Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank You Michelle & MaryBeth

Thank you both for taking the time to read my blog and leave some love! You guys are the best, so please send me your snail mail address and I'll mail some love back at you! I know you'll enjoy the ribbon!

Today's card is made using some digi elements and paper I got several weeks ago from a freebie. Don't you love freebies! And since I'm just learning how to unzip my files and print out what I makes me so happy!

I'm off to work for another long day, but then I'm off until Saturday!

Have a great day!



Friday, October 28, 2011

Back To Work!

Thank goodness it's Friday, except I have to go back to work! I have enjoyed the days off and next week it gets even better! I have to work the whole weekend and Monday, but then I'm off from Tuesday until I go back to work on Saturday! When you question the crazy way our work days are...the only answer is that the computer does it and the mangers don't have anything to do with it! It's OK for now, I'll take the days off to work on cards for the holidays for now! Speaking of cards, do you like this one? I used some digi elements along with digi papers and---fun card! I just how you can play with the digi elements! I'm getting better at this!

Anything doing for the weekend? No plans at the Bloom Zoo---work all weekend for both of us.

Take care, feel free to leave some love---it doesn't cost a thing and maybe they'll be a little love in return! Would you like some new wrinkled ribbon? Leave the love and I'll draw a name on Monday!



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'VE Been Busy!

I know I've been MIA for several days, but these are just some of the cards I've been working on! Monday I worked all day, and then when Barry was at his meeting in the evening, I got all my papers and images together to work on this week! If only things would ever work out just as you plan them, then I would have been a happy girl! As you so well know, nothing ever goes as planned! Yesterday we spend all morning doing "stuff" that needed to get done, so that left the afternoon. Barry has a friend in the hospital, so he went and visited him in the afternoon and I started creating. This morning we were up early to do the wash, and then back to my creation station! If only I didn't have so much digi papers and images, it would make my choices so much easier and I wouldn't spend half my time trying to decide what I want to use! If you have time, jump over to my Etsy store and see what's new!

Much love to you all for all the kind B'day wishes left on Facebook for me and the emails were great! I had a great day!

Have a wonderful night!



Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yup, it's that big day! 62 and able to get my Social Security! How on earth did I get this old! Oh yea, I'm married to a guy who is MUCH older then me and it must have rubbed off on me! Next year I'll be back to my usual 33! We're having dinner at Evan's so we can see Mandy's new ring and of course I can see Coco. She's the real reason for going to his house! I really love that little girl!

Like the card? It was made using a digi image along with digi paper. It's such a fun card IRL and the bit of ribbon and stick pin are perfect touches!

Well, I'm off to do something fun today for my special day. I'm having lunch with hubby since he has to work tonight. We're going to Jersey Mike's for subs!

Birthday gifts are excepted with love! Just kidding, but if you've a mind to....



Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Friday and I'm Tried Already!

It's early, only 8 AM, so how can I be tried already---well---I have to work standing on my feet for 7 hours today! I like work, but not long days! I think every day should be a 4 hour day! Won't that be grand! Oh well, I have 4 days off next week and 3 long ones again! More time to create. I love how this card looks. I used a sweet snow girl from Whimsie Doodles and some fine looking digi papers.

This Sunday is my birthday and I don't know how I'm going to spend it yet, but sleeping late will start the day! I can't believe I'm going to be 62! I told the boys that next year I'll be back to 33 since I want to get my Social Security this year! It starts in December and in January a raise! How lucky is my timing!

Well, I'm off to eat something before work. I'm babysitting Madelyn tomorrow night. I can't wait. It's a girls night since Barry is working. We'll do dinner and crafts, with a stop at Michael's first.

Have a great day and stay warm!



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yea, Another Day Off To Create!

I just got 8 cards uploaded to my store. Now I know that's not enough to go on vacaction with, but it is a start! This Riley stamp is several years old, but still lots of fun to play with!

Enjoy and hurry back!



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What a Way To End The Day!

This is a picture of my younger son Evan and his newly engaged girlfriend Mandy! He popped the question today and of course she said yes! We are so happy for them both! Can't wait to give them a big wet puppy kiss!



Too Early Saturday!

It's way too early on a Saturday morning to be up! I have to be at work at 8. It's really too bad since all I want to do is go back to sleep right now! Not going to happen! Today is another of my gingerbread cards, and a sweet Whimsie Doodles snow boy! Of course all are digi stamps as well as the papers. These cards are listed in my Etsy store and can be yours of course!



Friday, October 14, 2011

Easy To Mail, Hard To Sell!

I hope this season of selling Christmas cards isn't as bad as last year! Any thoughts on this? Do you make and try to sell cards? I know money is tight, but still....

OH well, today I'm sharing a fun "easy" to mail card I made this week. I love Riley. He always makes me smile when I pull out one of these fun images. They never get old and they always make a fun card! These and others cards are for sale in my store right now!

Barry was out of the house before the sun came up. We seem to have a new problem with the car. Last month it was the brakes. Now this month it seems like we have a gas leak somewhere in the car. Yesterday we smelled gas inside the car! The car and Barry are now in line to see what's up! We don't really have the money to fix the car right now so it may have to sit for a while at home. We might we down to one old car instead of two and then we'll have to figure out how we both get to and from work with the one car! Life never gets easier at the Bloom Zoo!

I don't have to be at work until noon today so I'm hoping to get a little creating done. That would be nice. Since my big burst of energy last weekend it seems to have left me, but I'm going to try anyway!

Now I need to get some coffee, so I'll say good-bye!



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's Get Ready!

It's getting past time to start making holiday cards I know, but I'm just starting for real! I've seen so many posts online about making cards that are "easy" to mail and thought this would be a great idea! I've added several sets to my store of those types of cards. This is one of those sets! I combined some fun digi papers and then added my digi gingerboy. I was looking for a Christmas stamp when I ran into the celebrate stamp on my desk and thought it would be ok to use. These are so darn cute!

I'm off work today and getting ready to do some food shopping early so I can play in my studio later.

Have a good day and hurry back!



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's A Girl Thing!

Another fun card to make people aware that it's time to get those boob's checked out! It's so simple to do and most of us put it off. Don't do it! Now is the time!

I made Riley into Sophie today with this card and paper pieced her top to match the card. I love how it turned out! All the paper is from a wonderful site called Just So Scrappy. She's sharing all week with a great freebie. Check her out!

I'm off work today and hope to see a movie! It's .75 day at our local $ movie.

Have a great day and hurry back!



Monday, October 10, 2011

Think Pink!

It's Monday already and here I sit instead of getting ready for work! I just added a ton of new cards to my Etsy store that I created over the weekend. I was a busy girl and hopefully they'll all be gone when I get home this afternoon!

Today we're getting Madelyn. Grandpa is babysitting until I get off at 1. She has off for the holiday. Now what to do with her this afternoon! Time will be short since the Rangers game is at 3:19, but hopefully we'll find something to do!

Now I must get dressed or I'll be running into work in my PJ's!



Friday, October 7, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Good When A Plan Works!

I set out today to finally figure out how to play with my digi images and all the fun elements that I have along with the papers. A kind soul told me how to unzip my files, unlike my darling hubby, who tried, but failed. This card was make using the images from a download. I was able to unzip the file and move my pumpkins in and play with the size in order to move them next to the scarecrow! I know many of you know how to do this, but hey, I'm old and slow! I printed out several sheets of fun papers and A CARD! I just love how it turned out! I got 4 cards made today. I'm also out of white card stock. I know I should have gone to Wally World today, but I was lazy. It turns out Barry isn't working tomorrow and who knows if I'll get there!

Tomorrow night I'm meeting with an old friend to get some girl time in. We're going to scrap. Now, I don't really scrapbook, but it will be fun to see Tonya. We worked together and then she moved out of the state. Can't wait to play!

Well, I'm off to see what trouble I can get into before I call it a night.



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm On A Roll Now, So Watch Out World!

Well, if ever I really got on a roll, then the world would have to watch out for me! I made 3 cards today and feel so good about it, I'm ready to dance! Ok, maybe not dance, but take a nap before I have to get ready for work, but good anyway! This sweet image is from Whimsie Doodles last year holiday collection. I just love these little snowpeople. They are so sweet and since I'm such a saver, I have all my digi images from last year all ready to go! The colors are just so sweet and IRL, they look even richer in tone. All digi, of course except my wrinkle, crinkled seam binding ribbon!

I have a training class tonight at work from 5-7:30. That's not too bad, and then I don't have to work again until Friday. I am one happy camper!

Well, gotta run and take that nap!



Monday, October 3, 2011

Magical Christmas

Sweet, isn't she! She a wonderful new holiday digi image from Claire Keay. I found this back-to-school digi paper some time ago and it had this great plaid. I love plaid papers, so it became my download right away!

Today I'm off work and enjoyed sleeping in a latter then usual. We got some wash done, napped by the pool and just played lazy today. Barry is going to work the rest of the week at the assisted living place that didn't want to drive the bus anymore. Now they need him to be at the front desk for the week. We don't mind the money. I work tomorrow night for a training class, and then not again until Friday! I could get used to this! I must work on some holiday cards for my store. It's in need of some, not that I've sold much lately. I don't call one card in two weeks really selling, but I keep trying! It's a shame because I really like the way my cards have been turning out!

Yesterday I had an old friend some in the store while I was working and we hugged and kissed like long lost friends! She just moved back to the area and I can't wait to get together with her. Tonya and I worked together years ago at the scrapbook store. We doing some scrap booking on Thursday night. She has two little ones and has to work around that. Can't wait!

Well, I'm off to no good right now. Have a good night!