Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's about you could do last night and the early hours of today was sit back and try to drink a cup of hot coffee! We had some really bad storms roll through our area last night. We had our back fence go down, again, and a few bushes bend a little too much, but other then lots of water in the back yard, we're OK! The winds were about 60 mph last night. I woke during the night to the sounds of the continuing storm. It seems like the worse is over now.

I made this card several weeks ago because I thought it was a little different. I still have some of the scraps on my desk so I think I'm going to have recreate another one. It's another old set from SU. I just can't let go of several old sets. They seem to warm my heart when I look at them.

Barry spoke again with the lady from unemployment yesterday. He had to fax the appeal papers to her. The papers seem to lost in the system somewhere! It is a mess, but at least we seem to have someone working for us instead of against us now who is in high places. She's going to get us some money. Barry is owed one week of unemployment from his last week at WalMart. He's really owed the whole month, but that's something we still have appeal. I just want my life back.

I spoke with my good buddy Gretchen last night. I guess neither one of us has been in the mood to be friendly. She's been stressed about work and hopefully she's start to feel better when things settle down at her work. She's a good friend and stamping buddy. Barry always says when she calls that I've spoken with my "lost" daughter! She seems to always check in the same evening Evan does.

Today I'm working on some more cards. It's my life's work. I've decided that when Barry goes back to work full time, I'm taking a week off. I don't want to look at paper or rubber that week. I'm thinking sun and fun! Maybe Evan's apartment pool!

Take care and keep those prayers coming. I know they are helping. They always do!


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