Sunday, November 22, 2009

The BIG Game

Today is the day that all true Dallas and Washington Fan watch each and every year for! If you're a Redskin Fan, Dallas is the team we LOVE to hate! The games used to the big match-up of the year. Now, maybe not so much for the Cowboys, but for Redskin Fans, YES! I've lived in Dallas for over 20 years and always root for the team that's playing against Dallas. It's in our blood. We bleed Red and Gold. I've even planted flowers in the team colors. We don't really care who else the 'Skins beat, as long as they win over Dallas.
WOW! I feel better already today. Just getting that little piece of info off my chest! Now I can move on to making cards---maybe. I've been trying to work on something this morning. Yea, well, you know how that can be. Some days you've got it, and some days you don't know where it went. This might be a day "it" went somewhere for lunch! But I keep trying. I need to do the wash today because tomorrow Barry and I will be gone most of the day. He has an appointment with the eye doctor. Only problem with using VA is you don't know where they'll send you. Barry's in a city called Bohamn. That very close to us. It's an hour and half drive each way. I'm hoping they have a scrapbook store somewhere near to at least make the trip worthwhile!
We're going to Larry and Tina's home for Thanksgiving this year and Larry said they will be getting the Turkey this year too. That's nice of them. Because of that, I'll be able to cook the turkey that I got this week at CCA for home. We'll have lots of meals with that birdie. I'm looking forward to Turkey sandwiches. I can almost taste them now! I just have to find out what Tina wants me to bring to their home.
So what are you up to this week? Are you traveling or staying home for the holiday? When we lived in FL we used to travel across the state to my family and spend the weekend with them. I really miss having lots of family around to pig out with. I think Barry hated it, but the kids and I loved all the fun and shopping we did. My family could be a bit "much" at times. Well, I guess we make the best of what we have.
Have a wonderful sunny day!

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  1. Sorry, I'm not a football fan. My husband's from the Philly area so he watches the Eagles and being from MN we watch the Vikings if we think of it but it's not something we have to do!

    We're going to my parents' with the boys for the Holiday. My Dad's birthday is Wednesday so we'll be celebrating that too. I don't have any shopping planned for Black Friday. I'm really not into the crowds. We went to the Mall of America last weekend and the crowds there were already crazy...not my kind of fun!

    I hope you have a good Monday and find a store to do some shopping in. It's always nice to check out new's fun how product varies from store to store and you can really find some nice things that way.