Friday, November 13, 2009

He's Alive, He's Alive!

I've added a link back to my Etsy Shop! Please check it out and have a look at my cards!
Yes, he made it through the night without me killing him! Yea, and the best part is---he went off to school today! His parting words were "see ya soon", so I don't know how long he's staying, but hopefully Barry will get so involved in his studying, he'll at least stay until lunch time! I gave him lots of OTC drugs for his cold yesterday and they really did help. Now I feel crappy! What's a girl gonna do!
Like my card? I really enjoy stamping these darling little children. This card is using some new Cosmo paper as well. She's up for sale over at my eBay store. She's not selling, but she's UP for sale! What is wrong with the market? I know things are hard all over, but even my regular customers are MIA! What I need is a new market for my pretties. Where oh where to sell?
The weather is nice right now and it's suppose to be a pretty weekend until Sunday night. Then the rain and a cold front are headed our way. It's OK, maybe the cold weather will put us all in the holiday mood. It's hard to think "Christmas" when it's 70! We had that problem when we lived in FL. At least in Tampa, we had a few "cool" days. We had to even turn the heat on for a day or two! On year it got down to 18 on Christmas Day. It's when we first moved to Tampa and had oil heat. I didn't know you had to "order" it. I thought it just came! No heat and 18 didn't make my family too happy! We went for a ride and ended up in a Denny's for Christmas dinner. It's always a fun memory to bring up!
Have a great day!

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  1. Glad to hear Barry's feeling better!! You should really give Etsy a go......not quite as much traffic as Ebay, but as long as you let your regulars know you have a store there, they'll buy from you!! And Etsy doesn't take half your profit like Ebay does!!