Sunday, November 15, 2009

She So Fine!

Can you say "hook" on Pure Innocence images? That's me! I just keep making the cards and they just keep sitting in my eBay store and looking at me! But they are so pretty to look at, that I think I'll make some more! Someone out their will think "WOW, I need those cards" and they'll be right there for them! For this card I took all the scraps and arranged them in a pleasant way and a card was born! All the paper is Basic Grey!
So what did you do yesterday? I stayed in my PJ's all day. I worked on cards, watched the CSI's from last week, and even cooked a great dinner pork chop dinner! Barry rested up from his "death" cold and managed to stay out of my way most of the day! Right now he's still sleeping. This comes before the "I'm in need of Food" part of the day. That comes soon enough. I have added I WANT A MAID AND A COOK to my list for Hanukkah this year! Just a part time will be fine!
It's so fun to look at the tracker I have on my blog and see where people are coming from to look at my fine blog. It would be so much more fun to have a comment or two from them, but I understand. Life is too short to do that! So, please keep coming back and taking a peck and enjoying the site!
Have a great day. We are doing nothing again, but I do have to go to see Madelyn later and give her a bag of holiday stamps that she needs for Girl Scouts. Her Daisy troop is making cards on Tuesday and Grandma is supplying the stamps, buttons, and some ribbon!

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  1. Ooh! I hope you're feeling better! This card is ADORABLE! I love the patterns and colors you used! The coloring and distressing really bring it all together!