Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aren't they Sweet?

And they would be so sweet to eat! Yes, I got another digi image yesterday. This one was a bit harder to download to the right size. It took Barry helping me last night to get it right. Now if I could only figure out how to get the nice little verse that came with it size correct! I think digi image companies would sell more if you could just download the correct size right away instead of having to "play" with them. It's not PLAYING---It's Work to me! Well, at least I got this card made this morning. I don't know why I'm rushing to finish cards, they just sit in my ebay store and look pretty! Where are the customers? Are they all like me, and have no money to spend? Someone has to be working and want to send Christmas cards, don't they? So what did I sell yesterday you ask, well I'll tell cards, but one stamp set. It was my new Verve set that I won. I thought it would better be used by someone else since I hadn't ink it up yet and the money was needed instead. I must see what other stamp sets I can part with. IF you ask Barry, he'd say plenty, but what do guys know!
Today I don't have any plans except to finally make it to the post office. Then I need to get to the store to buy OJ. It's hard to start the morning without it. And please dear Lord, don't let me forget coffee again! I'm almost out. I drank hot tea this morning in order to save what I have, but it's not the same.
Gotta run and take a shower. I can't stand myself any longer! Have a great day and stay warm!

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  1. Very cute card! I love the soft colors you chose and the flower embellishment is SO pretty!