I bought last year! I did get carried away I guess, but since I had so much leftover, it worked out just perfect for this year. This SU set is old, but I still like to dig it out and use. It's one I think about maybe selling, but NO, I think I'll keep it.
Let's see, what's up with us? Nothing new really. It's going to be cold today and wet today. I don't mind because I'm staying in the house today and staying nice and warm. Barry went to school and believe it or not, he's feeling really good about how school is going this week. That makes me feel so good too. Tomorrow Barry has a Lion's thing to do. It's a program called Challenge Air. It's not a Lion's program, but they help out. Children with special needs and their families are given plane rides in small private planes. This program is given around the country and if you know of a family or you have a young person with special needs, check them out online. Other then that, I think I want to go to the $ movie. G-Force and Ice Age III are playing. I told Madelyn we would take her to see them and as good Grandparents, we will do just that!
If it's cold in your town, what are you making this weekend to eat that's good and "stay warm" type of food? Chili always sounds good to me, but so does hot chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
Stay warm and dry!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


STAMP, STAMP, STAMP. That's my life! Isn't this combination cute? Nothing wrong with polka dots and strips. I think the added gingham ribbon is the perfect touch! It's what I like to refer to has a "Paula" touch! Now if you're interested in a really nice Christmas card at a really good price, check out my ebay store and buy a few!

Yesterday was a pretty good day after all. Barry went to the CCA clinic and got his medicine at no cost to him for a month. You can't really know what that's like unless you've walked in those shoes. It's a crime that so many people know what I'm talking about. I think something is wrong in this country of plenty when good people can't get the treatment they need. Just one of those medicine's was over $150 at the drug store. How can anyone without insurance afford that? I know, you're saying to yourself, thank goodness I have insurance---and I thank goodness you do too, but like most folks, we thought we'd never need to beg for help, but we are all just that one lay off away from being there! I think I'm as proud a person as the next, but when it comes to getting help for my family, I have no pride left. After a year of no jobs and now nothing left in our savings, pride has left. Today I went to the CCA pantry and got my $42 worth of food. It didn't cover all the things I needed, but a good bit. Some things I'll just do without for right now. It's a real blessing that they are there to help out. We still need help with the mortgage, but I'm trying there too. I keep saying to myself that I know good times are right around the corner. Stay strong and hold your head up high. We are honorable people and we will pay our debts someday. I think I feel the worst for Barry. I know it has something to do with being the "man" and breadwinner. We are hanging on. School will be over next month for him and then after he takes his test and passes, a good job will come his way. I have to believe the end is in sight. I pray that the Lord will give help us make it to the finish line.



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ready for Christmas? I've had this stamp for several years and only remember making one other card with it, but I dug it out yesterday and stamped up a bunch! This was the first one. Today I made 4 more. They'll go in my ebay store later today or tomorrow. I'm trying to work on some more snowman cards, but I've lost my glue stick somewhere! I was digging for Old Olive scraps of paper and some how I lost not only the glue stick but my two rulers! I really need to clean my desk up!

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail for one of those give aways that if you listen to their speech for 90 minutes they'll give you something. It's not a time share, but a travel club thing. I'm not buying anything, but I would like the $50 AX gift card and the 3-day, 2-night stay at a hotel they said they are giving you. Hey, it's free and all I have to do is not lose my temper when they "hard" sell! If these people only knew who broke we were, we won't have gotten the letter in the first place. Oh well!

It's time to take a shower and get something done. Enough play time. Have a great day and hurry back.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Turkey Trot

Can you believe I've had this stamp since last year and NEVER made a card with it? Oh to my shame! Riley is now enjoying his Thanksgiving Turkey! I used some paper from a stack I got at Michael's.
I have been stamping and doing the wash since dawn. At least it feels like that and now I really am ready for that early morning nap that seems to do the trick for the rest of the day. Too bad Barry is only going to school for half a day today. He's coming home early so he can go to the CCA clinic. Of course that to him means he should come home early and have lunch, a nap, and just bother me, in that order! That's way I'm busy trying to get things done this morning. I have been blog hopping already.
It's short, but sweet today, so have a great day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh Goody, The New Week Starts!

Tilda is thinking of breaking out with a song, something like Blue Bird of Happiness. Sounds like a great idea! This darling little gal will be traveling tomorrow to WY. Winging her way to Pat. I love using up all the tiny little pieces of Basic Grey I've saved. Who wants to get rid of what may turn out to be the "perfect" piece of scrap? Not I!
We've had a busy few days. On Friday I went to CCA for help. It was way past time, but I finally got a meeting and they signed us up for some aid. First they are paying our electric bill. That in it self is a blessing, but there is more. Barry is going to get some help from the health clinic tomorrow and they're going to see about getting his Med's taken care of. There is a few more wonderful thing. They are giving us a trip to their pantry every week until Jan. Then we're hoping to be back on our feet. We went yesterday. They don't have a large selection of food, but every bit helps. I'm now going into the can veggie business! We got Tuna, soup, hamburger meat and even a chicken. I go back on Thursday again for my regular time and I'm hoping they have a different selection. The woman I spoke with gave me a number to call about jobs for "over 55". Imagine that! Someone that really wants to speak with someone who is "more mature"! In addition to all those things, I did a second proof reading and made a little more money with that. I take each thing as a sign of good things to come! We are so broke and all these things that happen seem to be getting us to a better place.
I'm off to finish up another Halloween card. I've been busy and made a few today. They'll be posted tomorrow in my ebay store, so check them out if you dare tomorrow!
Hugs and stay dry and warm!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A New Little Tilda

Isn't she darling? This little Tilda was made using a stamp send to me by my friend Pat in WY to stamp out as many times as I want and then send it back to her! I hope we all have friends like that. I know I am so lucky to have lots of caring, sharing, wonderful fellow crafters. I'm still trying to use up some of those pages and pages of Basic Grey papers I have left in those nice little pads. Purple isn't a color I use very often, but I do like it. I think every little girl dreams in purple. I know I did and now my Madelyn does too. She thinks purple is a cool color! The purple flower I used is made from felt. I had it left from a project last year. Works!
This afternoon I'm off to CCA for my interview to see what type of help we can get. They seem like warm and loving people up there so I'm hopeful help we be given. Barry does have an appointment on Monday with the clinic for help with his medicine's. Yesterday he also filled out the papers and sent them in to apply for VA medical. We're trying to cover as many bases as we can. I know we should have done this sooner, but it's all so much paper work. What we really need are jobs. We both have applied for so many, but I did hear back this week about a job working at home, proof reading and if it's a real job, it pays well. We'll just have to see if it's a real job. I did a Google search and it seems like they are, but one never knows these days!
Well, I'm off to do something. Anything besides work on cards would be great, but I know I'll wander back to my desk and settle down. Yesterday I got a ton of Snowmen colored and cut out. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with them. Christmas is coming before I know it and I have miles of cards to make! Don't we all!!!!
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's a So Sassy paper day! I found this pretty, pretty paper in my stash in the drawers while I was looking for holiday paper. Before I finished the card I used up most of the paper getting it to look OK. It's a little busy, but I think it works. The stamp is from Verve. I love all their verse stamps. PERFECT!
Let's see, what's new or even what's up. Not much. I seemed to have gotten Barry's cold and now his sore throat. Lucky ME. Now can I die too? It seems to be working for him, so why not? I have to get the trash out and work on some cards today, but I think I'm going to take an easy day. I always start out saying that and then I think of all the cards that need to be made so we can have some cash in the house and then I wonder over to the desk and see what I can do. I did apply for several jobs yesterday that looked like it was something I could do. It's a shame I don't have a lot of skills. Of course I don't know what skills employers are even looking for now. Cheap wages comes to mind! Oh well, another day, another card!
Did you see the bad weather up North? My friend Pat in WY was suppose to have snow last night. IT's way too early for that! I could do with some cooler weather, but snow---no way!
Stay safe and take care!