Monday, November 30, 2009

She's All Dressed For the Holiday's

Isn't she pretty? Yup, she's dressed and ready to fly out the door to WY. I thought the paper was busy enough that this card didn't need anymore then a pretty ribbon to finish it off. Again, another wonderful image from Shelly. Yes, I would love to have some more Christmas Tilda's.
Let's see, what's new for today. Nothing really. Just trying to make a living selling on ebay. Yesterday was a good day, and now if I could sell the rest, we'd be rollin' in it! (LOL)! Hey, it's joke time! Barry had no clean pants to wear to school this morning so I'm washing up a storm. I need to figure out what to make for dinner. That's always a bore! Chicken or chicken? One will win out!
We're suppose to get some really cold weather tomorrow afternoon, so I think we'll have soup tomorrow. Thanks to CCA, we may never run out of canned soups! I need to make a post office run and then to Wally World for toilet paper. Some really exciting stuff in my life. Oh Lord, I need to get a life! Maybe after the new year!
Gotta run and get this day going. Don't want to miss trash day pick-up again!
Love and Hugs,

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buy The Darn Cards!

When you list something on ebay as "buy it now", that's what I expect people to do---no---they wait until the end of the sale to buy or not! That's the whole purpose of BIN! Ok, now I've said my little piece of bitchin' for the morning and do I feel better---NO! I've been craftin up a storm this season and it's just one of my pet peeves! Now I feel better!
Yesterday was so pretty in Dallas. It felt like a Spring day rather then almost winter. We went for a short ride, WalMart and back, and it was heaven! We ate an early lunch at Logan's Steak House. For my birthday I received a GC and we used it to share several things on the menu for lunch! It was nice to eat out for a change. We look at some of the coupons in the car where we kept them, and most had expired. Barry said that shows how long it's been since we ate out! Poor folks don't do that very often! It's eating back home today. Bummer, it sure was nice not to have dishes to do!
Today is another Redskin game to watch, or try. I think I'll craft a little and Barry will study a little and then it's nap time a lot!
Have a great day!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Full of Turkey!

We certainly had our fill of turkey and all the goodies to go along with it last night! What a feast Larry & Tina put on. Everything was just perfect and we all ate way too much! Madelyn was dressed up in her finest, at least twice. She likes to re-dress along the way. Changing clothes is a fun thing for girls her age I guess. Since I only had boys who didn't want to change even once, I don't really know about little girls! We rolled home after 8 and then rolled into bed last night!
Barry is home from school today and he's still sleeping. It's been one of those up and down mornings. My tummy said feed me, so I had some cereal. When he gets up finally, I'll feed him. NO rush! Today he's suppose to study for his test some more. We need to get a few things at the store, but I'm staying away from most of them. I'm not good with big groups of people all in a small space, so I think I might do some cleaning instead. Maybe!
I made several new Tilda cards yesterday. I sold some this morning on ebay to a dear friend of mine from SCS. I know she'll enjoy them. I just hope she didn't spend all her coffee money on them this morning!
I hope everyone had a fab day yesterday and will find the perfect sale items today. Hurry back soon!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You Shelly

Isn't she cute? Thanks to my friend Shelly, I have lots of images from Magnolia. I love coloring them. They seem to come to life as you go. Today I'm sharing one I made yesterday. I used some more of my new BG papers and added a fun button from my stash. I had lots of time to create since I didn't have to cook or clean for Thanksgiving!
We're headed over to Larry's in a few hours. I do NEED to take a shower before we go, but other then that, I'm just thankful I don't have to cook for dinner! I will make a small green bean thing to take with us, but that's it! Larry was over earlier to get the stuffing mix he said he didn't "need" yesterday! So much for their planning! Mom always has what they need!
I hope everyone is having a great day. Enjoy the peace until the family comes. Stay safe dry.
Love and Hugs!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Season Of Wishes

Tomorrow starts the season of hope, a season of wishes, and a season of new beginnings. My wishes are simple. Food, a job for Barry, and good health. I want them for all my friends and family. Right now our food needs are being taken care of and tomorrow my son has a coupon for another free turkey he wants to share with us. It's a good thing we love turkey sandwiches! Right now we seem to be in fairly good health. I hope you are too. It's the job thing we need to work on. I've tried wishing on the first star I see each night. That's not working out so good, but I never give up. Maybe that's the real meaning of wishes. Never stop wishing. Never give up. I'd just like a little sign of someone hearing my wishes.
Now if I could just make Barry and I into a Charity Cause---something like---Unemployed Grandpa's or Give To Needy Grandparents---Life would then be just FINE!
I hope each and everyone one of my readers will enjoy a day with family or friends tomorrow. I wish you the best of days!
Love to all who enter!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mr Bird Is Cookin!

My lovely 14 lb. is up and cooking as we speak! I put him in at 7AM this morning and we'll be having him for dinner! Does that sound a little cruel? Maybe, but oh so good! Since we're going to Larry and Tina's for dinner on Thanksgiving, I had my bird to cook just for us. I cooked him today so we'd have wonderful fresh turkey all week. Just think of those great turkey sandwiches. I'm thinking, I'm thinking!
Today I sharing another holiday card that's sitting in my eBay shop. I did sell 5 more cards this morning and the best part is that my sweet customer paid for them right away. I LOVE those type of customers. Heck, I love most customers, but those that I don't have to wait around for payment on, are the best! Anyway, this card uses a sweet digi image from Heather Ellis again. I want to buy them all, but I'll have to do it one image at a time. The next one I'm going to buy is a darling little sweet girl opening a love letter. I think it would be cute for Valentine's Day. I can't believe I've said that. One holiday isn't even here yet and I'm ready to move on. I guess that's the way of the card makers. We're always moving on to the next new thing!
I'm off to do some wash and make another card or two for my eBay store. Check them out. I have several dozen just waiting for a new home. Adopt one or two! You'll feel better!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Season Of Joy & Love

We just got back from our trip to the eye doctor. Wow! What a trip. The ride wasn't bad, it just took a while to come and go! At least Barry will be having new glasses in about two weeks. Makes the trip worthwhile. We paid the extra for light weight lenses. I'm glad to be home now and ready to take my nap! Barry already is. He's going to a Lion's meeting tonight, so maybe I'll get a little done.
Do you like Ms Claus? I think she's so cute. I dressed her in warm pretty My Mind's Eye plaid paper. This paper makes my heart sing. OK, so most plaid papers do that, but this one is one of the pretties! I don't know who makes the little verse. It came out of my holiday box of stamps.
I sold a few cards over the weekend, but not enough to pay the electric bill yet. I keep trying. I was asked to join a group over at The purpose is to give to help folks who don't have enough food for the holiday's. Funny I thought, since we are on the receiving end of that charity this year. I guess you never know when or who will need help. I didn't think it would be us this year, but here we are. I am thankful there are places to turn to. Please help if you can.
Well, I'm off to finish my nap. Enjoy the rest of the day and hurry back.
Love and hugs,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The BIG Game

Today is the day that all true Dallas and Washington Fan watch each and every year for! If you're a Redskin Fan, Dallas is the team we LOVE to hate! The games used to the big match-up of the year. Now, maybe not so much for the Cowboys, but for Redskin Fans, YES! I've lived in Dallas for over 20 years and always root for the team that's playing against Dallas. It's in our blood. We bleed Red and Gold. I've even planted flowers in the team colors. We don't really care who else the 'Skins beat, as long as they win over Dallas.
WOW! I feel better already today. Just getting that little piece of info off my chest! Now I can move on to making cards---maybe. I've been trying to work on something this morning. Yea, well, you know how that can be. Some days you've got it, and some days you don't know where it went. This might be a day "it" went somewhere for lunch! But I keep trying. I need to do the wash today because tomorrow Barry and I will be gone most of the day. He has an appointment with the eye doctor. Only problem with using VA is you don't know where they'll send you. Barry's in a city called Bohamn. That very close to us. It's an hour and half drive each way. I'm hoping they have a scrapbook store somewhere near to at least make the trip worthwhile!
We're going to Larry and Tina's home for Thanksgiving this year and Larry said they will be getting the Turkey this year too. That's nice of them. Because of that, I'll be able to cook the turkey that I got this week at CCA for home. We'll have lots of meals with that birdie. I'm looking forward to Turkey sandwiches. I can almost taste them now! I just have to find out what Tina wants me to bring to their home.
So what are you up to this week? Are you traveling or staying home for the holiday? When we lived in FL we used to travel across the state to my family and spend the weekend with them. I really miss having lots of family around to pig out with. I think Barry hated it, but the kids and I loved all the fun and shopping we did. My family could be a bit "much" at times. Well, I guess we make the best of what we have.
Have a wonderful sunny day!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bummed Out

I swear I don't know what to do to sell more cards this year! Or maybe I should say ANY cards this year! I can't make it selling 5 cards a week. I'm totally freaked out by this event this year! Can you tell? I must have at least 3 dozen cards for sale in my ebay store and there they sit. Looking on the bright side, if I don't sell many cards this year, I can save them for another year! I would send them out, but I won't have the postage to do that without selling some. It's a rough world we live in now! Do you like the new card I posted? I think it's fun. Barry thinks it's "busy", but then he thinks a lot of my cards are a "bit" busy! The stickers are from Wally World. I thought they'd be cute to use. I bought these little bingo cards some time ago and had a few left. The size of the card is 5x7.
Barry is off to a vision clinic for the Lions this morning and I'm trying to figure out what to make. I feel like moving on to Valentine cards, but I guess I'll hold off a few weeks. Nothing like getting a head start! We went to an open house last night at the new LSS. We saw lots of fun ideas. They have cool classes but they're too far to travel to. I guess that's a good thing for me. I got 4 pieces of new paper and a bottle of glitter glue. The glue was much needed, the paper not so much, but it was fun spending a few bucks on something I wanted, not needed!
I'm off to do something this morning. Have a good weekend and hurry back soon.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Any Way U Spell It

There are so many ways to spell the word Chanukah, but any way it's still the same holiday! In my family we spell it Hanukkah, but the stamps I'm using for this card spell it differently. It doesn't matter to Jewish children around the world. It still means fried things! In America the most popular is Potato Pancakes. That's the favorite when the kids come to dinner. My family thinks that they should be severed with every Jewish style dinner! I know, Thanksgiving is even here yet, and I'm talking about another holiday, but in truth, the Jewish holiday will be here soon. December 11 marks the day. Every year we celebrate it on a different day on the modern calendar, but it's the same day on the Jewish calendar. Don't ask why, I don't know. It's not suppose to be a BIG holiday like Christmas. We have MUCH bigger ones, but I suppose because it's near Christmas each year, it's gotten a bigger role. When my kids were small we gave presents each night. A pair of sox's and some underwear are the favorite gift among most Jewish parents! Now when I don't give those out, they complain, in jest of course, but I still enjoy it! I made this card yesterday for sale on my ebay site. It's not flying out the door anymore then the other cards, but at least I've tried. I used some My Mind's Eye papers and AMuse and Hero Arts stamps for the card. I like it and that's what counts!
We had a treat last night. Evan called and invited us to come to his house for dinner. He made Beef Stew in his cock pot the night before and wanted to share. He's a great cook! After the really down day I had yesterday, it was nice to his smiling face. He's my baby and will always be. He showed us pictures of the puppies he's been looking at to make his own. Evan wants an English Bulldog. The puppies are very cute and so little. He's still looking and thinking. I'm trying to talk Barry into letting me get another cat, but I'm not winning!
Well, I'm off to do something. One of the new LSS in our area is having a holiday open house today and tomorrow and another sent an email with a list of all the new goodies they got in. I'd love to go to either one, but with NO money to spend, and wet, rainy roads, I think I'll just head to Wally World for juice and coffee. No fun, but no extra money spent!
Have a great day and hurry back!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Wishes

Yea, Peace is right up there on the top of that list, but it's more like Peace between my boys at Thanksgiving Dinner! They never seem to grow up! I guess I'm having a pity party for myself today. Don't we all have those days? When the world seems grey and nothing seems to be in our favor? Today is mine! I can't believe another Thanksgiving is coming up and Barry is still out of work. Another year has passed and I'm still saying "when you get a job". I just got back from the CCA pantry and making that's making me feel even more down then I did before. They are so wonderful there, but taking charity is never an easy thing. We were a middle class family. We used to have a buck or two to spend on silly stuff. Not anymore. Where would we be, where would so many families be without the help of others. It's a humbling experience. I still feel we should help out and do. Barry took a bag full of canned goods to school yesterday for the can food drive. We have so many, thanks to CCA, and others have needs too. I got a beautiful bird too today. It's all so nice, but what I really want, is a JOB for my husband. A job for me would be nice too. I keep applying, but nothing either. I want him to finish school, finally, and go to work. Maybe get some insurance for me. Little things like, you know, mean alot!
I have got to go and put away all the food I received this morning. I don't think anyone is coming to help me, so I better get a move on it.
Love to you all who read my ramblings daily!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aren't they Sweet?

And they would be so sweet to eat! Yes, I got another digi image yesterday. This one was a bit harder to download to the right size. It took Barry helping me last night to get it right. Now if I could only figure out how to get the nice little verse that came with it size correct! I think digi image companies would sell more if you could just download the correct size right away instead of having to "play" with them. It's not PLAYING---It's Work to me! Well, at least I got this card made this morning. I don't know why I'm rushing to finish cards, they just sit in my ebay store and look pretty! Where are the customers? Are they all like me, and have no money to spend? Someone has to be working and want to send Christmas cards, don't they? So what did I sell yesterday you ask, well I'll tell cards, but one stamp set. It was my new Verve set that I won. I thought it would better be used by someone else since I hadn't ink it up yet and the money was needed instead. I must see what other stamp sets I can part with. IF you ask Barry, he'd say plenty, but what do guys know!
Today I don't have any plans except to finally make it to the post office. Then I need to get to the store to buy OJ. It's hard to start the morning without it. And please dear Lord, don't let me forget coffee again! I'm almost out. I drank hot tea this morning in order to save what I have, but it's not the same.
Gotta run and take a shower. I can't stand myself any longer! Have a great day and stay warm!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Moose's Work Is Never Done!

Riley is always doing something! He's he's not playing at the beach, then he's playing Army, and it that's not enough, now he's getting ready for Christmas! If any of my friends have Menorah Riley, I'd love to get an image or two of that one. After all, being Jewish, I should make a few Hanukkah cards! I just never seem to get around to it. So do you like Riley today? I've paired him up with some Basic Grey. I like how it turned out!
It's a lazy day for me. I'm still feeling a little down from the cold and I don't seem to have the energy to make a bunch of cards. I did make a few and got them listed in my eBay store. Check them out if you dare. You'll want to take them all home. They are priced just right! I've just gotten up from a little nap. I was going to watch TV from my bedroom, but the nap called instead. Better then a bill collector calling!
Our Taco salad dinner was perfect last night. Barry didn't get my message about the sour cream before he came home, but he was kind enough to take me back to the store and I got some. Tonight we're having a steak and baked sweet potatoes. Steak was on sale yesterday and it was cheaper then chicken! Doesn't that sound like a nice meal? I got some Sock-it-to-me cake for dessert. It's a pound cake of sorts. I like that Tom Thumb (a Safeway store) sells 1/2 cakes. This one has nuts and Cinnamon in it. Very tasty with a bit of butter on it.
I guess I better do something today. I really need to get to the post office, but I don't think that's going to happen. I'd need to put some clothes on and my PJ's feel so good! Stay warm and dry. It's only in the 50's here today and we've got a chance of frost tonight. I guess Winter has come to TX!

Monday, November 16, 2009

99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall, 99 Bottles .....

Who doesn't know that good ole drinkin song? Or was that the song we used to sing in the car to drive our parents crazy?! Yes, I think it was! That's how I feel about my number of cards I have to sell on eBay! I did sell some this weekend. WOW---7 whole cards. 5 yesterday. I'm on a roll! I replaced those with 4 today that I made this morning. Don't you love this new image? It's a digi image from The thing I liked about this site over other digi sites is that the image was the right size for printing! I've bought some others and then I have to resize them. Not with this site. Check them out. I think they're a fun addition to my collection of stamps! The little verse is part of the set.
Well, let's see, what's new with me today? Not really very much. We had a lazy weekend. Today I got some wash done and headed out to Tom Thumb. I needed a few things for dinner. I'm making Taco Salad. It's a favorite of Barry's and mine. I thought I had sour cream in the house, so I didn't buy any, but when I got home and was checking out the things for dinner, I noticed it's French Onion Dip! If I can convince Barry to stop on the way home from school, we'll have sour cream, otherwise, we'll do without! I didn't feel like going back to the store.
I guess that's it for now. I'm so happy the Redskins won the football game, but the big test is next week. They're coming to Dallas. We'll all be breaking out our Red and Gold (Redskin colors) for the week. I don't want anyone to mistake us for Cowboy Fans!!
Hugs to you all!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

She So Fine!

Can you say "hook" on Pure Innocence images? That's me! I just keep making the cards and they just keep sitting in my eBay store and looking at me! But they are so pretty to look at, that I think I'll make some more! Someone out their will think "WOW, I need those cards" and they'll be right there for them! For this card I took all the scraps and arranged them in a pleasant way and a card was born! All the paper is Basic Grey!
So what did you do yesterday? I stayed in my PJ's all day. I worked on cards, watched the CSI's from last week, and even cooked a great dinner pork chop dinner! Barry rested up from his "death" cold and managed to stay out of my way most of the day! Right now he's still sleeping. This comes before the "I'm in need of Food" part of the day. That comes soon enough. I have added I WANT A MAID AND A COOK to my list for Hanukkah this year! Just a part time will be fine!
It's so fun to look at the tracker I have on my blog and see where people are coming from to look at my fine blog. It would be so much more fun to have a comment or two from them, but I understand. Life is too short to do that! So, please keep coming back and taking a peck and enjoying the site!
Have a great day. We are doing nothing again, but I do have to go to see Madelyn later and give her a bag of holiday stamps that she needs for Girl Scouts. Her Daisy troop is making cards on Tuesday and Grandma is supplying the stamps, buttons, and some ribbon!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Big Thanks To Barry

I now his cold! And I want someone to come and take care of me! Like that's gonna happen! I woke up with my nose running across my pillow--and his cough--WOW am I a lucky girl! A gift! It's ok. I took the med's before it gets worse--unlike Barry! He's now on the mend, but just takin' it easy this weekend. In other words, semi-death!
Can you tell I'm hooked on another group of stamps? This one is digi stamp from Heather Ellis. I was checking out things over at etsy and found more of them! I used lots of pieces of Basic Grey. I think it turned out really special!
We have no plans this weekend and after paying the bills, no money even if I did have plans. I plan on working on lots of cards to sell. I just don't know weather to put them on etsy or ebay. I want them to sell!
Well, I'm off. Have a super day!

Friday, November 13, 2009

He's Alive, He's Alive!

I've added a link back to my Etsy Shop! Please check it out and have a look at my cards!
Yes, he made it through the night without me killing him! Yea, and the best part is---he went off to school today! His parting words were "see ya soon", so I don't know how long he's staying, but hopefully Barry will get so involved in his studying, he'll at least stay until lunch time! I gave him lots of OTC drugs for his cold yesterday and they really did help. Now I feel crappy! What's a girl gonna do!
Like my card? I really enjoy stamping these darling little children. This card is using some new Cosmo paper as well. She's up for sale over at my eBay store. She's not selling, but she's UP for sale! What is wrong with the market? I know things are hard all over, but even my regular customers are MIA! What I need is a new market for my pretties. Where oh where to sell?
The weather is nice right now and it's suppose to be a pretty weekend until Sunday night. Then the rain and a cold front are headed our way. It's OK, maybe the cold weather will put us all in the holiday mood. It's hard to think "Christmas" when it's 70! We had that problem when we lived in FL. At least in Tampa, we had a few "cool" days. We had to even turn the heat on for a day or two! On year it got down to 18 on Christmas Day. It's when we first moved to Tampa and had oil heat. I didn't know you had to "order" it. I thought it just came! No heat and 18 didn't make my family too happy! We went for a ride and ended up in a Denny's for Christmas dinner. It's always a fun memory to bring up!
Have a great day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guess Who's Sick Again, & It's Not Me!

That's right, Barry is home sick, again! He's got a cold. Or maybe he has the flu---just ask him! I should limit his TV watching. Since he saw the news last night and saw 2 news stories about men who got sick after they thought they had a cold, he now thinks he has the flu! I did offer to take him to the doctor's office, but after cough medicine and two Bayer, he's feeling a "little" better! I hope I don't sound bitter, but this is the third time he's been sick and it isn't even winter yet! I almost wish it was the flu instead of your common cold. Then he's really be sick and maybe next time he'd stop whining! I'm just a tiny bit bitter this morning!
Today I'm trying to get some more cards. I've gotten a few made, but gave some of them away this morning to 2 wonderful ladies at the CCA pantry. They are always so helpful when I come in and tell me how much of this or that I can get, so I thought I'd say thank you to them each with a pretty card.
Well, I'm off to do something besides feel sorry for myself today. Maybe he'll sleep away the day and let me do my own thing!
Have a good day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sweet Little Girl

Isn't she sweet? Have you noticed that I have a "thing" for little girl images? Magnolia's and now this little My Favorite Things child. She was the other stamp I got on Monday with the end of my GC. Boy I love those things. So if anyone asks you, I'd love to have another one! It's so much fun shopping without spending any money for yourself! I used lots of new Basic Grey for the papers for this card. Can you believe no one has bought her yet? What's wrong with people? Oh well, I like her anyway!
Today we started our day late. We didn't even hear the alarm go off! We woke up 45 minutes late, but manged to finally get Barry out the door for school. He's been staying all day studying for his test. I'm so happy the end is now nearer then the beginning! I can smell that good job coming down the road! Believe me, I say a prayer for it every day!
So what are you up to today? I need to go to Sam's and get a box of mailing envelopes. I have 5 or so orders to get out and have NO mailing envelopes. I wish I knew a better, cheaper way to ship, but I don't want to harm the cards and padded envelopes seems to way to go. Any suggestions?
I guess it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving soon. What are you making? The boys weren't happy about Turkey, but since everyone is watching what they spend, Turkey it is! I am so thankful for CCA and the pantry. We're going to get something I never thought we'd need, a Thanksgiving Basket of food. Barry being in the Lion's Club, we've always been the one's to do the giving, but this year, it's the getting. Isn't it funny how just getting food in your home it the greatest thing! Not having to worry that you have nothing to eat such a big thing? I hope it gives us all a reason to be grateful for what we have and always remember that there is someone worse off then we are, no matter how bad we think we have it, someone is on the street, with no hope, and no love. I am truly blessed to have a family who loves me, a roof (for the time being) over our heads, and food on the table.
Hugs to all!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tilda Needs A New Home!

I'm so lucky to have good friends that share their things with me. Tilda and the window image came from a friend some time ago. I tried to get someone else to share a few of the Tilda images but it seems like no one had her that I asked over at SCS, so I did the next best thing. I made copies on my computer! I scanned her in and printed her out on card stock! A funny thing happened to the images. They got a tiny bit smaller when I printed them off! That was OK by me because sometimes the Magnolia images are a little "too" big. I like a nice large image to color, but sometimes they were a bit "too" big! I saw this lay out on a blog yesterday. Please don't ask where because it was one that I leaped from blog to blog and ran across. If the lay out is yours, I'm sorry I don't know your name, but thank you for such a great idea! I used some of my new Basic Grey papers and bit of green gingham that I've had in my stash for years! I wish I could get a really good picture of all the glittery goodness of this card, but you'll have to just take my word!
I think today is shower day. I've been so lazy for the last few days that I haven't even gotten dressed that today I have to make it a real part of my plan! I need to go to the store. I'm out of coffee and more importantly, I'm out of mailing envelopes to send out the few cards that I have sold in my ebay store! I keep trying to figure out what's wrong with my work. I really am at a loss as to why they aren't flying off the shelves. I've lowered the price of the cards and I'm having to make more and more just to make a small amount. I have dozens of cards listed in my store. Two weeks until Thanksgiving and not alot of money coming in. I hope this isn't a sign of the whole season. I know we're not going to be spending anything this year on gifts for the holidays, but I was hoping to be able to buy food at least! Are you worrying about how to pay for the holiday's this year? Have you planned on cutting back?
On a much brighter note, I spoke with Madelyn last night. She is so cute at 6. What a blessing Grandchildren are! She called to speak with Grandpa, but he was out at a meeting, so she was left with me. They are celebrating Veteran's Day at school today and she needed to know when Barry was in the Army and what branch. She sounded so sad when I told her he wasn't home, but I could help her instead. She really wanted to talk to Barry, but I had to do!
Well, I'm off to the shower and then so coffee somewhere. Have a fun day and Hurry back!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Monday Already

I'm not sure if this card has been on my blog or not before, but she's so pretty, you can look again! I do have new pictures of cards I made over the weekend, but it seems like my computer is acting up this morning and doesn't want to show them! Shame on the computer!
So what did you do this weekend? Saturday I didn't even get out of my PJ's. It was just a restful day. I made some cards, watched some TV and cooked dinner. Yesterday was another day of doing "not much"! I did make a really large pot of chicken soup and Evan came over for dinner. I told him to bring his own container's for leftovers! I noticed when I was filling them, that one was mine! Oh well. I guess that's what Mom's do! Now I don't have to cook for a few days with all the leftovers.
Today I'm trying to make some more cards to sell. I'm just getting so worried that nothing is really flying out the door. It's only 6 weeks until Christmas and I have lots of cards still on the shelf. I've priced them to sell. I figured a little money made, is better then none. And still they sit! I've been making some sets of cards packaged in clear boxes left over from last year. They'll make nice gifts to have on hand.
Well, gotta run and get something done today.
Have a wonderful time and hurry back!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where is Everyone?

Where have all my customers gone? Believe me, I have asked myself that question all week long! I must have 30 cards on ebay listed to sell, and they just sit there! And to top that off, my brain is on leave! I want to run away! Somewhere warm, sunny, and has a nice beach! OK, it doesn't have to even have a beach. A pool will do! I get this way in the winter months. I need the warm weather of summer, just not the heat! I need to have water around me! A girl has to have "needs"!
Have a great day and come back soon!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


This is what the Republicans in the House are trying to say! The big bad government, that wasn't too big for them in the Bush years, is out to get you, your job and your Granny! Barry and I have been listening to this on TV this morning. Every, and I mean every, speaker on the Republican side of the isle is trying to scare the piss out of everyone! What is so wrong with health care for everyone? I see this as a moral issue.
Do you want to hear a joke? Good, because I'm going to tell you one anyway. You know I live in the state of Texas. We are a deeply Blue state, no matter how many times I vote each election, not much changes. We rank LAST in the number of people that have health care and yesterday our Governor said that we should be held up as the way "health care should be working"! As if it's a good thing that we are last in the United States! I told you it was joke, but a very sad one at that!
So, if we all survive this stuff flowing down river, maybe we will all be treated as equals under the law of the land. No one will have to worry about eating or buying their medicine, or worry if they get sick that they will have to stay sick because they don't have money to go to the doctor. We should all be very afraid of it doesn't pass!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sorry, the picture's not so hot, but my camera had a mind of it's own this morning. Isn't she darling? Tilda is a new image I got in the mail from my friend Shelly. She's busy baking up some fine holiday treats! The little verse and cupcakes are from one of those $ sets I couldn't resist from M's sometime in the Spring. The paper is from one of the new Basic Grey pads I got with my birthday money! I really love how this card turned out!
Well it's finally Friday. No I guess it's really no different from any other day for me, except Barry should be at school all day. That is a treat. This week he's come home early twice and took one day off to go to VA. He needs to be in school and out of my hair all week! I'm working on some more cards for my store at eBay.
We have no plans for the weekend. I would love to take a drive and see the fall leaves, but that would require using more gas then I want to, so maybe we'll take a short drive instead. Barry has some fall things to do at the house. He's changed the batteries in the smoke alarms, but still has to change the filter in the attic. That's the chore!
Have a great weekend and I'll see you back soon!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Case For Good HealthCare

I have to tell you what I think about a government run health care program. You may or may not know that we haven't been able to afford the Cobra insurance that was offered last year. It was WAY out of our price. It was almost as much as my Mortgage, so we've been trying to get along. We couldn't get "along" any longer and Barry signed up for VA. That has got to be the best run health care program I've ever seen. Yesterday we went down to see the DR to take care of his follow up for the Cancer he had. WOW is all I can say about all the care he's received. If this is "government run" health care, we should all call, write or shout it out---DO IT! You also may know I'm a flaming LIBERAL, but I'd be shouting a big YES for this even if I wasn't! To all those people out there in nutland, walk in my shoes for a day, and you'd see how the real world is and know that health care isn't something just for a few, it's a right for all of us!
On a really bright note, yesterday's mail was super (forget the bills). I got the new BG 6x6 pads I ordered on ebay with my birthday money and I got a package in the mail from a friend named Shelly with some many new stamped images! Magnolia's and snowman! What a treat! So because of this I'm sharing a card made using a shared image from Pat of Edwin. The paper is from Hobby Lobby. Kinda fun. He's on sale at my ebay store.
Have a fun day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Day, Same Old Problems

Wouldn't you think that a new month should be a new beginning? Well, guess again! It's just continues to be the same old, same old stuff! I keep creating and creating. I keep adding cards to my eBay store, and still the cards keep sitting there looking pretty! I NEED to sell them! I need to sell LOTS of them! I know the economy is tough out there. I'm living proof of that, but I guess I didn't know how tough it really is (besides for us)! I keep applying for jobs, but hear nothing. I keep making cards and sell few. What, I ask, is the world coming to? Is this the change I thought we'd have? I voted for a real change, and I thought I was voting for a change for the better. All I've seen is worst! I don't know who is better off today then they were a year ago. Maybe if you're young, single and don't owe anyone, but other then that---it's a cruel world out there!
Sorry for the downer of a day. I'm hoping it gets better, but I'm waiting for the phone to start ringing to tell me it's not. Those bill collectors start early in the day!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hubster's Birthday!

Barry is finally MUCH older then me! Ok, he's always been MUCH older then me, but today he's another year closer to Medicare! One more year to go, while I have MANY more years to go! The kids took us out for dinner last night to a wonderful local Asian restaurant we like to go to . We had both grandchildren and even Justin's girlfriend Morgan joined us. It was such a nice way to spend an evening! Today Barry went off to school and tonight I think he's going to a Lion's Club meeting in the next town over, where we used to live.
Not much new with me. I did shop a little on ebay for some new holiday BG papers. Evan gave me an ebay gift certificate for my birthday and I thought I'd spend some of it. I can't wait to have new paper! I've been digging down in the stash and found this plaid paper I used on the top of the Purdy Stamps Snowman. I like to use pinks and blue's for the holidays. The little sign is from a Gina K set from last year. The presents are SU.
You know I sell on ebay lots of cards and I have a question. If I use a SU set of stamps, I always put that in the title or if I use just SU paper, I put that in the title. I had a lady last night ask me how I could say "Stampin UP" if I didn't have "everything" SU? I will admit it, I was a little rude in my answer. I just don't get how people think they are the world's police for SU! Am I right in thinking this is not the type of thing people should care about? With all the world's problems out there, is it really important to say "sorta SU"?
Well, I'm off to try and create. My "create" button is slow to raise this morning. I have so many cards on ebay store right now and would love to sell them all today, so if you'd like a really nice card at a really good price, please check them out! I put cards on almost everyday so they'll will always be something new to see!
Have a wonderful day and Hugs to all!