Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yup, it's the good ole summer time in Texas! We're suppose to have tripe digit 1's today. 111. It's a good day to try and stay cool. The day started as usual. I was making Barry an egg for breakfast and then taking care of the toast, when I forgot about the egg and it started to burn and make a lot of smoke in the kitchen. Barry opened the back door and much to our surprise, a cute little bunny was having breakfast on our lawn! He stayed in the same spot eating the weeds until breakfast was over and Barry left for school. It was so much fun to see him out there. I miss having a pet. We had cats for so long and enough the warm and love of a pet, but who knows how I would ever pay even for the food now, so the bunny was fun to enjoy.

Barry heard from TX Unemployment yesterday about an appeal date. It's July 7. Almost 2 months after he started school. It's been so long coming, with them losing the paper work and having to play games with them, but I'm hoping something good will happen. We also got a check from the state for several weeks of payments. It said we don't have to pay it back. It's from something called Emergency Funding. Boy did we ever need that. I don't know what to do first. Pay some bills or get some groceries. A little of both I'm sure. Barry is still in school. It's going really slow for him right now. He just can't seem to put into action what he learns. I know Barry and know that part of that is really in his head. When he explains it to me, even I can understand it, but when he goes to write the programs for web development, he freezes. I hope with time, he'll get better. He just has to!

Did you like my little girl? Another image that was colored with copic markers and mounted on pop dots. I found this paper from Scenic Route that I bought last year in FL.

Well, I'm off to the bank to deposit the check before it turns to clay! Have a great day and thank you all for keeping us in your prayers. I know they are helping.


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