Monday, November 2, 2009

Hubster's Birthday!

Barry is finally MUCH older then me! Ok, he's always been MUCH older then me, but today he's another year closer to Medicare! One more year to go, while I have MANY more years to go! The kids took us out for dinner last night to a wonderful local Asian restaurant we like to go to . We had both grandchildren and even Justin's girlfriend Morgan joined us. It was such a nice way to spend an evening! Today Barry went off to school and tonight I think he's going to a Lion's Club meeting in the next town over, where we used to live.
Not much new with me. I did shop a little on ebay for some new holiday BG papers. Evan gave me an ebay gift certificate for my birthday and I thought I'd spend some of it. I can't wait to have new paper! I've been digging down in the stash and found this plaid paper I used on the top of the Purdy Stamps Snowman. I like to use pinks and blue's for the holidays. The little sign is from a Gina K set from last year. The presents are SU.
You know I sell on ebay lots of cards and I have a question. If I use a SU set of stamps, I always put that in the title or if I use just SU paper, I put that in the title. I had a lady last night ask me how I could say "Stampin UP" if I didn't have "everything" SU? I will admit it, I was a little rude in my answer. I just don't get how people think they are the world's police for SU! Am I right in thinking this is not the type of thing people should care about? With all the world's problems out there, is it really important to say "sorta SU"?
Well, I'm off to try and create. My "create" button is slow to raise this morning. I have so many cards on ebay store right now and would love to sell them all today, so if you'd like a really nice card at a really good price, please check them out! I put cards on almost everyday so they'll will always be something new to see!
Have a wonderful day and Hugs to all!

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