Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Wind In My Hair!

Moose Baby is takin' a ride and lettin' the wind blow through his hair or maybe that's his ears! It's sad that I forgot I even had this stamp until I saw a card posted on Cindy's blog using the stamp and rememberd that I owned it too! Hey, I like my little version of it too. I used some SU papers from last year callled Cutie Pie. I enjoy the colors of the paper and besides, I have a lot leftover, so I'm busy trying to use it up. I posted it in my eBay store, if you'd like to take a look. After all, it can't hurt!
Not much planned for today. Barry needs to get some much needed sleep. He's beat. I was that way yesterday. I think the heat and all the stress has caught up with us and now it's time to unwind. It's OK if he sleep a while longer by me. I'm playing in ink and paper (and my blog!)! I would like to get to the newest LSS today and see what they have. It's a drive for us, but BB is such a sweety, I know he'll drive me. I also need to get to my GF's house and pick up some new SU papers she got. Can't wait to see the catalog too.
That's it from the Bloom Zoo for today. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay cool and Hugs to all!

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