Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Little Sassy Never Hurts!

When you're a sweet little girl like this one, being sassy is OK! She's another Sassy Cheryl's digi stamp that I've used to make this Mother's Day card! When I finished giving her a bit of glam with glitter, Barry noticed I had a bit on me as well, and he remarked I can be just as sassy, so you might say, she is me, and I am her!

Last night we went to a surprise 73rd birthday party for our friend Brian. It was great seeing how much he enjoyed the idea. It seems his Cancer has come back again, and so he's been feeling down. His friends wanted to do something to let him know we are all there for him. I'm sure he knows that, but it's always nice to go the extra mile!

Barry is working all weekend! YEA! 9-3 at the new place, and then 4-8 at the old one. What a treat for me to have him out of my hair all weekend. Today I'm picking up a friend for lunch. I've been looking forward to this "me" time all week. After that, I must create some new cards for the store. It's getting a little thin. There's still lots of cards and stamp sets there, but I guess they aren't going to be moving on any time soon!

Well, I'm off to get something done before I head out the door. I can't spend any money while I'm out there, and of course that's a bummer, but the rent is going to be due, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get the last $100 of that done! I have faith that will happen!



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can't Wait Until Friday To Post.....

I have to get up early to see the wedding! I'm even going to put clean PJ's on! So I'm sharing my new card with you tonight! It's made using a fun image from Sassy Cheryl's and get digi papers! Love how it turned out. It's made using a sketch from SCS this week!

Have a wonderful time at the wedding!



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something Different

Let's face, either you do vintage or you don't! I love looking at the beautiful cards that people create using a vintage look, but honestly, mine never seem to turn out anywhere near as fab as theirs are, but that doesn't stop me from trying! I created this one today using some fun Bingo "vintage" style cards from a store on Etsy called Made By Janet. I love the look of what she's selling in her store! The paper I chose to use is digi, as well. I really like the way it turned out.

Yesterday was discount day at the movies. It used to .50 on Tuesday, but now it's .75, but still a bargain, so off we went to see The King's Speech. What a wonderful movie! It was so good that we forgot to eat our candy that we stopped at Dollar Tree for! Well worth the .75!

Today I need to start working on some more cards to add to my store. Any idea's on what type of cards? What's hot and needs to be made now?

Have a wonderful day and hurry back!



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remind Me Again...

why I create! I know I love to make one-of-a-kind small little works of art, but what I really like to do is SELL them! And that's not happening at all! So I need to remind myself why I do what I do! Sometimes it's so hard. I think it can take the fun out of the air. Take this card, oh please, but no really, making it was fun, but usually something new sells out right away, but not this week. Everything is just still sitting and looking pretty, again! This sweet guy is from the new MFT collection of stamps. I see they are getting ready to release new stuff and I'm just getting to last months! The paper is from a digi pack.

Last night I went with Barry to his Lion's meeting. One of my friends who's husband is the next President of the club met me for dinner. It was nice to sit and chat for a while with someone else besides Barry! Girl talk is fun for a change! I sometimes miss that.

Not much on the list to do today. Sleep late, pick up some snacks at Wally World and just try not to get rained on!

Hugs and Love,


Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoy your friends and family for Easter! My MOJO made a brief appearance on Sunday and I get 4, yes 4 whole cards made! This fun little artist was just one of them! She new from MFT. All the paper is digi scraps found on my desk. I had printed out a different paper, but thought these colors went better with the look I was going for. Image is colored with Copic markers.

Evan said he had a great time in Houston meeting Mandy's parents. The dogs got on well enough. Coco wasn't too big a pain. She slept in the car both ways. Her dad showed Evan his gun collection! Oh Lord, rednecks!!! I'm sure they're nice, but maybe he was trying to tell my son something!

Don't know what today will bring. I take each day, each hour one at a time these days. Have a great day and hurry back!



Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Dream---Alive or Dead?

I've noticed that there is a lot of talk out in TV land about the American Dream these days. Is it alive, is it dead. What do you think? For us, it's not good. We've lost so much lately. We lost our home, our life savings, even our health has suffered, so being in your sixty's and looking for the American Dream to come again is very hard. Today I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. Even the "happy" pills the doctor put me on aren't kicking in. Nothing is selling in my Etsy store, I can't find a job, and Barry still can't get full time work. It's just one-of-those days when I really feel like just laying in bed all day, but know I can't. Barry was suppose to go to the doctor's for his check up today at the VA, but they called to cancel due to the doctor being ill. I think I was just looking foward to a few hours to myself. So much for that. I do have to cook and make the brisket for dinner. Larry and his family will be having dinner with us. We're picking up Madelyn after school and that's always a nice, but I still wish I didn't have anything to do. My mind still doesn't want to get in gear to make cards. I have so many examples of cards in my "saved" files, but nothing seems to get my MOJO going for long. I just have to try harder!
Do you like the card I'm showing today? It's one of the new digital stamps from Zlatoena store. They are all so cute! I think my FIL will love this one. He used to fly a plane. All the paper is digi as well.
Well, that's my story today. Sorry is I bored you. I'm feeling a sorry for myself and needed a pity party!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dinner Was So Good!

It all came together and dinner went off without a hitch! Evan and Mandy showed up and we enjoy the company and the food! It was so nice with a small dinner party. Usually we have the whole gang, and then I'm left doing not only the cooking and cleaning, but the clean up. I still did the cooking and cleaning, and yes, the clean up, but it was so much easier with just four of us. Barry helped clean off the table after every course, and I got all but the two pots done! They are waiting in the sink for me now! Larry and his family are coming over on Wednesday night for dinner. It's still Passover, so we'll do it again for them. I'll be making brisket this time. I have soup saved for dinner, so I'll be all set. Like the card? I do, even if Barry doesn't really care for it. It's soft and sweet. I saw this layout somewhere in internet land, and loved it. Of course I had to change it up a bit, but it's a case to be sure. So thank you if I've cased your card. I used digi paper and a Verve stamp for this creation. I usually do bold and bright, but I like the change. That's about it for now. I'm off to do something, anything! Hugs, P

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Passover

The soup is all cooked and so is the chopped liver. The house smells wonderful. Just like the holiday's should! I cooked and cleaned, and then shopped some more yesterday all for today's meal. Ok, so we cheated and had it last night for dinner, but it was because I didn't want to take a chance that the food won't taste right for tonight! I won't want to make Evan or Mandy sick, now would I? Our new apartment is kinda small and our dinning room doesn't hold many people so I've limited dinner tonight to Evan and Mandy. Small but just right. I'm going to put the roast up in a little bit and then dinner will be complete. I have to cut up the watermelon and I've made brownies, so we are set!

Now that I've made your mouth water with all my yummy food, you can enjoy the card. I used the same image as I did on the last card I posted, but it's a different size, so that counts as different in my book! This paper is another digi set of papers called Cherry Blossoms. Love it. So perfect for Spring. The image is Sassy Cheryls.

Well, I guess my day has got to start now. I hear the beast getting up, so off I go. Happy Passover over to all my friends and family that celebrate. I wish I was with the bigger family tonight, but I'll settle for what I have!



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flowers For Mom

Isn't she pretty, isn't she wonderful? Ok, so don't answer that unless you really feel you need to! I think she's fun and since it's time to start on Mother's Day cards,she's the first this season! All digi and digi paper. Love it! The image is from Sassy Cheryl's store. I love those shoes! Check out her images. They are so darling!

Tonight starts the playoffs for the basketball season and my Mav's on right in there! Can't wait! I just got back from Tom Thumb and bought way too much food. You should never shop went you tummy is speaking to you! Oh well, I did buy some food to make for Monday night. It's the start of Passover. I invited Evan and his gal, Mandy. It seems he getting pretty serious. He's going home down to Houston to meet her parents Easter weekend. I'm happy for him. He's a great guy and a good one! I think I'll cook tomorrow. I love the way the house smells for the holidays. Chicken soup, chopped liver, and if I find a brisket, then brisket. Now to find the dining room table! I know it's there, just have to clear it off!

Well, that's it for today and the weekend. Have a great day!



Friday, April 15, 2011

TGIF! And Then Some!

Yes, yes it's finally Friday. The day I've been waiting for all week. Barry is getting blood work done for his check up next week and then he's off to work at the back up Assisted Living place for the rest of the day! Oh Happy Days! I'm picking up my friend Denise for lunch at 11. We're really just coming back to my new apartment and having sandwiches, but it's nice to have a bit of girlfriend time without Barry around! I love him dearly, but enough "us" time already!

We're still getting the apartment in order. We have a few boxes still left, but at this time, no where to put the things inside the boxes! I still have to get my own things in order. Where oh where to put it all!

Today's card is using a digi image from Whimsie Doodles that I had from last year. I still enjoy this sweet little girl. She's even wearing her sweet little digi paper dress!

Have a great day and enjoy the weather!



Saturday, April 9, 2011

Still Unpacking!

Isn't that the worst part of moving? I really didn't mind the move so much. It's fun to start off in a new place with clean bathroom, clean carpet, and clean kitchen tops! But it's the unpacking that is the killer! We've been in the apartment one month and I still have boxes to finish up. I was sick and hurt for half that time, but really, do anybody need as much crafting stuff as I packed to move into the apartment! I have gotten rid of so much since we moved and still there is more, and more, and more! It's never ending! I only have two more boxes to unpack, then I have to find places for all the stuff and the bottom of my desk. I saw it the week before last and it looked so good!

Tonight I'm sharing a few cards I made a while ago. Some really pretty ones are still in my Etsy store, and I've added some fine older SU stamp sets. Take a look around. You just might need something!

That's it for now. I'm off to the shower. Unpacking is smelly business!



Friday, April 8, 2011

Bargains, Bargains, and More Stamps Then I Know Where To Put Them!

Bargains, I tell ya, bargains! I'm trying to unload the boxes and now see the need to part with some of my treasures! It's so hard to chose. I might as well just shut my eyes and reach in and grab any old set. I love them all, but with limited space, and lets face it, very limited money, I need to clean out the stash! So these two are just a few of the newest additions to my Etsy store. I have hundreds of lose stamps and need to figure out a way to bundle them up to sell as well. It's a huge collection over many years. Any ideas? All help is welcome!

Today is tax day. Oh well, rain must fall sometime, but I'm not really ready for it. I did get renters insurance yesterday, so another thing was ticked off Barry's list of "stuff" for me to do. It's a list he's made, but mine to do! Is that a "man" thing or what! At least I had peace for the last two days with him working at his new "back-up" part time job! She's asked him to work again next Friday, but he has a doctor's appointment, but with VA, so we'll have to see if they are closed down or not!

Well, I'm off to my coffee. It's calling my name! Check out the added stamp sets if you're interested.



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maybe You Wonder....

Were I was! It's been a long week for me. Never, ever mix going downhill, mud, and me in the same sentence! Needless to say, I fell and hurt my knee! That was last Friday and I've been laid up ever since. It's just now starting to feel better, but darn it hurt! I really twisted the left knee and that was after I broke my baby toe the week before! I also started on some new medicine for my blood pressure and as the doctor put it "going over the edge" pills, but I seem to be having a strange reaction to one of them. I feel as if I could drive into the ice box and stay there! After I do anything, I get so warm, I feel like I could die! I hope all of this passes soon and things get better. Barry is working today and tomorrow and the new part time job, so that's nice. I sold an older set of SU stamps and that was a good thing, and I emptied a box, so I'm having a pretty good time! Sorry nothing new to show today. I haven't really worked on cards in some time, but hopefully I'll get back to it soon. I'm enjoying the break right now and hopefully that will make it all the sweeter when I do get back to stamping! Hugs, P