Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can We Make It Over The Hump?

My Tilda girls are so sweet! I even found a way to add a little "Bloom" into the card!
I can't believe the week isn't over yet. That it's only the middle of the week. It's been the week from Hell so far. On Monday we had Maddy to babysit. All was well and good with that. She's always a tweet to be with. Then we got some mail from TX Unemployment to say they aren't going to pay for his unemployment while Barry is in school!! His goes against everything he was told when signing up for the program. After all, it's a program run through the state of Texas! So now he has to appeal, but we have no money coming in without these payments! Can you believe how stupid we think this is? Yesterday I called our State Rep and they are looking into the matter. I always called the company that makes the bags Barry wears every day for the rest of his life and they are going to give us a free box of 10 for the next six months! After I spoke with their Customer Service, I just cried. It doesn't solve the money problems, but it does help so much!
When Barry finally went to school yesterday afternoon we spoke with several other people that are in the same program and some had gotten the same type of letter and some are still getting their unemployment! So now we have to see where we go from here. He can't quite school or he would have to pay back the $7200 it cost!
I've been trying to create, but it's been hard to sit down and make cards. I did get 5 done yesterday and 1 this morning. Now I need to make another dozen or so. They're selling well over at eBay.

Now I'm off to the races and see what other shoe will fall today! Say a prayer for us. I know I don't usually ask, but prayers are about all we have left!

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