Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Been A Hard Day's Night

And now I'm dreamin' of the beach! I love living in Dallas but I hate not having the beach right around the corner! I grew up going to the Jersey shore every summer. My family had those old hotels there and then as a teen going to Ocean City, MD as soon as the season started. When we lived in Tampa we were on the water and then had to only drive 10 minutes to see the sandy shore. I can never understand how someone whats to pay to get cold. I mean snow is so COLD!
These two cards are some more I entered into the Hanna Stamps Guest Designer contest. Moose people make me happy. These darling little guys went on eBay last night and they've been sold already! That just means I have to make more, and more, and more! It reminds me of that song Off To Work We Go!
It's very early in the morning right now, so I think my bed must be calling me back. Barry left early for school. He's got an all-day thing going on at school. They are having a bunch of people come in and speak about different area's of IT and they are also severing lunch for everyone. It should be a nice break for Barry.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Your cards are beautiful Paula! I can see why they get snatched up right away! ~~Pam

  2. I just went back & read everything I missed. I'm so sorry you're having unemployment issues.....we are too...Rob never got paid for a week back in April & it's too late to appeal. Unfortunately, he was so mad when he got the denial letter, he crumpled it up & threw it away. Turns out we could have sent in a written appeal, but of course that date has come & gone. So we lost a whole week of pay....the same week as Spring Break so I didn't get paid either. And now that school is over...I don't get paid for 3 months. Needless to say I've been trying to find a sucks out there now....keep your chin up, my friend!!