Sunday, July 31, 2011

I hope everyone was wondering if I've fallen off the cliff, well, I'm hear to say, NO! I'm still hanging on by my fingernails, but hanging on just the same! The last few weeks have been long and hard for me. I guess you might say I had a mini break down. I just haven't been able to do much of anything, and certainly not anything creative. I am trying to climb out of the hole and get myself going little by little. Friday we went to the lawyer to file the papers for bankruptcy and believe me if you've been there, it's a very hard thing to endure. We still have a long way to go on that matter, but it was a start.

I did end the week with good things. I have lunch with Evan on Thursday and lunch with Larry on Friday. Tonight I'm headed over to Larry's for dinner, so I'd say that counts for so much more then anything else! Barry is working until 8. I'll be bringing him leftovers home for his supper!

I guess that's it for me today. Please keep coming back. I hope to get something done soon!



Monday, July 25, 2011


So how do you climb out of the bottom? Believe me it's a question I keep asking myself. It seems to me that a black cloud hangs over my head no matter what I do. I've been on anti depressives for about 3 months and all I can see they do is instead of laying in bed for 20 hours a day, I'm up that long! I don't sleep as well anymore, but I don't cry as much either, so I guess that's a good thing! Today just seems like a really bad for me. I've applied for so many jobs and nothing. I don't sell enough on my site to make a dent, and Barry's two jobs don't do it either. After getting his social security last week and finally paying the rent, late, but paying, it's almost all gone. I have to pay the phone and electric and we need to eat and use gas in the car---but after that---nothing! Today something small happened and it pushed me over the edge. It may seem small, but when it happened, I felt lost. I put some underwear on that rolled down my tummy. Not only did I put the one pair on, but I tried several. I need to buy some new one's but can't. Can you how this might push someone over the edge? It just left me in tears today about the hopeless of it all. Nothing I do or try to do seems to work.
Oh well, I will try again tomorrow to make a go of it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Anyone Miss Me?

You might have wondered where I've been and I'm now about to tell you! No I didn't have any babies or anything so grand as that. I've been flat on my back in bed mostly with my hot water bottle for the better part of the last two weeks! It was kind of like a vacation, but only not so fun! I hurt my back several weeks ago and then last week it acted up again, but with a pain involved! I couldn't even sit at the computer. I did add a post or two, but those where standing! I hope I'm on the mend now, and so does Barry---in a big way!

Enjoy the card. I love this fun image from MFT. The paper is digi as well!



Monday, July 11, 2011

Things for Sale Today!

$20 Measures 7" Sterling Silver and Swarovski


$5.00 New and Wood Mounted

Today I'm selling a beautiful crystal bracelet that I've made my hand. It's sterling silver with pink and blue beads. It measures 7" around. I used to make jewelry before the smell of paper got to me. It's a bargain at this price and the shipping will be FREE!

Please email me if you're interested! Prbloom@

Paypal only!

The fun sister stamp is also new and unlinked.

As you can see, I'm trying to raise some money today. I really need the help today, so if you think either of these items would be great to own, please take a second look! I have some other stamps in my Etsy store as well, but these items will be sold with the Free Shipping!

Please help!



Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Back!

You might have noticed I've been away from blogging or anything to do with the computer for several days now. I think I said I'd hurt my back last time, but that was just an understatement! I pinched a nerve and I've been unable to sit up for very long since the beginning of last week! A trip to the clinic and some a nice hot water bottle have been helping, but I'm still on the mend. Sometimes when I get up from sitting, it takes my breath away because it hurts so bad! It seems like I've had a run of bad luck and I'm ready to break free!

I was able to put the finishing touches on this card today before I posted it in my Etsy store. I love the way it turned out. The image is from Sassy Cheryl's. It was a freebie for the number of members to her site. I printed 2 and cut the bear so he would be 3-D. The clothespin was from a friends box of goodies she sent me!

Speaking of friends, I hope we all have some, but today I wanted to thank a very special friend I have. I like to think of her as my own angel on my shoulder! I've known her for several years, but never met her in person. It seems like when I'm at one of my low, low points, she's there for me. I'm so thankful of her friendship. She is one very special lady! I really hope that each of you has a special friend like that.

Well, I'm off to watch the DVR. I've got so much loaded onto it and need to empty a little for some new shows this week. Barry is working again today. I think it's his 10th day straight. He's working tomorrow and Tuesday and then maybe he'll be off on Wednesday. The money will be a blessing when he gets it next week. All I can think of is making it until Wednesday when Barry gets his Social Security and we stock up the ole pantry!



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Think Cold!

Hey it's only 101 today---cool by any standards of heat in Texas in July! I thought maybe a nice holiday card would help ya with the heat! It does, doesn't it? I knew it would! Before you run and look in my Etsy store, it's not there. I made this last year for the holidays. Maybe I'll make some more, you know, just to cool off!
Life is pretty much the same at the Bloom Zoo. We had dinner at Larry's on the 4th, and Evan and Mandy showed up after dinner. They had just come back from visiting her parents in Houston. It's so nice to see my boys. Just because Larry is going to be 40 at the end of the summer, doesn't make him any less my "boy" then before!
I finally got one get well card made today. Barry is working all week at the newest of the part time jobs because the lady who he works for is ill. I got the one card made and that's it. I hurt my back over the weekend and it kills me to sit! I'm OK when standing or walking, just not sitting! My old body seems to be breaking down bit by bit!
Oh well, I'm off to try and figure out how to make a go of it until next Wednesday. I was able to pick up some food at Alberston's yesterday for the next few days. Now to make it last for another week. Barry gets his SS next Wednesday! It seems like a long time coming! I just keep praying for something to change. And I don't mean worse!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

When The Circus Is Your Life!

Just 3 of the fun cards still in my store!