Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Owls Are In

Aren't they cute? They are some more images that I got from my friend Gretchen last week. They're from Inky Antics. The plaid paper is from more DCWV scraps and who knows where the blue gingham paper came from. It really was a tiny, tiny scrap of paper that fit just right!
Today is going to be near 100 again in Dallas so I'll be staying inside to keep cool. I do have to run to the post office. I've been putting it off for a few days. I'm sure the people who bought my cards on ebay want to know where they are. They're coming! I got five cards made yesterday. Not nearly enough, so I'll be working my little fingers to the bone again today. If only my fingers would work right. They get that "old-timers" thing going and don't always want to bend the way they need to cut paper! Oh well, at least I still have all of them!
Barry is off to school for a whole day. (I hope) He had some problems yesterday and he always looks at the dark side when that happens. I keep trying to tell him if he didn't mess up, how would he know how to fix it! Hey, I keep messing up and I keep trying to fix things!
So, what are you up to this summer? We have no plans. I'd love to fly out of Dallas and land on a beach somewhere, but I don't see that happening unless someone offers Barry a job in Maui! Anyone out there with a job at the beach? Please let us know. We'll get our bags packed and on a plane in a hurry! Wouldn't that be the life? I could become a beach bum in no time flat! I have all I need for that job. A big hat, a bathing suit, and a pair of shoes I can go in the water with! See, I'm ready!
Off I go into the world of creating now. I have a full pot of coffee and away I go!!
Have a great day and hugs to you all!

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