Friday, October 9, 2009

Slow Down, You Move To Fast

I hope those words will start singing in your mine. I know they do it for me! Today I'm showing off another holiday card I've made using some more stashed BG papers from last year. Oh, if you only knew how many of these darling little 6x6 pads I bought last year! I did get carried away I guess, but since I had so much leftover, it worked out just perfect for this year. This SU set is old, but I still like to dig it out and use. It's one I think about maybe selling, but NO, I think I'll keep it.
Let's see, what's up with us? Nothing new really. It's going to be cold today and wet today. I don't mind because I'm staying in the house today and staying nice and warm. Barry went to school and believe it or not, he's feeling really good about how school is going this week. That makes me feel so good too. Tomorrow Barry has a Lion's thing to do. It's a program called Challenge Air. It's not a Lion's program, but they help out. Children with special needs and their families are given plane rides in small private planes. This program is given around the country and if you know of a family or you have a young person with special needs, check them out online. Other then that, I think I want to go to the $ movie. G-Force and Ice Age III are playing. I told Madelyn we would take her to see them and as good Grandparents, we will do just that!
If it's cold in your town, what are you making this weekend to eat that's good and "stay warm" type of food? Chili always sounds good to me, but so does hot chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
Stay warm and dry!

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