Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Season Of Wishes

Tomorrow starts the season of hope, a season of wishes, and a season of new beginnings. My wishes are simple. Food, a job for Barry, and good health. I want them for all my friends and family. Right now our food needs are being taken care of and tomorrow my son has a coupon for another free turkey he wants to share with us. It's a good thing we love turkey sandwiches! Right now we seem to be in fairly good health. I hope you are too. It's the job thing we need to work on. I've tried wishing on the first star I see each night. That's not working out so good, but I never give up. Maybe that's the real meaning of wishes. Never stop wishing. Never give up. I'd just like a little sign of someone hearing my wishes.
Now if I could just make Barry and I into a Charity Cause---something like---Unemployed Grandpa's or Give To Needy Grandparents---Life would then be just FINE!
I hope each and everyone one of my readers will enjoy a day with family or friends tomorrow. I wish you the best of days!
Love to all who enter!

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  1. May all your wishes, prayers and hopes come true! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Cute card! I love this set. :-)