Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guess Who's Sick Again, & It's Not Me!

That's right, Barry is home sick, again! He's got a cold. Or maybe he has the flu---just ask him! I should limit his TV watching. Since he saw the news last night and saw 2 news stories about men who got sick after they thought they had a cold, he now thinks he has the flu! I did offer to take him to the doctor's office, but after cough medicine and two Bayer, he's feeling a "little" better! I hope I don't sound bitter, but this is the third time he's been sick and it isn't even winter yet! I almost wish it was the flu instead of your common cold. Then he's really be sick and maybe next time he'd stop whining! I'm just a tiny bit bitter this morning!
Today I'm trying to get some more cards. I've gotten a few made, but gave some of them away this morning to 2 wonderful ladies at the CCA pantry. They are always so helpful when I come in and tell me how much of this or that I can get, so I thought I'd say thank you to them each with a pretty card.
Well, I'm off to do something besides feel sorry for myself today. Maybe he'll sleep away the day and let me do my own thing!
Have a good day!

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