Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me...

Yes, it's another image from Heather Ellis This is the link to her website. She also sells the images on Etsy, but I found they are a bit less on her site even with the UK price. I used some stamps from SU to go along with the little girl. Perfect? Well, I think so anyway! I got this paper some time ago and since I only had a tiny piece I had no name of who made it. The polka dot is the other side of the plaid. You know how I like plaids!
I thought I'd show the inside today as well. I used to finish up the insides of all my cards, but lately I've become lazy or cheap! Don't know which one really. Since I lowered the price of my cards I feel that if I don't cut back a little, I'll be losing even more on the sales, but this one just seemed to "need" finishin up!
My lunch with Evan was so nice yesterday. We went to Sweet Tomatoes. It's a salad buffet that we have in our area. We like it a lot. So much so that for my birthday Evan gave me a gift card for there. After that I hit the natural food store for some fruit. We had none, so I added oranges and grapefruits. They are on sale this week. It's the season.
Today I'm off to CCA for my food shopping. What a blessing they are to have. I don't know what we would have done these past few months without their help. Barry is at school today and hopefully that will be for the day. When I come home I've got to work on some cards to sell. I'm getting low. I told Barry last night I've lost the will to stamp so much. I thinks it's because my sales are so slow so my mind thinks it's ok to slow down! I just can't believe how SLOW sales are this year. Isn't that just how it works, when you need it the most, it leaves. That's true weather it's brains or control!
Have a great day!

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  1. Very cute! I love plaids too! The colors in this are so pretty! Love it!