Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mr Bird Is Cookin!

My lovely 14 lb. is up and cooking as we speak! I put him in at 7AM this morning and we'll be having him for dinner! Does that sound a little cruel? Maybe, but oh so good! Since we're going to Larry and Tina's for dinner on Thanksgiving, I had my bird to cook just for us. I cooked him today so we'd have wonderful fresh turkey all week. Just think of those great turkey sandwiches. I'm thinking, I'm thinking!
Today I sharing another holiday card that's sitting in my eBay shop. I did sell 5 more cards this morning and the best part is that my sweet customer paid for them right away. I LOVE those type of customers. Heck, I love most customers, but those that I don't have to wait around for payment on, are the best! Anyway, this card uses a sweet digi image from Heather Ellis again. I want to buy them all, but I'll have to do it one image at a time. The next one I'm going to buy is a darling little sweet girl opening a love letter. I think it would be cute for Valentine's Day. I can't believe I've said that. One holiday isn't even here yet and I'm ready to move on. I guess that's the way of the card makers. We're always moving on to the next new thing!
I'm off to do some wash and make another card or two for my eBay store. Check them out. I have several dozen just waiting for a new home. Adopt one or two! You'll feel better!

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  1. What a cute card! That image is adorable! Enjoy the turkey! I'm not cooking this year but made a grocery store run on the way home from work and it was Super busy! I'll be making some bars to take to my parents even though I was told they didn't need anything...just us. Oh, I also bought a second shrimp cocktail tray since I know the boys will polish hers off pretty quickly!