Monday, June 8, 2009

Look Into The Ball, Tell Me What Today Will Bring

Today started out as usual. 6 and the alarm goes off. I get up, make Barry something to eat and read the paper. Nothing out of the usual. Then there's an article in the Business section of the paper about going back to school for more training. They interview a gentleman at Barry's school and had a picture. The back of Barry's head was in the picture! I wrote a nice note to the lady who wrote the story and told her about how this whole program is not really working and she's going to forward my story to someone at Texas Workforce. So now we'll see if it does any good or what. I only know that I'm getting very tired of the whole thing. I want the winning LOTTO numbers---so dear readers---give them up!!!
Yesterday we had a nice brunch with Evan. He's so sweet to treat his parents every so often. He's good company and we love to see him. When things were good I always had the family over for dinner all the time. I enjoy my family. Maybe soon again we'll be able to it again. The rest of the day we just were plain old lazy. Barry took several naps in front of the TV and I worked on a few cards. I'm trying to get several dozen done so that I can upload them after I pay my eBay bill. I'm hoping that's today or tomorrow. I've got about 20 cards done right now. It's a good thing I have so much printed paper in my stash. As soon as some money comes in I need to order some card stock. I use it up like water!
I'm off to the post office now. I sold a few things and need to get them in the mail. I got most of the wash done this morning and the dishwasher is washing. Have a great day and continue to say a prayer or two for me. They just might be helping!

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