Monday, June 15, 2009

When it's only the little things left in life, we should enjoy them. I find that with less money to do things, we'd had to adjust to making do with those "small things"! On Saturday we headed off to a wonderful Art Fest in downtown Dallas. It was free except for parking. It was either park at a lot for $8 or find street parking. The parking God was with us that day. We found a meter and spend 4 quarters on the parking. How did we know it was going to be such a hot and humid day. We didn't and it was! We got all kinds of freebies including movie tickets, a free sandwich ticket at Potbelly's, and even a free light bulb at the electric company! I did spend a few dollars on Kettle Corn. By the time we left and walked back to the car, we were spent! We rested all day yesterday and now I need to make up the time and make some cards to sell this week.

We had another surprise when we got home on Saturday. I told you part of my fence came down in the storms last week and so did my next door neighbors. She had someone fixing her fence on Saturday and Larry (sweet oldest son) paid the man to fix ours as well! He said it's his Father's Day present to his Dad. How's that for a sweet day! And this layout was perfect for adding some Prima Flowers.

Barry's gone off to school today for at least 1/2 day. Every other week he has to turn in his signed attendance for school and get his gift certificate's for gas. They give him enough for getting around to school. It really helps. We've only had to buy gas once in the last month.

The card I posted in a simple one to make. I still enjoy using this set from SU. Well, I'm off to work on something today. Have a wonderful day and hurry back. I love seeing comments if anyone leaves one.


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