Sunday, December 6, 2009

Touched By Kindness

I can't believe the kindness out there in the world by people whom I've never met except online. I know if I should have the great fortune of meeting them in person some day I will be able to pick them out from the glow they have around them! This week has been unbelievable to me in the form of caring about us from beginning to end. First VA took care of Barry, with no fee. Evan took me to lunch the next day and gave me a check to help us out. Then I got a wonderful box of goodies from a stamping friend and now this morning I woke up to a gift of money to top my week! Yes, I know I'm a lucky person! Barry and I have always tried to give back to our community and made sure our children knew that's what you do, but when it happens to you, it's very humbling. I thank you all for caring about the Bloom's. My heart is filled with love and good wishes for you all.
Do you like this card? I'm always looking for new layout idea's on the web and saw something like this. I can never get mine to look "just" like someone else's, but I'm happy with this card. I used some of the new papers I got in the mail from Pat to make this. These colors were fun to work with. It's nice to get out of the holiday mode for a while and think Spring! The verse is from Verve and the flower is made using several layers of CS.
I'm off to do the wash today. Barry has no clean jeans for the week. This week was hard on him with all the times his bag broke and he had several changes of clothes a day. We try to make light of it when it happens, but I know it takes a toll on him. He had a great dream last night. He was working and we were living in Maui! That's one I would like to come true!
Blessings to you all!

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  1. You're so sweet and so deserving of kindness and generosity!

    I love the colors and layout of this card. Very pretty!