Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pretty New Cards

I've been so busy making cards the last few days and this morning I uploaded 21 cards and a set of postcard notes on my eBay store. It took forever to list them. I have them all going on auction at one time. I've found it's easier to do this because a few times I've been busy listing them and they had been sold while I'm doing that. Now that's a good thing, as Martha says, but then when I can't find the listings, I get freaked out! This card is one of those for sale today. I wish I could bring myself to make more of this style. I really enjoy the simple lines but then I get carried away with flowers, ribbon, and anything else I can fit on a card, so it doesn't always work for me. I think this card does work. I used some Hero Arts stamps for the verses and SU printed paper for the body.
Not a whole lot new in the Bloom world. I did hear from the writer I emailed yesterday and she's going to forward my email to the Texas Workforce and see what they can find out. I hope that helps. Any type of help is welcome.
Barry had a hard day at school yesterday. The work is so new and different for him that I think he "over" thinks the process sometimes. It will come to him I'm sure.
Today I need to pick up a few things at the store and mail a few packages. Other then that, I'm busy again working on more cards to sell. SELL is my new Motto!! Sell is good! Sell is happy!! Get my meaning?
Have a great day!

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