Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Big Thanks To Barry

I now his cold! And I want someone to come and take care of me! Like that's gonna happen! I woke up with my nose running across my pillow--and his cough--WOW am I a lucky girl! A gift! It's ok. I took the med's before it gets worse--unlike Barry! He's now on the mend, but just takin' it easy this weekend. In other words, semi-death!
Can you tell I'm hooked on another group of stamps? This one is digi stamp from Heather Ellis. I was checking out things over at etsy and found more of them! I used lots of pieces of Basic Grey. I think it turned out really special!
We have no plans this weekend and after paying the bills, no money even if I did have plans. I plan on working on lots of cards to sell. I just don't know weather to put them on etsy or ebay. I want them to sell!
Well, I'm off. Have a super day!

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