Friday, October 16, 2009

Anyone Out There?

It's finally the end of the work week---if only I had a job to come home from! I keep sending in my resumes to companies and nothing. NO big surprise. There doesn't seem to be a lot of jobs out there where they really want to pay for somebody nearly 60 who is a warm loving grandma and can make cards at the same time. I think I'm worth it, but I might be a bit pricey for a company to hire!
Like the card? I was checking out my holiday stamps and ran across this cute bear from Close To My Heart. Who knows how old this is. It's still mounted on wood! I know I bought it off ebay many years ago, but still like it. The paper is from the new BG holiday line. When I went with Madelyn on Monday they had some of the sheets. I prefer the 6x6 size for card making, but they didn't have them in yet. What are they waiting for? Oh well, I don't have the gas money to make a return trip any time soon, so I'll make do with what I got.
Yesterday was pantry day at the CCA for me. It's fun to see what they will have each week. I have enough can goods after going for the third time to last all winter. I got Stove Top this week and even some Halloween candy! It really is a blessing for us. I haven' t been to Walmart all week in need of anything. Our shelves are stocked and our freezer has food. That as Martha says is a "good thing"!
Barry also got some good news on the Medical front this week. He was accepted in the VA system for his medical needs! Talk about a real lift in your life. His medicine's are very costly that he takes every month and the bags he needs to have are about $100 each month, so we are very hopeful about the VA. He goes on October 27. Now to find help for me. I really need to see a doctor for just a general check-up. One step at a time.
That's it folks. Have a great weekend. It's suppose to be sunny and cool there. They are calling for the rain to hold off until next week, so things are looking good!
Hugs and Love to all!

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  1. Paula - You're so on top of it - all these Xmas cards! Gorgeous, as always. Mixing papers is definitely your signature.