Monday, August 30, 2010


Did I say I don't really like pumpkins? There is something about them that causes me to feel uneasy. Maybe it's the eyes. When the kids were home we never really got into pumpkins. Candy yes, pumpkins, not so much, but since it's the season, I thought I'd drag another of my dusty stamps out and make some cards. It turned out very cute and it flew out the door of my Etsy store. Almost before I put it on! See the purple ribbon? It's some seam binding. It's not done up all shabby. It came as the wrapping on a package I got in the mail with the wrinkled ribbon. A bonus! The paper is from M's. It's always nice to have a coupon to use!
Today I have the med's study I've been going to all summer. I think it's going to be the last one. The study has been on hold for over a month and I'm tried of going across town. I want to end it and get paid. We can do that whenever we want and I want to now. Barry is driving me and then I need to go and buy some envelopes to mail my cards that I sold over the weekend out. My prayers were answered in the selling department, but there is still tons more over at the store and I have some to post later in the day.
I guess that's it for now. I hope your week is short and sweet!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


As you can see I've been busy while the MOJO is hot! The top and bottom card was made using a hero arts tulip. The top one's verse is SU from my dear friend Jeanine. The bottom one is from Hero Arts. The middle card is made using a very very old CTMH wood stamp! They haven't made wood in some time, but I love this stamp all the same! Please enjoy the sites and if you're interested in any of the cards, they are listed in my Etsy shop! They won't be there from long, so hurry up and grab some!
Have a great day!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So maybe he's not "that" scary, but he is fun! If you dig way down in my boxes of stamps, you'll find years of $ stamps just sitting there and looking for love. He's one! I added some glitter and some dirt and he's ready to head out the door to a new home to scare! Did you ever buy those snap together alpha sets? They were BIG a few years ago. I bought one and use it very little, but I dug it out to add the boo to this card. I even gave him some wiggle eyes to finish him off!
Barry has a real job interview with a real company next month. They emailed him yesterday. He's very happy about that one. We'll just wait and see. A week and a half away. It seems like a life time to wait!
My life just seems to be a roller coaster of fun these day. Money, no money, job, no job. Now it's ink! I know, that doesn't seem like something I should even be thinking about, let alone talk about, but it is! You know I do a lot of digital images, and yesterday the big black ink tank ran out. Now normally that wouldn't be so bad, but when you work for a digital company and need ink to print out images, ITS BAD! We all have choices in life and I made one to put gas in Barry's car. I know that wasn't much of a choice. It was something that had to be done, but now I just have to pray I sell some cards, and then I'll buy ink! What a life we have!
That's it for today. Have a great day! Enjoy it!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I don't know why I don't drag this older SU set very often. I like it. It's one I "had to have". And yet, I don't use it often enough. I think it would make great "guy" cards. You know, the hard to please guy cards we all have trouble making. So next time you think about this or any old set that may have dust bunnies growning on it, pull it out, ink it up, and make a card! I pulled some paper from a fall DCWV pad to give it a fall feel. It might be a bit dark. That's why I added the polka dot flower. What do you think? I've added it to my Etsy store.
Yesterday did end a little better then it started. Evan put some money in my paypal account last night and we were able to buy gas for the car. I tell you, it's a scary feeling knowing you don't have a enough for even that. Well, hopefully that was a sign of good things to follow and I'm taking it at that!
Barry is going to a Red Cross meeting all afternoon. It's training for the up coming season. Hopefully they won't have to use what they learn, but it's good to have more training in anything and I really want him to network while he's there. I've been giving him a talking to about it. One never knows, but he will be out of my hair for hours and hours, so as my Goddess of Goodness says, "it's a good thing"! In case you live under a rock or something, Martha says that!
Gotta run and do something now. Time is moving on and so am I.
Have a great day,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why Hello My Sweet Pumpkin!

I really need to work on getting my sizing right for pictures! This card seems so small. Oh well, another day! Isn't he the sweetest little guy? I love the size of the pumpkin. Nothing beats fall for pretty colors! This card was made using a layout from over at SCS. The paper is from a fall DCWV pad and the image---Deedee's Digis! Sweet! More of that wrinkled ribbon I love so much. I got to get more and more of that stuff!
Barry went to the job fair yesterday. Not many companies even showed up! Some of the one's he wanted to see weren't there, but he did speak with a few and one took his resume. What a waste of gas to drive across town for that, but as it only takes one company to want you---we're hoping the one that took his resume is the ONE!
The assisted living place called again yesterday to see if I would bring my cards to the them again next month on the 16th. Of course I said yes. Hopefully more ladies will come and shop with me. That would be a nice gift!
That's it for today. I'm going to go and make some coffee. I need to wake up and get something done again today. It's offical I'm going to cry now! I sold a bunch of cards last night and today the Toll Tag money was taken out of my paypal account! The very last thing I needed to pay! I thought I would now have money to spend on food, and it's gone! I've had the toll tag set up to take the money when it gets low, but with Barry out of work, he doesn't use it often. I guess going acorss town yesterday set it in motion! The real cost of the one resume taken was 40.00!!! Yesterday when the day started I had 6.00, sold a bunch of cards, and now I have 9.00 to my name! What kind of black evil cloud is always lurking around me? If anyone an answer my questions about why my life is a living HELL, please let me know! I can't take much more of this.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sweet cupcake? Why yes it is! This was a freebie I got last week on the web. That's always a fun thing to do! IT's so wonderful to get such a nice find every now and then!
Life is about the same for me. I spoke with my BIL and he's going to try and make it right with the bank. I pray with everything in me that he can. Time will tell. We just have to play the waiting game and see what happens.
Barry is working this morning at the nursing home and then he's going to a job fair. The job fair lists a lot of companies that are tech so hopefully they'll have some real jobs and not just taking resumes! That's the usual thing.
I really need to do something today. My Etsy store is stocked full of cards that aren't selling so I don't know if making more will do anything. I need to finish the wash and get the dishes done. I also have to pay the water bill so they don't turn it off today. My fondest wish is to go one day without having to worry about money. I don't think one would be asking too much!
Have a fun day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A brand new released Deedee's Digis image for today! How could anyone not like Halloween? It's not evil unless you think of those poor Mom's that have to eat all their children's candy so they don't get sick from it! I know it's not like it used to be where you could let your kids roam the neighborhood and get all the goodies they wanted, but it's still fun enough for me! I used some BG papers I found this afternoon in a pile under the coffee table. Don't ask what they were doing there. I was looking for some papers about the house that I needed to get to my BIL about the mortgage and found a few sheets still left in the pad.
That's it for today. We're still working on saving our home. I'm hoping all the prayers are going to help. We'll know more later in the day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Isn't this a fun card? It's one of Deedee's Dollar Digis for this week! I found this cute paper from in my never ending stash today and knew it was the right thing for crayons! Excuse the size of the picture. I'm still trying to figure out the print packages on my computer!
This is going to be a very long week for me. Tonight I have a man coming who is going to try and help us save the house. We are behind in everything and they are going to try and rewrite the mortgage and put the back payments on the end of the mortgage. The only problem is I have to come up with one payment. I don't know where we're going to come up with $1100! It seems to as much the problem as losing the house! If I don't do something we'll be out in the street and penniless all at the same time! I'm trying to sell as much as I can in my Etsy store, but that really doesn't make a dent. I can't borrow from any bank. They'd laugh us out the door. Maybe I sell my blood several times over. I just don't know at this point. I am very scared right now. It's our last chance to not be living in the street the first week in September. I can't even win the lotto---I wasted my whole $ on that one! Please say a prayer for me because I surely will need everyone one of those, and then some. I may not be on much in the next few days, so please keep us in your thoughts.
Thanks for everything,

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Needless to say you must think I've lost my mind today, showing winter wonderland snowmen on a day it's over 100! I may be a little early for Christmas cards, but it's never too early to get a start of them! I showed you this image last week, but it's one I know I'll use over and over again because the lines of it were designed so well for coloring and I love how the verse fits perfectly with the snowman! In case you missed this image, it's from Deedee's Digis. Please go and check them all out! She's really got a great gift for drawing these! Can you tell I was digging in the scrap pile again for the paper for these cards? The one on the left is from last years My Mind's Eye and the one on the right is BG from who knows what year! See all the ribbon? I love it! More of that shabby wrinkled seam binding! NEED MORE, NEED MORE! I will be listing these and several other new cards in my Etsy store shortly...please take a look!
Have a great day!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I think my image is a little fuzzy and not straight, but it's all in the good fun---isn't it? I'm trying to learn how to work the new print package, so bear with me, please! This is another of those Heather Ellis images that I love so much. This time I tried to use up some more scarps for the base of the card. It's a shame I'm really out of most of this paper from October Afternoon. I enjoyed using up the nice little pad of papers. Time to move on to another pile of scraps!
So what's up with you? Any fun plans for the weekend? I know some of my friends are getting their children ready for school this weekend and that includes my own sweet Granddaughter Madelyn. She starts back Monday. Yesterday she met her new teacher and loves her. That's a great start to the new school year!
Barry is working 4-8 today. YEA, an extra day of work never hurt anyone! I need to work. Thank goodness I've been selling some cards in my Etsy store, but I now need to add some more, but I think my MOJO has been on an extended journey somewhere this week. I tried so hard to make a card yesterday, but each time it got messed up. I put it away for another day! Hopefully today is the day!!
That's it for today from the Zoo!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Oh yes, my lovely Sophie The Moose will dance right into your heart! I so enjoy giving these little moose folk things to do! today Sophie is teamed up with a Verve verse. It's all about the living and that, is a good thing! I used some paper found in that mighty pile on my desk and even gave her a little bling to dress up the card!
Well we've had Madelyn now for 2 days and she's coming again soon. She's such a treat. Everyday she makes something. Cards, clay flowers, and card games with her Grandpa. Tomorrow she's going to be with her Mom at work and then it's time to meet the new teacher in the afternoon. Friday she's going with her Aunt and cousin to the water park. A very nice way to end the summer vacation for her.
That's it for me. Short and sweet. Nothing much changes from day to day. I just have to see how to save my home now!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I know I say it all the time, but I love this new image from Deedee's Digis! I made this super fun set from Teachers Pet. There are 5 sayings along with the Owl in this set. You can't bet the price when you have so much to work with! Please go and check out the whole web site for some images that you will want to add to your collection! I've used October Afternoon paper's and colored with Copic markers. The little owl on the pad was just resized to fit the small surface!This sweet little set can be found over in my Etsy store, so please check it out!
We had Madelyn all day. She is so sweet at 7 years old. She'll come back again tomorrow and Wednesday. We'll see after that. Her mom is planning a day off of work to spend with her and maybe she'll get to spend time with a girlfriend before school starts back. Today her Daddy, my son, gave us money to take her to M's to buy Magic Clay. Her mommy sent the 40% off coupon as well. He also gave me money for lunch and a movie, so today will be movie day. It's .50 day at the theater. YEA! Prince of Persia here we come!
Barry got some extra hours in at the nursing home. That was great. I didn't sell any cards today, so hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.
That's it. Have a great day and hurry back!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


And everything is wet outside right now! I want to run outside naked and do the happy rain dance, but I don't want to scare the children in the neighborhood! Not a pretty picture, I guess! Oh well. I guess I'll have to tell you about my card instead! I'm diggin the way it turned out. Really! The paper is from an old Making Memories pad. You know one of those that for some reason we "had to have"! I think I was going to do some travel pages for a scrapbook, but as you, scrapbooking is never high on the list. I used bits of the paper for this card. It's hard to tell, but there is a "postcard" piece of paper that I used to give the feel of mail to the card. The image is from Heather Ellis. She's the lady that does the designs for MFT clear stamps. The little "ticket" is from the same set of stamps I used on the snowman yesterday. I love these little things!
For the next 3 days we're going to have Madelyn during the daylight hours. It's the week between camp ending and school starting. Since both her parents work, the grands get the child. We love having her. At least I do. I never know what Grandpa is thinking! I know we'll have fun with her no matter. Only problem is the TV in the living room isn't working. She comes way before Barry gets up in the morning. Maybe she'll want to craft instead!
I'm so excited. A dear person asked me to take on a coloring job! I know that might not sound like fun to everyone, and that's why I have the job, but I love to color images and she thought of me. I'll make a little extra money (is there anything like "extra"?), and it will be fun! Card selling seems to have picked up a little as well. If I could only make them faster---well maybe later in the month, like when it cools down below 100!
I'm off to see about dinner. Barry works until 8. We're having chicken and something!
Love to you all.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Isn't this the sweetest card? Of course you'll answer---yes! I'm very happy the way it turned out! I used a digital image from Deedee's Digis called Nose's For Sale! She's all decked out with a brand new sweater and hat and ready for business---holiday business should be good this year! The paper is from Basic Grey. I'm sad to say I'm almost out of the lace. It's from My Favorite Things. It came in a package of 3 different ones, but this one was my favorite. I bought the little saying stamps years ago and just "refound" them again! Know how that is, don't you? The 2 cards I got made yesterday both have nice little "tickets" on them!
It's official, our living TV doesn't want to work right anymore. Barry took it apart yesterday, again, and he can't fix it anymore. It really is a lose considering how much time we spend in the house. The bedroom TV is still, at this time, OK. A new TV goes on the Wish List now. My list is getting so long. Maybe I should rename the list Hope List!
Barry is working this afternoon and again tomorrow afternoon. He will get an extra hour or two on Wednesday this week. They need his help with the bus that drives the folks around. I think he's giving up hope on finding a job in his field. He's so down about it. I don't really have any more ideas for him. He doesn't even want to listen anymore. Maybe next week will be better. One can only hope and pray!
Well, I'm off to do something. You know, like go back to bed with a nice fresh cup of coffee or maybe finish a card or two. Sounds like bed is going to win the race!
Stay cool and hurry back!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sometimes YOu're The Slow One!

Today that's me. SLOW! It's not even 8 and it's already 85 degrees in the shade! That's Texas in the summer! I like the summer, but sometimes it's too much of a good thing! Sweet image? I got this one in a great package I received from Amy full of packages of kits from swaps! She was so kind to send them to me. I think it's a Whipper Snapper image, but don't hold me too it. It just looks like one of theirs!
Yesterday I went to the Assisted Living home and took my cards. The ladies loved what they saw. Many just looked, and asked if I'd be back. Some bought and I came home with a few more $ in my pocket then before. Not nearly what I was hoping for, but more then I went with!
Today I don't really have any plans except to keep cool. Barry is off until tomorrow and we have lots of food so I think we'll just have a nice laid back weekend. Cheap and easy. That's me these days! I have to stock up on my cards in my Etsy store, work on some DT things. There's a lot of new digis in Deedee's store to chose from.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Some days you have to kiss a lot of toads! Do you just love this? Ok, maybe you don't but I do and I love to please myself! I was looking for some baskets for the show tomorrow and found the verse stamp in the basket I needed to get down from the top shelf. I teamed it up with an SU frog. A couple of eyes, a bit of ribbon, and you have a fun card!
I got several more cards made this morning before we started on our shopping trips! It's payday for Barry's SS check, so we hurry up and buy food before it's all gone. I even got a turkey breast to cook tomorrow. I love food shopping. I know some people don't enjoy it, but it's the one place I feel I can always justify spending money in in tight times. I just wish we didn't have to eat it. It's so nice to see the cupboard full!
I'm hoping that the show tomorrow will work out and the people will buy all my cards. I know I'm dreaming and whatever sells will be a blessing to keep us going, but still hope is there! We met some of the ladies in WW this afternoon. On Wednesday they go by the house bus to do a little shopping, have a cold drink at M's and just get out of the Assisted Living Home. A nice chance for them. They're excited to see my cards.
That's it for today. Short and sweet!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today is my DIL's birthday. I won't say how old, but she's as young as she feels! I'm a good MIL and I want to keep it that way! We're going over to their house tonight for a Pizza Party. It's always fun to be with the kids! This isn't the card I'm giving her, but one that's in my Etsy store. I do love the colors. They remind me of fall. I used an older SU set and stamped out the presents in different colors. I've made this card before with different colors and sometimes I use 3-D presents on top. I have lots of cards in my Etsy store, but I need to take some on Thursday to the Assisted Living Home for my card show. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to wake up to sales in my store. Two days in a row that's happened! Praise the Lord on that one! All my customers are such a blessing. I do want to thank Amy for sending me a HUGE package yesterday of card kits. I'm sorry I lost the email address. It went out with all the other things we lost when the computer when down. I have your snail address and I'll be sending a thanks your way! I already used some of the images this morning to make a few cards!
Barry is in the shower and I'm next. I've been up early creating so now it's time to take a break. Don't know what the day will bring, except for dinner.
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 9, 2010


If this doesn't cool you off, I don't know what will today! This sweet card was made using a brand new today digi from Deedee's Digis! Every Monday Deedee has a sweet image that she rolls out for only $1! It's the best buy on the web! Filled with cuteness! I used some BG papers that I had in my stash from several years ago and the layout was based on one from SCS last week! I really enjoyed making this sweet card! Snowmen are my favorite things to do for the holidays!
I got so many cards done yesterday for only working a short time. It was one of those days where everything turned out OK! They don't happen very often to me, so I worked with it as long as I could. I turned out a half dozen cards. I think I'm happy with most. This card, along with 3 dozen of his closest buddies are waiting for a good home in my Etsy store! Be Happy, Buy, I can make more!
I have to get going. I need to clean the kitchen and get the trash out this morning so I can start back to creating. I have lots of ideas in my head and before they leave I need to get to them. Those ideas have a funny way of leaving without me even knowing! So have a wonderful day and hurry back. Don't forget to check Deedee's today!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Here she is, number 40 in my Etsy store! I have quite the stash of cards growing in my store. I really need to stop, but my hands just want to keep on working. It helps that I have an seemingly endless supply of scraps on my desk. It just keeps growing no matter how much I use! I think a little green guy comes in after dark and waters the darn paper---cause it keep growing! When I tell Barry I NEED more holiday paper, he just stares off into the pile and laughs! And it's not in a nice way laugh! Well back to my card today. I used some SU paper that I found in the stash. I've been using the pink and brown papers that are similar, but happened upon a few of the blue one's and used those today. The images is from the Internet. I wish I could give credit for it to the company who made it, but when we had the computer problems last weekend, I lost so much and lots of my images when away too! I had this one printed out already so it was easy to color her up this morning.
I'm going to the do the nursing home show on Thursday. I don't hold out on much hope for HUGE sales there, but maybe a few. Any would be a extra gift at this point. I just hope they like what they see. Maybe some of the staff will see some they "have to have"!
Barry is working again this afternoon. His regular time 4-8. It's nice to have that break for me, but it sure goes by fast. Today I need to work on some DT cards. I have a new one for tomorrow to post. I know you're going to go crazy over it. Winter, here we come! So stop back again tomorrow and check it out!
That's it for today. I need to go and do some praying about selling some cards. We are down to nothing in the old bank and have to make it a few more days. I know the Lord will provide for us, but I do wish he'd stop taking his time! This long has been long and hard, but for now we have a roof over our heads.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I had a request to make some more Riley The Moose cards, so I dug out a few of my moose stamps. She's a dancing princess! The verse is from SU, a long ago retired set, but one I really like! I used a piece of BG for the large back round and in my stash the green from a DCWV stack. I also used some of the winkled shabby ribbon that I have fallen in love with. I want more of this stuff, but that will have to be added to my wish list. I love the way the card turned out! Very Sweet!
Barry just went off to work and I have some time to myself. I love him dearly, but sometimes people just need to have "me" time. Today is one of those! I've been wanting to get to some crafting so now is my chance. I made a card for Monday's post from Deedee's Digis. You're going to enjoy it when you see it, so come back!
I think that's it for today. Not much new. I do have to figure out how to stretch $10 until Wednesday. It's something I've become too good at doing. I really am tired of being dirt broke! If I had a buck, I'd buy a Lotto ticket!

Friday, August 6, 2010


$10 for the whole set plus $3 for shipping!
I know I'm taking a bold step and taking a chance that someone will want to buy this darling little set, you here is your chance to get a great gift, a great buy, and help me out! Can't go wrong with all that! I've used to collect these little tins and now this is the last of the lot. I made this sweet set up yesterday and would love to have it go to a good home. I used MFT Pure Innocence for the stamps and SU paper. Just fill the sweet tin with candy and you'll have a sweet gift to give! Please email me at if you're interested in buying this, and I'll send you a paypal invoice! I know it's going to go fast, so hope right in. Remember I only have the one and at this time can't take any special orders. However if you're interested in more, let me know and I'll be happy to get back to you if I find more of these band aide tins!
Hugs and Love,

Thursday, August 5, 2010


That's what I'm doing today! I'm wishing on a star that only good things will happen and my pretty new card is leading the way! I used another one of my collection of Pure Innocence stamps from My Favorite Things. I didn't make their guest designer contest for August, but I still love the images. They always cheer me up when I'm having "one of those" days. I found some old SU paper in my stash the other day, and pulled it out to use. I don't know why I have so much left. I used and used, and used some lots of it, but I am glad there was still some more left! This is the third card today I made using this set of papers. All MFT and all with paper pieced dresses!
I added her and another friend to my Etsy store today. WOW! Now I have over 3 dozen cards for sale! I know I say everyday that I wish they would get sold, but when you only have less then $10 to your name, my wishes get bigger and bigger. Something good WILL happen today. I just know it will!
Speaking of good things, please check out Deedee's Digis store. She is the sweetest person and has an image for everyone! Since school is starting back soon, today's featured card is a school bus full of animals! Check it out!
Well, I guess that's all for me today. Back to feeling sorry for myself. I'm having such a good time with it today!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yea, yea, I know you need to put your sunglasses on to check them fun new cards out, but it's worth it! I really like the way they turned out! I have no clue where the polka dot paper came from, but I had several small pieces and it was just the thing for the clown card. I had extra on my table so the turtle card was born too! Both these images are from Bugaboo. They always have fun things and on Friday's you can catch a freebie. Both of these are from that. I just added both these cards to my esty store. Now I have 3 dozen cards that really, really need new homes! Besides the fact that we need to eat for the next week! Little things like that matter so much! Next week is payday and I don't know how we'll make it, but with the grace of God we will. I just keep making cards, praying hard , and hope our luck gets better! That's all you can ask for, is a chance!
Have a wonderful day. Stay cool!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Can you say love any other way then with this card? Another sweet card that I added to my Etsy store just now. I know it's late in the day to post, but it's been another one of those days. Not bad or anything, just busy! First about the card, just in case you want to check it out and then leave. The image is from Heather Ellis. Some of her images are in clear stamps over at My Favoite Things. I wish I had them all. There are so many I'm wanting and tomorrow more are released. A girl can dream! This image was sent to me by Sandy. She's on the same DT as I am. It was so sweet of her to send it. I printed off lots of them. They are just waiting to be colored! The paper was in my stash from at least last year, if not before that. I wanted something soft and pretty. I think I hit the mark on the coloring. I'm not sure about the rest of the card. I need to think about it some!
Today started out early. I had to go to the lab study I've been doing for several months. It didn't take long. Barry drove me. We stopped at Wally World on the way home for eggs and bread. Can't do without those. Barry napped and I worked on cards until lunch. We did the PBJ thing today. Since it was 50 day at the movies, we went to see Iron Man 2. Not bad at all, and better yet for a dollar for both of us. So far, so good. The best part came after that. We got free Taco's and free hamburgers at What A Burger! See, it's been a good day so far! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed until it's bedtime, just in case!
Tomorrow we're off early again. Our friends Mother needs to go to the dentist and we are driving her. I never mind. She a dear sweet woman and I know that my own Mother had friends who would her out. I used to it myself, but she's now in a wheelchair and I really need Barry's help with that.That's it for today. I entered a contest, so say a pray I win. I'd love to be part of that company for a month and used all the nice stamps they have.

Monday, August 2, 2010


WOW! What a weekend it turned out to be! Our computer was off most of the time. Barry really thought I had done a BAD thing and downloaded something that crashed it, but it turned out to be a piece of hardware that had gone bad! In the meantime, instead of waiting for Evan to come and see if he could fix it---he was on his way over---Barry did a restore on the computer and it made the computer like NEW! Yes, that's right, like when we bought it years ago and we lost things that were stored on it from AOL! We were lucky that most of our files stored on the PC were ok, but I've lost lots of downloads, passwords, and emails that I wanted to save---gone! Evan was able to get the computer up and working after only 3 hours. This of course was after Barry went to work!

Back to the card. It was suppose to be posted yesterday because yesterday Deedee's Digis rolled out wonderful new sets of images. I love this little mouse guy. I put him in my Etsy store and he's gone, out the door! Please check on all the other beautiful Fall things she's got in the store. Let's help a small business stay in business!
Well, that's it for me for right now. I'm off to see what can be done. It's almost noon and I've done nothing more then take the trash out!
Have a great day!