Sunday, October 18, 2009


Did you see my new countdown clock? It's to celebrate my 60th birthday on Friday. How many times can a person celebrate 60? Thank Goodness only once! Or as I like to say, 30 twice! We don't have plans yet, but I'm hoping the kiddo's will be around. I've been reminding them for some time, so it's not likely they'll forget! I used my own Mom's method, I let them know everyday!
Yesterday was the best weather day we've had in a while. The sun came out, but not too hot, we had a nice breeze and the world was right! We didn't do anything too special. Just a ride to watch the planes at the airport and a stop at Wally World. I did manage a stop at J's to use my coupon for the week. They had some pretty DCWV stacks for the holidays. I got the one that had pinks and blues. I like to be different for Christmas! Ok, so I like to be different all the time!
Today we're going to the $ movie and then hopefully get my SU paper from my GF. We haven't been able to get together before and now I REALLY need the Pretty In Pink to go with my new paper! That should be my middle name---I NEED! I always NEED something!
Well, we're off. Have a great day and hurry back to visit!

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