Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh Goody, The New Week Starts!

Tilda is thinking of breaking out with a song, something like Blue Bird of Happiness. Sounds like a great idea! This darling little gal will be traveling tomorrow to WY. Winging her way to Pat. I love using up all the tiny little pieces of Basic Grey I've saved. Who wants to get rid of what may turn out to be the "perfect" piece of scrap? Not I!
We've had a busy few days. On Friday I went to CCA for help. It was way past time, but I finally got a meeting and they signed us up for some aid. First they are paying our electric bill. That in it self is a blessing, but there is more. Barry is going to get some help from the health clinic tomorrow and they're going to see about getting his Med's taken care of. There is a few more wonderful thing. They are giving us a trip to their pantry every week until Jan. Then we're hoping to be back on our feet. We went yesterday. They don't have a large selection of food, but every bit helps. I'm now going into the can veggie business! We got Tuna, soup, hamburger meat and even a chicken. I go back on Thursday again for my regular time and I'm hoping they have a different selection. The woman I spoke with gave me a number to call about jobs for "over 55". Imagine that! Someone that really wants to speak with someone who is "more mature"! In addition to all those things, I did a second proof reading and made a little more money with that. I take each thing as a sign of good things to come! We are so broke and all these things that happen seem to be getting us to a better place.
I'm off to finish up another Halloween card. I've been busy and made a few today. They'll be posted tomorrow in my ebay store, so check them out if you dare tomorrow!
Hugs and stay dry and warm!

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  1. Paula, I'm so glad you are able to get some help. We all pay in taxes so when we need help, that's what it's there for. Love your card too...beautiful as always! ~~Pam