Friday, November 20, 2009

Any Way U Spell It

There are so many ways to spell the word Chanukah, but any way it's still the same holiday! In my family we spell it Hanukkah, but the stamps I'm using for this card spell it differently. It doesn't matter to Jewish children around the world. It still means fried things! In America the most popular is Potato Pancakes. That's the favorite when the kids come to dinner. My family thinks that they should be severed with every Jewish style dinner! I know, Thanksgiving is even here yet, and I'm talking about another holiday, but in truth, the Jewish holiday will be here soon. December 11 marks the day. Every year we celebrate it on a different day on the modern calendar, but it's the same day on the Jewish calendar. Don't ask why, I don't know. It's not suppose to be a BIG holiday like Christmas. We have MUCH bigger ones, but I suppose because it's near Christmas each year, it's gotten a bigger role. When my kids were small we gave presents each night. A pair of sox's and some underwear are the favorite gift among most Jewish parents! Now when I don't give those out, they complain, in jest of course, but I still enjoy it! I made this card yesterday for sale on my ebay site. It's not flying out the door anymore then the other cards, but at least I've tried. I used some My Mind's Eye papers and AMuse and Hero Arts stamps for the card. I like it and that's what counts!
We had a treat last night. Evan called and invited us to come to his house for dinner. He made Beef Stew in his cock pot the night before and wanted to share. He's a great cook! After the really down day I had yesterday, it was nice to his smiling face. He's my baby and will always be. He showed us pictures of the puppies he's been looking at to make his own. Evan wants an English Bulldog. The puppies are very cute and so little. He's still looking and thinking. I'm trying to talk Barry into letting me get another cat, but I'm not winning!
Well, I'm off to do something. One of the new LSS in our area is having a holiday open house today and tomorrow and another sent an email with a list of all the new goodies they got in. I'd love to go to either one, but with NO money to spend, and wet, rainy roads, I think I'll just head to Wally World for juice and coffee. No fun, but no extra money spent!
Have a great day and hurry back!

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