Thursday, October 8, 2009


STAMP, STAMP, STAMP. That's my life! Isn't this combination cute? Nothing wrong with polka dots and strips. I think the added gingham ribbon is the perfect touch! It's what I like to refer to has a "Paula" touch! Now if you're interested in a really nice Christmas card at a really good price, check out my ebay store and buy a few!

Yesterday was a pretty good day after all. Barry went to the CCA clinic and got his medicine at no cost to him for a month. You can't really know what that's like unless you've walked in those shoes. It's a crime that so many people know what I'm talking about. I think something is wrong in this country of plenty when good people can't get the treatment they need. Just one of those medicine's was over $150 at the drug store. How can anyone without insurance afford that? I know, you're saying to yourself, thank goodness I have insurance---and I thank goodness you do too, but like most folks, we thought we'd never need to beg for help, but we are all just that one lay off away from being there! I think I'm as proud a person as the next, but when it comes to getting help for my family, I have no pride left. After a year of no jobs and now nothing left in our savings, pride has left. Today I went to the CCA pantry and got my $42 worth of food. It didn't cover all the things I needed, but a good bit. Some things I'll just do without for right now. It's a real blessing that they are there to help out. We still need help with the mortgage, but I'm trying there too. I keep saying to myself that I know good times are right around the corner. Stay strong and hold your head up high. We are honorable people and we will pay our debts someday. I think I feel the worst for Barry. I know it has something to do with being the "man" and breadwinner. We are hanging on. School will be over next month for him and then after he takes his test and passes, a good job will come his way. I have to believe the end is in sight. I pray that the Lord will give help us make it to the finish line.



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