Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pot Full of Flowers

What do you think? I saw lots of flower pot cards over at SCS and printed out a template for one, but I thought it seemed so small. After looking at the thing for days, I finally cut out the front of the pattern and made a half pot! I like the way it turned out. I found some little safety pins in my stash and added the tag. The paper is SU and so are the flowers. They're from images stamped by my friend the other day.
The fence man just arrived at our house and it's only 8 AM. It going to be another hot day in Dallas so I guess he's getting an early start to the day.
The kids are taking us out to an early dinner for Sunday for Father's Day. Red Lobster is one of Barry's favorite places to go. If you can't have fresh seafood in Maui, I guess it's OK. I can't decided what to make for Barry or Larry for Father's Day. I don't have a clue. I wish I was better at print shop. I had an idea of putting together lots of small pictures and printing it. Then I could cut it into the mug shape I've got sitting on my shelf, but it all sounds like too much work! Maybe a card will just have to do!
I put lots of cards on my eBay site yesterday. One customer admitted she's addicted! I know how she feels. I think I'm addicted to making them. I feel bad if I don't do any each day. Well I'm glad that customers enjoy the little darlings as much as I do making them. I'm really trying to use different sets to make card and boy am I using up some older Basic Grey papers. I love those little 6x6 pads and they always have so many sheets in them. I don't think I've ever used every sheet up in any yet. The pile keeps growing!
For those liver fans out there, I'm making chopped liver for dinner. We really enjoy it and today seemed as good as any. I've already made the hard boiled eggs and later I'll fry up the meat and grind it up. I use calf's liver. It's a milder taster and makes a great sandwich.
Have a great day and hurry back. Try and leave a comment. It won't kill ya!

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  1. Paula, I always love seeing what you create! I'm so glad your cards are selling well on ebay! I never seem to have much luck when I list there. It sounds like you have a loyal following! Take care! ~~Pam