Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sweet Little Girl

Isn't she sweet? Have you noticed that I have a "thing" for little girl images? Magnolia's and now this little My Favorite Things child. She was the other stamp I got on Monday with the end of my GC. Boy I love those things. So if anyone asks you, I'd love to have another one! It's so much fun shopping without spending any money for yourself! I used lots of new Basic Grey for the papers for this card. Can you believe no one has bought her yet? What's wrong with people? Oh well, I like her anyway!
Today we started our day late. We didn't even hear the alarm go off! We woke up 45 minutes late, but manged to finally get Barry out the door for school. He's been staying all day studying for his test. I'm so happy the end is now nearer then the beginning! I can smell that good job coming down the road! Believe me, I say a prayer for it every day!
So what are you up to today? I need to go to Sam's and get a box of mailing envelopes. I have 5 or so orders to get out and have NO mailing envelopes. I wish I knew a better, cheaper way to ship, but I don't want to harm the cards and padded envelopes seems to way to go. Any suggestions?
I guess it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving soon. What are you making? The boys weren't happy about Turkey, but since everyone is watching what they spend, Turkey it is! I am so thankful for CCA and the pantry. We're going to get something I never thought we'd need, a Thanksgiving Basket of food. Barry being in the Lion's Club, we've always been the one's to do the giving, but this year, it's the getting. Isn't it funny how just getting food in your home it the greatest thing! Not having to worry that you have nothing to eat such a big thing? I hope it gives us all a reason to be grateful for what we have and always remember that there is someone worse off then we are, no matter how bad we think we have it, someone is on the street, with no hope, and no love. I am truly blessed to have a family who loves me, a roof (for the time being) over our heads, and food on the table.
Hugs to all!

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  1. This is ADORABLE! I love that image! It's so cute that you have that sparkly flower for an in MN that would have to be a snowflake! I'm so happy there are opportunities in your community for you to get the food and other items you need. It's a great reminder that everyone is either struggling now or knows someone struggling and to be generous whenever possible!

    Hey, I haven't paid attention lately but Walgreens used to have coupons occasionally where you can get 3 padded envelops for $1. I don't know what they end up costing you at Sam's but I'll try to look for those coupons and let you know...that is...if you have Walgreens in your area!

    Hugs! ~Shelly