Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Whimsie Good Bye Blog Hop

It's sad to say but this is the last posting for my term as a DT member for Whimsie Doodles. I've enjoyed each and every month, but as with most things in life, when one door closes, another opens. So today is my last day with WD, but tomorrow will start a new day with another DT team. More on that tomorrow. Today is the day to celebrate SUMMER and all it's goodness! Since this is the last blog hop from this team of gals, Melyssa is have a special treat! Below is the blogs to visit.

Today my post is brought to you by the letter...E!

When you gather all the letters it will give you the discount code for 50% off of the Sentiment-edibles set!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Fun card? Why yes it is! I found this fun freebie over the weekend, but I forgot to bookmark the site and now I don't have a clue as to where it came from. If you know, please let me know. I'd be happy to give credit where credit is due for the image! I found this paper that I bought several years ago in my stash and knew it would be perfect. A little lace and a scrap of red gingham ribbon and it's a card!
The creative side of my brain has hit the wall the last couple of days. I can't seem to find it. I've printed off so many images from the computer and all I can do is look at them. I have idea's in my head, but it seems like when I try to put them to paper, BIG blank! Hopefully it's a short term thing. I really need to work and sell some cards in my ebay store. It seems that's all I live for anymore. Create and sell. Sell and eat. And then do it all over again!
A friend of mine's hubby got a job! Big Yea on that one. He'd been out of work for some time too, and finally got an offer that they could live with. I pray it works out for them. It does give hope to the job search for Barry. He had a phone call and sent out several resumes yesterday. More then the week before, but everytime I think that something will happen, we don't hear a thing! Even his part-time job is on hold. She said she'd call when she knew something. He was suppose to start training yesterday and work over the holiday weekend. I sometimes feel the weight of the world is on my back! Today is one of those days. And I'm out of coffee! If I buy coffee, then I'm that much shorter for food. Today is one of those pity party days for me. It doesn't help that the weather is cloudy. WOW, I really have to stop feeling sorry for myself, don't I!
Well, I better head out to pay the water bill. If it's not paid today, then we don't have service tomorrow. I think washing is over rated anyway!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Does this card put you in the mood for sand, sun, and tropical nights? If the answer is YES, then come back on Thursday and you'll be singing Aloha! This is a peek into one of the many new sets that are being released on July 1 from Deedee's Digis! You'll be able to see so many new cards and projects at the Crafter's Digital Art Center where there will be a drop in and meet us all!
The cards shown in the post below plus 25 or so of their best friends are for sale still in my ebay store, so if you'd like a bargain, hurry on over and check them out!
Nothing much new in the Zoo. We're still taking one day at a time. Barry has his test, again, this week and hopefully will be in a take charge mood about the test instead of it taking charge of him! We still haven't heard back from the doctor about all the extra tests he took on his liver, so we're hoping no news is ok news! As Mother always says "we'll see"!
I'm off to really get some housework done today. I would love to create some more cards. It's something I really enjoy doing, but with 30 or so still for sale and not selling, I think I'll wait a little and get the house cleaner then it is! Maybe even find the floor under my desk. Now that would be a treat!
Have a great day and come back soon to visit!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Bargin To Be Had!

$6.00 for 3 cards plus 2.50 shipping

$8.00 for 4 cards plus shipping of 2.50

I'm trying to clean out some of the cards I've made that have been hanging around my desk and instead of putting these in my ebay store, I thought I'd ask if anyone would like to buy them. They are all blank instead, but very pretty on the outside. I've marked them down to an almost
"give away price" so just email me at if you're interested and I'll send you a paypal invoice! Thanks for taking a look.
Today I'm so busy working on projects that NEED to get done, but come back tomorrow and I'll have a peek at what's coming this week! LOTS of fun things on Wednesday from Whimsie Doodles and Thur from Deedee Digis!
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Freebie Image

You've got to agree, free is good, and when you get something very good when it's free, it's the best! This little verse was from Deedee's Digis last week. It's so simple and elegant. What's not to love! Starting on Monday I'll be showing a sneak peek or two before the July 1 release of the new images and the start of our new Design Team! Can't wait! Speaking of peeks, come back on Wednesday and join the Whimsie Doodle group in our last DT blog hop! You'll see some really, really cute images. I've made a fun set of cards to show off! So mark it on your calendar!
I don't know who had the best time last night, Barry or Madelyn. He took her to a magic show that is supported by the Lion's Club. It's a fundraiser, but a blast for the kids. She got to go on stage as the first helper. I stayed home, but got a blow-by-blow of how it went! I'm happy for them both!
Today is a working day for me. I'm trying to get some cards done for DT and to sell in my ebay store. Most of the cards are just sitting here and looking pretty. I hope they find a new home soon. My box of unsold cards is getting bigger. I do have a lot to add for next week, but I thought I'd take some tonight to the Lion's cook out and see if I can sell any there. I took some last year, but all they did was say how pretty they were!
That's it for the Bloom Zoo today. Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Can you believe it's Friday already? I keep thinking yesterday was Friday. I was ready for it to be. Were you? I did get a lot done yesterday with crafting. I made lots of new cards for DT work. Now I think my MOJO is celebrating in another state, cause it's left me today! It's quick to take a break! This card was made several weeks ago using a fun Heather Ellis image. I wish she'd make new one's every week! They are so sweet!
Again, not much new in our little world. Still trying to keep a roof over our heads, and food on the table. It's a struggle every day. It's one I'm almost ready to give up, but something always pull me back from the edge. I hope that something comes along again! Madelyn is coming to visit this afternoon. We have to pick her up at her summer program after 3. She's going to the Magic Show with her Grandpa tonight. He's wanting me to come. I have put my foot down and said NO! I'm not much into magic and I'm looking forward to date night with the TV and what I want to watch!
Tomorrow night we have the installation dinner for Barry's Lion's Club. It's going to be at one of the members home's. A steak cook-out. We have to bring one veggie and one dessert. I can do that as long as I don't have to clean or cook! Don't know what I'm bringing yet. I'm a little bummed this morning. I'm out of coffee. I need to get dressed and head to Wally World. Need coffee!
Thanks for stopping by! Come again soon,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Morning Sunshine!

More cards on sale in my ebay store! I really need to clear out the stuff and make room for new things. Yes, some are fairly new, but they don't seem to be selling right now, so I thought I'd put them out their in a special package for the man in your life! Do you think they'll sell?
So what's new with you? Not much in the Bloom Zoo is new. Barry starts his training for the job on Monday afternoon. He's got to learn who to watch so they don't wander away from the home. He's just really going to be sitting for the 4 hours each time at the front desk, but just case they need him for anything else, he's got to know what to do. It was so hot yesterday that after we went and did some errands in the afternoon, I was wiped out for the night by 8! 102 is not fun!
Today Barry is at school and then he's going to a job fair. There is never anything worth the time, but at least he's still trying. I MUST find my MOJO. I haven't made a card in several days. I have so many new fun images to work with, but I'm just not finding the JO! It better be out there somewhere!
Well, have a good day. Sorry my post is a bunch of nothing today, better come back tomorrow to see what I have new!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Finally a bit of good news. Barry was able to get a part-time job yesterday. It's only for 8 hrs a week at the Assisted Living Home near us, but it's a start in the right direction! He'll be working 4 hrs on Sat and 4 on Sun. I'm really hoping it helps him feel better about himself. He's so down about finding a real IT job and finishing up school now, that anything will be a help to him! I think he'll feel better too when he's making a bit of money instead of it all being on me. Speaking of me, I've listed these cards in group in my ebay store. I thought it might help to sell them in packs. They've been listed at dirt cheap. I need to raise some money by Friday to pay some bills that are due. You know, like my electric and water! I wish it were Christmas time so people would be in need of cards, but you work with what you have and it's a hot June week!
Today I'll be glued to the TV for the morning to watch the US team play "football"! They need to win!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I need to work on some cards for the new design team. Creating is such fun!
That's it for now. Have a great day!

PCP Whimsie Doodle Wednesday Challenge

Hi it's Paula here and today it's my turn to host this weeks challenge!! Our challenge for you today is HOT SUMMER NIGHTS! My card is made using a fun, fun image that can be found at the Whimsie Doodles website! Hop on over to the PCP pages and play along with us!
Come and celebrate with us the Good Ole Summertime!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's A Good Day To Hang In There!

Deedee has created another fun set of images with this one! Bears are so much fun and this little guy is just perfect! Check out the link cause she's got a freebie you can try out! Please notice the ribbon. I found this last week at Hobby Lobby. I took Madelyn there on one of our "craft" outings. The ribbon was on 1/2 sale and I got 3 colors. It's so nice in person. The center feels like suede and I love the ruffles on the edges. I got yellow, green, and red, so you'll be seeing it a lot!Barry has an interview this afternoon for a part-time job at the assisted living place where our friend lives. Brain wasn't even expected to make it past January, but he has beaten the odds and is doing well. So well in fact, that he now is working where he lives! He's only in his mid 60's and used to being active. He's doing a lot of the planning for actives at the place. It's good for him. They were looking for someone to be at the front desk on Sat and Sun from 4-8 and he thought of Barry. Barry is interviewing today at 3. I know it's not a whole lot, but it's a start and I think Barry will feel a whole lot better with a job. Something to look forward to and build upon. I think he needs to feel like he's doing something to help out at home! Please keep him in your prayers for another day!Today is the wash. I was going to do it yesterday, but when I went into the laundry room, I found I didn't have enough stuff to finish all the wash, so why start! I just put up the first load. How can only two people have that much dirty clothes? I know it's hot down here, but really, wouldn't staying in PJ's everyday help? I need to work on some cards and upload for tomorrow. My last assignment with Whimsie Doodles. I can't believe six months has come and gone. WOW! Come back tomorrow and check it out!


I've added some cards to my ebay store that are on sale and a great buy if you're interested in stocking up instead of creating yourself!

Have a great day and stay cool!



Monday, June 21, 2010

M Could Be For Mickey, Too!

I'm just showing off my new chipboard album I made this weekend. Can you tell we love Mickey or for that matter, anything that has to do with Disney! If you click on the picture, you can see the full size. It was made using some fun papers I found at J's and of course my Spellbinders. What did we do before those can out? This little album is a bit bigger than the last one's I made. It's about 4x4.

So how was your Father's Day? We had a very nice afternoon. We went to Evan's house for lunch. He grilled and we ate. What a combination! It was nice because Larry, Tina, and Madelyn were there too. Justin has to work so he didn't make it, but he got the leftovers! The kids gave Barry gift cards for Red Lobster. Something he really enjoys.

Today I had to go have blood drawn for the medical study I'm doing. It won't be bad except that it's across town. I don't have to go for another 2 weeks, so that will be better! I need to do some wash, and a tiny bit of cleaning (ha, ha) and work in some DT projects. I can't believe I only have one project left to do for Whimsie Doodles! Then my six months will be ending! It's been such fun to work with all of the wonderful ladies on the team and I have learned so much. I will miss them all, but will continue to be a follower!

Have a wonderful day!



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Everyone!

This is the card I sent to my FIL. He's doing ok, but he's lonely. After living my Annette for 65 years, he's used to having someone in the house. We would love for him to come and live with us, but he wants to stay in the DC area, so he has now decided to give up the apartment and apply to a wonderful assisted living place. We really are thrilled for him. They'll cook and clean, and give him things to do. Last night we saw our friend Brian who lives in an assisted living home near us. We picked him up to go to a Lion's thing. A new club was formed and we went to support them. Brain's place is nice, clean and really full of life. I only hope that Sid will be as happy as Brain is!Today we're headed over to Evan's home for Father's Day lunch. He's cooking out on the grill. Both my boys are really good cooks. I don't allow Barry into the kitchen to cook. He really is lacking in those skills in life. Once I let him cook the eggs, and thought I'd go into salt shock! He added a bit much! Other then that, our day will be a nice lazy one. I have plans to work on cards for the ebay store. I'm getting low on them, thank goodness, and they need to refreshed. I think I'll mark down some so I can clear a few out. I'd love to sell them for what they're worth, but it appears I have buyers who think I'm charging enough! Selling in the summer is always hard, but I'll keep at it until I've sold every last card I can make!
Have a fun day with your loved ones, and don't forget to say a prayer for all who need them!

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Offical Now!

Starting July 1 I'll be a part of a brand new design team call Deedee Digis! I've already added the link to her site, so please check it out! The owner Deedee is a wonderfully talented woman and it's an honor to be part of this team. Speaking of teams, until June 30 Whimsie Doodles is still my home! Our six months will be up soon and it's hard to believe its gone by so fast. I've loved every minute of working with Melyssa and all the women on our DT. I hope these friends I've made with be friends for a very long time. They've been my friend and rock when I've been in the dark, and for that along I would be grateful, but they've been much more. I can't tell you how much I've grown as a crafter in just designing with them! While we'll each go our own ways, I thank them for the time I was a part of the team!
The card I'm showing today was made using one of Deedee's digital. My neighbor's daughter graduated last week from our local high school. The colors are black and red, so I thought I'd carry those over to the card. I really like the way it turned out!
Yesterday we had Madelyn all day. She's a dream child. No problems. She crafted in the morning, then we went to Hobby Lobby, and in the afternoon to the pool. We have a great community pool. We even made Grandpa come along with us. He wanted to stay home and feel sorry for himself, but that wasn't happening on my watch! He enjoyed himself when he got to the pool. We're all a little red today, but in a nice way! Today Madelyn is already here. Next week starts her summer program so we have to make the most of our time together. This afternoon is movie day.
That's about it for us. We're off to play! Have a wonderful time today and hurry back!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How Sweet You ARe

To have asked about Barry's day! He didn't pass his test. It really shocked him. He studied and studied and still he did worse then the first time he took it. I know it's hard, but the test itself is a killer. The thing that kills me if that he knows his stuff, but seems to have a hard time with the tests themselves. It took him 3 times to pass the last certification, so I guess the third time will have to be the charm on this test too! He'll sign up again tomorrow and then have to wait 2 weeks to take it again! The job interview was pretty much a waste of his 5 minutes! He went and the man spoke to him less then 10 minutes. He told him VERY briefly about the job and said they would email him a test to take and if he passed that they would then talk again! It's 10 at night and he still hasn't gotten the email, and they want it by Friday! Fun day, ya!
The card today is from a Whimsie Doodles red rubber set. I know, it's too cute for words, but try anyway! I love how it turned out. I thought it needed a little pop, so I stamped two "cookies" out and popped one up! A little bling and it's a darling card!
Madelyn will be here tomorrow bright and early. 7 ish her father said. I think she's coming on Friday too. I love her dearly, but I really need to work this week. I don't know why I say that. I haven't sold one card all week and I've got some really, really cute ones. I'm hoping my work is still ok, and it's just the time of the year! It's got to be something.
Well, I'm off to bed. My day will start early. Again thanks for your prayers for Barry. I know we'll get through this too. Tomorrow he has an ulta sound to see what's up with his liver. Who know!

Is This A Face To Love or What?

You know you want to say yes-so say it! She looks like my son's puppy Coco, who is the second love of our lives girl (after Madelyn, of course)! The puppy is from Deedee's Digital. She really has some fun stuff at her site. The verse is something I found while surfing the blogs the other day. If only I had bookmarked the site, I would have been happy to share it with you! The owner of the site goes freebie Sunday's and has wonderful free verses very Sunday to share! The paper is from BG.
Hey Cris, be sure to email me your address so I can mail out your package of goodies! You've won!
Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts. I know I get lots of visitors coming every day, but I think like most of us, they stop at the picture and that's it, so I'm happy that friends are reading up on what's happening in the Bloom Zoo!
Today is going to be a long one! Barry went off to school today so he can get his last minute studying in. At 1 he's got his MS Certification exam! So much rides on this. Yesterday he got a call from a company that saw his resume online and wants to talk to him. He has that interview at 4! It's a consulting company where he would have to have his certification, so everything part of my body that can be crossed is! I know it's not the end of the world if it turns out to only be an interview, but.... It's a good start and that's how we've got to look at it!
I think I'm doing some of my best work right now in designing cards, but nothing is selling. I don't know if it's the time of the year, the economy, or all of the above. It's Wednesday and I haven't sold one darn card this week. On top of that I had to issue a refund (large) for mail that never reached the person I sold it to. The package hasn't come back to me either and now I'm on the down side! I have a nice box of 30 or so cards just sitting on my desk waiting to be sold! Oh well, as they say, this too will pass!
I'm off to do something now. I'll most likely make some more cards. I look at it as a cheap way to lose myself for the day!
Say a prayer or two for us and a friend who's husband is also interviewing for a job! These are fine men who need a break in life! They work hard, do the right things, and now just need the hand up!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Dreams At Planted Deep, Now I'm Waiting!

With a last name like Bloom, I have sooo many stamps that have the word in them. I have ribbon, and I have things that hang on the wall as well, but best of all I do like to see those dreams bloom wide open! That's what I'm waiting for now! This image is so sweet, and I like printing it over and over again. I know we all like free, and free is what you get when you go to Bugaboo on Friday's. I don't work for them. I just like the images! The paper is from from a fun pack from CC that I got at the LSS a few weeks ago. I won't be able to create anything unless I get my act together this morning and head out to Wally World. I'm out of white card stock! The shame of it all! I go there several times a week, but didn't notice I was almost out until yesterday. I was too lazy to get out there last night and go, but now it's a must! Barry gave me a list of other "needs" he has also! Nice guy! He needs more plain computer paper so he can print more resumes out to sit in his car! And the last thing on his list is 9V batteries. The smoke alarms were making noise at 4 AM! That's my day---what's up with yours? Leave me a comment and I'll have a random during for a pretty new card that hasn't been seen before and I'll add some surprise goodies inside the envelope!!! Guess you won't know this unless you read the whole post!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Trying To Find Joy...

In the little things, but the little things don't pay the rent, as the story goes! This card is so pretty IRL. I always love working with this small SU set. It never fails to make a sweet card! Now let it sell quickly and all of it's brother's and sisters as well that I have in my ebay store! I want them to all fly to new homes!
Today Barry has his blood work for the new liver tests. I have the blood work for the medical study I'm doing. NO fun either one! At least I get paid (or will, at the end) for my tests! I just have to go to the other side of town. I've become a hermit I think! I really enjoy just staying home and bonding with my dust bunnies! I think I need to get a life!
Tonight Barry has a Lion's meeting so I don't have to cook dinner and have a few more hours to myself to play. I'm busy working on some new cards to finish up my commitment to Whimsie Doodles before the end of the month. It's been a dream job working with them and all the wonderful designs.
Well, I'm off to start my day! Have a good one and hurry back!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

I don't need any sympathy cards now, but I have a customer who ordered these. If you need one of these cards, it's always nice to have a pretty one to send. One of the sets I'll hold onto for a long time is my SU Upsy Daisy flower set. It makes the prettiest cards with such ease. Another set is use for these type of cards is from SU as well. Being Jewish I always have a hard time with very religious cards, but the verses that come with this set are just nice things that anyone would be comfortable with.
We're spending another sleepy day home. We did go to What A Burger for breakfast. I like their food, but now it's time to get something done, but slowly!
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Whale Of A Day!

Sweet, yes? I love these little guys! This is a new digital image from Whimsie Doodles. You should check out the store. There are so many fun images to chose from. I can't believe I only have two more weeks designing for Melyssa, but I'll always be a fan! I have worked with great designers and have learned so much! I will miss them all, but know that I have made great new friends! I will be moving on, but I can't say to where just yet. You'll have to return to find that out!
Yesterday was such a fun day. We had Madelyn with us. We were at M's by 9, and then off to Wally World to stock up on food. She chose Magic In A Box for her present. I owned her a birthday gift. She got a trip to M's for that. She had a ball with the tricks and a willing helper in her Grandpa! They were so cute tricking together! We went to Jason's Deli for lunch. We gave her a choice of movies or home for the afternoon. She chose home for her and Grandpa. I got to create a little while they played. Today she and her Daddy are off to Washington to visit family. They'll stay with my FIL and see lots of cousins and an Aunt or two along the way! They are all going to love meeting her.
Today is Cup day. We've had it on since early morning and can't wait to see US play. I need to work on some special order stuff, but with an eye on the TV! That's it for us today.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Know, It's Early, But....

Madelyn's on her way to visit us for the day, and my day now starts way to early even for me! I can't wait to see her. So that's why I'm sharing this card so early. I made it yesterday using a brand new image from Heather Ellis. If you don't know who she is, she's the wonderful designer that created all the Pure Innocence girls for MFT. I love owning the stamps, but I'm just as happy having the digital images she does too! Notice the tiny cupcakes, they're from a $ set I've had for ages and ran across when looking for something else the other day. It was perfect because I knew where to find something! The paper is a new pad of CC. I don't know who makes the verse stamp, but I love using it! I keep tons of cards in my "love" files so I always can find a layout that I want to do. This layout from from a card I saw used. It's perfect, as is the card, even if I'm the only one to say so!
Barry's resume was turned in for the job he was told about at school. Now hopefully he'll hear something and maybe get an interview. Please say a prayer for that. It's really something we need to have happen!
Have a wonderful day and hurry back,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dandy Lion of A Day!

Because Barry is in the Lion's Club and he's been so active for 40 years, I have wonderful collection of lion stamps. Not that I use them often, but this week I felt the need! This stamp is from SU and the verse is Amuse. I stamped out 2 brown lions and 1 orangey one. I love to layer the mane on this stamp. The paper is CC. It's very, very cute in person!
Let's see, what's new. We picked Madelyn up after school yesterday. Her parents were suppose to work late, but it ended up her mom picked her up early. That was nice for her. We went to Sonic drive in for a treat and then home. Tomorrow she's coming to spend the whole day.
At school Barry is doing well. Next week is the big test. Toes and anything else will need to be crossed! The school told him about a job they were contacted about. He's interested. It just pays about 1/2 of what he used to make, but they want people fresh from school so they can train them how they want. Sounds good to us! Anything sounds good to us! Since I didn't win the lotto last night, job is next best thing!
Today it's dark and cloudy. I printed off some digi images to work. I really must do something today. Yesterday was a bust with work. I lost the MOJO somewhere. I hope it makes it back today! I did find a few pieces of pretty purple paper at the LSS. They are suppose to get some new MFT stamps in this weekend, but they think the one I want is on back order. They'll call if it comes in. Like I need another Pure Innocence girl!
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can You Guess Where I Want To BE?

Let's face it, nobody LOVES 100 degree weather, unless you're in the water and really, really, love sunscreen, but if I had to choose between cold and hot, hot would win every time! I'm a beach baby. I grew up going to Atlantic City every summer. Spending my summers there with family was just what we did. As a teen, Ocean City, MD was my home away from home, and living in FL was a dream come true. Now living in Dallas, not near a beach, it's a bummer. You can't replace ocean with lakes. NO WAY! I'm missing the feel of beach in my toes today. We're going to have rain for the next several days, so it's not even pool weather, but it's summer and summers should be spent at the beach! I feel better now that I've shared that with you! My card today was made using two sets of stamps. SU for the chair, birds, and sun, Lizzie Anne for the star fish and verse. I used glitter glue to give the beach a lift!
Not much new in the world of the Bloom's. Barry is busy studying for his last test in one week. I'm trying to create, but the MOJO seems to be on break. That happens a lot lately. I think it's the summer VC thing, but I'm trying to find it. We are babysitting Madelyn on Friday. She's off school for the summer then and was planning to spend the day with her Mother at work, but then thought spending it with us would be a heck of a lot more fun! A trip to M's, a stop at the $ store, lunch out, and finally a movie at the $ movie! Her grandparents will be in need of a nap after she goes home! This list is the things she asked to do, not my planning. The girl has needs!
Today I'm off to see if the LSS got anything new that I can't live without and off to Staples to see if I can find the coin envelopes without having to pay shipping. Big day!
Take care, have a wonderful day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

A New Bugaboo Freebie!

There is nothing sweeter then a new free thing. Weather that be stamps, ribbon, or digi images! Free is good! I got a little carried away with this image. I printed lots of them and made up several cards yesterday. This is one. Don't go and look for the others at my ebay store. They're gone---in a flash! My niece Sherry hopped on those before I even got them uploaded. I put one on Facebook, and that was all she needed to see! She has a little one and lots of niece's and nephew's to share with.
My day did finally get better. I got my gas, did a little cooking and finally got my nap in! Now I'm off to do a little coloring while I watch the Rangers game. It's only 103 on the field at the game. I'm glad I'm at home in my nice cool living room! Evan is headed to the game tomorrow night with friends. Lucky HIM! I'm waiting for World Cup to start. Can't wait to see it. I'm an early riser and the games start at 5:30 or 6 everyday! Much better then watching the news!
Have a great evening!

Sure Enough, It's Monday!

It's not like I overslept or anything, but it's Monday anyway! I had to be across town for this study I'm doing at 8:15. I get out to the car, and I forgot I needed gas. Next stop ATM. System down. Next stop, another ATM, system still down, so I drove across town to the study fearing I would run out of gas, but I made it. Stay my 2 hours there, and of course stopped at an guessed it...still down! I made it back to Wally World. Ran in to get a few things, took extra out when I paid with the ATM, and then got gas! I don't carry CC anymore, since I don't have a way to pay for them, so I was really getting worried, but it worked out. Now I'm home and ready for NAP TIME, but I'm guessing that's going to be a ways off. Projects need to be finished, little things like cleaning and washing are in need, so now I'm off to do that. But first I wanted to share this manly card I made with my classic truck set of stamps from SU. I found the piece of "denim" paper in my stash and without having to even cut it, it was the perfect size for this card. I really like how it turned out. Then I worked on some new images I got last Friday at Bugaboo. Love her Freebie Friday things. I'll have to take pictures and post them tomorrow.
That's it for me today. Maybe I'll visit later, but when Barry comes home from school, it's more of "him" time, then "me" time!
Love ya all!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Second Greatest Love

Yes, you could say after PAPER, I do love the smell of fresh coffee brewing! Right up there near that is when you open the fresh can of coffee. Can you tell what I drinking now? You guys are so smart! Today I'm sharing a card that was made using a Inky Antics stamps along with a verse stamp that I've had awhile, but keep forgetting about. I don't know who made the inside stamp, but I thought it fit the two gals having a "get together"! The paper is from BG. I hate the fact that there are only 2 of each piece of paper in a 6x6 pad. There should be more!!

Today was fun day. We laid around this morning doing nothing until about 10. Then a nice breakfast of eggs and onions on a bagel, then we went out to NorthPark Mall. Barry wanted to see the groups that would be there for a "service" day. There were all types of organization's there who help families with special needs children. One of the one's Barry works with sometimes was there and he saw several of his friends. I was able to check out the craft goodies at Paper Source. I didn't buy anything, but they sure have some beautiful Japanese papers. I could only wish!

Tomorrow we're going to Madelyn's dance recital at 1, so I'm writing tonight instead. I hope to work on some projects in the morning, but you never know how that will work out. Sleep may call instead. I will have some fun news coming soon about something new I'm going to be doing. I can't tell you yet. I won't be for a while, but I know you'll love all the things I'll be doing! See, now you'll have to come back.

Take care friends, and thanks for coming back to my ramblings!



Friday, June 4, 2010

New Release Day for Whimsie Doodles

Welcome! The first part of the month is always so fun when Whimsie Doodles get to show off all the brand new images! Today I'm showing Dottie In The Garden. She's just enjoying the summer time and playing with her friends, the ladybugs!

Check out some of the new images I've added and then go and see them all at Whimsie Doodles site. Please have a look at the other design team members blogs, which are listed on the right of this, and show them some love too!

Have a great weekend!



Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Happy Day, or Just Plain Thursday?

Cute card? I pulled out all the stops on this one---just kidding---but I did pull out a really old set of stamps from Lizzie Anne. The flower is from that. I was digging in a box in the garage to see what treasures I could find, and out popped two sets from several years ago. This flower is from one of those sets. I like the fact that it has lots of little stamps to go in the middle of the flower. I wish the set had a smaller flower, but you have to make do with what you've got! The verse is a much loved and much used SU set of stamps. The paper is BG and the ribbon is M's! It's a pretty bright card in IRL, but nice for this time of year!
Today is trash day. I only say that because half the time I forget to get the trash out until I hear the truck coming down the street. Where are the boys when you need them to take the trash out? Why is this job mine now? I can't figure that one out yet and it's been years! What I do want to know is, what's Barry's job!
I have to go to Wally World and buy some lunch meat. I've got coupons and I'm taking them with me. I get coupons all the time, but most are for things we don't use, but today I have luncheon meat ones. It's so much cheaper to eat at home, but not as much fun! I also have to work on DT stuff. Saturday is the newest and greatest digi images from Whimsie Doodles. Hop over there and check out the snippets of the new images and leave a comment. Prizes are being given away every day!
I need coffee now. It's early and I'm tired already. The hot Texas air will do that!
Love to all who enter!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Already?

It feels like I missed something this week. Do you fee like there is a day missing? With Barry being home on Monday, it makes the week short for me! Oh well, it's just one less day of making cards and it is a good thing today! Do you like my little Ladybug Girl? She's a Whimsie Doodles digi image. It is so easy to get hooked on these digi's. I know I've shown a card before that I used this image on, but she's too sweet not to make over and over again! Something is up with my camera and my pictures aren't coming out very clear, but the center of the flowers has lots of Copper glitter and they are so pretty IRL!
Yesterday was .50 day at the $ movies. I love Tuesday's! You can stop at the Dollar Tree and spend 2.00 for candy, and still have enough to see a movie. We (meaning I) chose Bounty Hunter. It was very cute, had lots of action, and Barry didn't fall asleep during it. So you could say it was worth the money! When we were in line buying our tickets (inside on week days) there was a group of people getting popcorn and drinks. The total was $30! That defeats the whole .50 thing!
The doctor called about the blood work Barry took last week. They need to do some more tests next week to see about his liver function's. I swear if I could get a good deal on a trade-in, I would. What is next with him???? Now I have to go and call VA to see what med's they told him yesterday to stop taking. You would think he'd have enough sense to write it down, but NO, he thought he'd remember! Now since he didn't, I have to call! Lucky me! Truly, I'm tired of taking care of Barry. Some days I wish I had the money Al & Tipper have, and chuck the whole thing! But I'm dreaming again---it's good to dream!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


That makes a good card? Do you ever wonder what it is that makes some cards stand out and others just fade into the night? I wonder about this all the time. Since I make them to sell, I want them to be wonderful all the time, but because of the economy and people not spending so much on things like handmade cards, I wonder what I can do to make my cards even better then I thing they are now! Both of these cards are made using some of the newest Basic Grey papers. They both have dreamy silk ribbon and both are made using digi images. Even my die cuts got a work out on these cards. So, I ask you, what's up with them that they are still sitting on my desk. When you make a card, do you ask yourself, self, is this a wonderful card? Is this the best I can do? Is this a card that I would love to get in the mail? If you have answered YES to all the above questions, you are a darn fine crafter! There has got to be a market for these finely made cards! Ebay and Etsy are fine, but I want somewhere else. Where is that somewhere? I am asking because I really don't know of any other places to sell except those two and without doing a craft show, I don't have a clue. It seems like the WWW is so big there should be a place where card makers show off their wares! Dreaming again, I know! I think if I wasn't always trying to sell my cards to make sure we have food on the table, I won't be so worried about if they sold or not, but I have been putting my whole heart and soul into these cards. I think I need to find a hobby!
Well I'm off to do something like making the house a better place to be today. I have enough cards made for now, but the house really needs a good cleaning. Not to even mention the kitchen floor. I want to know how only two people in the house make such a big mess??????
Have a wonderful day and hurry back.