Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life Can Be So Sweet

Yesterday was one of those really "happy" type of days. The sunshine came out both on the day and in my life. Of course my day is always sweet when Barry goes off to school for the day and I have the day to myself, but after that it only got better. My very good friend Gretchen (now known only as "G") called to invite me out for lunch. Not only lunch but she shared with me some much needed card stock and stamped images, and took me to a favorite LSS! I had such a good time! She treated me to a bunch of new papers and pearls and even a bottle of glitter glue! Then it was off to a hamburger place for lunch! See the card I made? I borrowed a set from her and made this card. I saw the original somewhere in blog land, and I'm sorry I don't know who to give the credit too, but this is my version of the card. I am so happy with how it came out, I'm in the middle of making another one. When I say the middle, I mean just that. I started making a second card this morning and after I had gotten the green layer glued down, it wasn't straight! I hate when that happens. I could have tried to fix it, but it was hopeless. In to the round bin it went! So now I'm going to try again!
I did say my day was filled with sunshine didn't I. Last night Larry (oldest son) called to ask us if we wanted to go to our favorite local Pizza place. His wife and daughter are out of town visiting friends and he wanted company, so off we went. He even picked us up! He does only live around the corner from us! It was so nice to have dinner with just him. I love his family, but he is my son and I do enjoy his company!
So now I'm off to create and then when Barry gets up to work on fixing the fence. Half of ours came down in the storm. Our whole neighborhood looks the same. Pieces of fence down all over.
Have a great weekend! Please keep those good thoughts and prayers coming my way. I think they are helping!