Sunday, December 30, 2012

End Of Year Thoughts!

I can't believe it's the end of the year already! Where did the time go? It seemed to fly right by and we as a family, packed so much goodness into this year that I have a million things to be thankful for!
First and the most wonderful is that Barry has passed 5 years of being Cancer free! I am so blessed and thankful for that. We celebrated our 42nd anniversary and with all the ups and downs of our lives, we are still together!
I am so thankful for having warm and loving sons! No mother could ask for better ones then I am blessed with. They have chosen well in their own life partners and we are very happy with this! I have the most beautiful grandchildren in the world---I think! Madelyn will be 10 on her next birthday and is the light of her Grandpa's eyes! Justin is well and working hard and I must say, growning up! My little bundle of fur Coco still gives me so much love and has wormed a special place in my heart!
We had a great, wonderful, special week of Evan's wedding! We had lots of family and our special friends come and help celebrate with us. I'd say we were truly blessed to share it with the one's we love! It was hard to be without those we lost that day because my Mom and Barry's parents were a big part of Evan's world for so long and they would have been so joyful to see their "little Evan"get married!
Our son Larry has a great new job where he is always on the go, but loves it! They will be going on the Disney cruise next month to celebrate their 13th anniversary!
I am still working at Market Street and enjoy it! Some days are better then others, but working at 63 and standing on your feet is never easy at any age! I just keep my eye on the goal. Paycheck in the bank very week! Barry is only working one part time job and enjoying it.
And the best new thing this year has been to say that we are going to be grandparents again! We'll be having a new Bloomer around July 4! Evan and Mandy wasted no time in starting a new family of Blooms and we are very happy about that!
Leave a note and all of us know the a little something special that happened in your world this year!
Thank you all for checking me out and sometimes leaving a little love!
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas this and Santa was very good to you! If not, there is always the after Christmas sales to be good to yourself! I'd love to get out there, but there is ice on the street and I don't drive in that stuff!
We had a great Christmas. Evan and Mandy came over and we had their Thanksgiving dinner that they missed when they came from their honeymoon. My girl Coco came for dinner too, and had her fill of turkey!
We had a wonderful present from the children. We will be grandparents again July 4! Isn't that the best gift ever? I'd love a nice little boy and that's what they would like too, but we'll be happy to spoil another girl! They haven't told anyone besides her family and us, so remember to keep it under your hat!
I'm off to do something in my craft room. I've been trying to clean up a little, but it was so little that Barry didn't even notice!
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Down, But Not Out!

Who knows how, but I hurt my back last week, and it's kept me down a bit this week! I pinched a nerve but the doctor gave me some good med's and I'm not in as much pain as I was! I did manage to make a few cards this weekend and this is one. I love using bingo cards and have a huge amount of digi ones in my stash. I used a nice new set of digi papers from my favorite seller on etsy and a cupcake image I found on pinterest. I love how the card turned out!
Barry got  his Hanukkah present last week too. He finally got a brand new car! We have truly come a long way back from a year or so ago! It's a very pretty Buick. We leased it so the payments would be low, and it's for 39 months, so it gives us a nice new car for a long time. After that we'll see what happens. His car was 10 years old and have over 140,000 miles! He takes good car of his cars!
I really want to thank everyone one of my friends who reads my blog and has given my strength in the past to move forward. Blessing for this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Check This Out!

Yea, for a Wednesday it's not too bad! I got my nails done yesterday and I was dying to have Minnie Mouse to share my life---so here she is!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday!

As far as Monday's go, this one is good--so far! I'm off work and that's always a good thing! I have nothing on the list of "to do's" that really needs to get done, and Barry is also off work!
This is a set of cards I made for a friend who asked for 12. but will be happy to get a gift of 4! She is the wife of a friend of Barry's and can be a pain at times, but I know she means well, so I thought I'd surprise her with this set when we have our Lions Club holiday party on Thursday. I used some new digi papers and an a wonderful image, along with a HA stamp. I love how they were so simple but look so nice!
We had our dinner with the kids on Saturday night and I must say it was wonderful! Only problem we had was the gift cards for the kids didn't make it in time, but we gave them IOU letters, and I couldn't get them to go home! By the time 9:30 came around, all I wanted to do was go and get into bed, but the gang was having a ball all together! Talk about the things that make a Mom happy, that was one of them! I got wonderful gifts for Hanukkah this year. Larry and family gave me a gift card for the nail place. Evan gave me a wonderful package of goodies from Bah and Beauty Works. Madelyn gave me a new necklace that is a Star of David! See how blessed I was! Barry lots of gift cards and a game from Madelyn.
Well, I'm off to go and do something! Take care and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Holiday!

With this crazy time of year, please take a moment and thank the Lord for our blessing! Some years they are more, and some years they are less, but as long as we are breathing, we are blessed!
Tonight we light the first candle with our sons, their wives, and our grandchild Madelyn, and I will count them all as my very own blessing.
Happy Hanukkah to all my family!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Monday!

It's 80 in Dallas today and it hardly seems like the holiday weather, but for Texas, it can be! We're enjoying a warmer day or two right now, but in Texas, we have a saying. "Wait a minute or two, and the weather will change"! Tomorrow, it's changing again! It was beautiful over the weekend and we enjoyed the tree lighting at one of the local parks with all my children. It was so nice to spend time with them and just have fun! After the tree was lite, they had a wonderful fireworks show. Madelyn enjoyed spending time with her Uncle Evan and I think he enjoyed it as much!
Yesterday I got to spend some time in my office playing with paper! It's something I love about Sundays. Barry works, and I get the whole day to myself! This sweet card was one of many I created. It's a digi image, but I've had the little verse stamp for years. Barry is in the Lion's Club, so my house has many lions in it! I also made a set of Christmas cards for Madelyn's silent auction at her PTA due next week. I think they should get a pretty penny for the school!
I'm off today and tomorrow, but I'm picking Madelyn up after school the next few days. It will be nice to spend a little extra time with her. She has dance on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, but at least Grandma can enjoy her some!
I got a new printer on Saturday. I was printing along just fine on Friday while Barry was at work, but then it died! Like DEAD! We went to Best Buy and Barry hooked up on and I'm so happy with the new wireless one!
Well, I guess that's it for now. Have a wonderful week!