Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love Letters

The thing I feel the least like doing is writing love notes to anyone, but she's so darling, I might make an exception! This little girl is from the pen of Heather Ellis Designs. Can you tell I'm a big fan? I liked her work before she started designing for My Favorite Things stamps and I'm so happy that she sells her images by themselves for about a third of the price. I used some old BG papers for this card as well. Even the pink layer is BG. I love being able to use up some of the papers left in those 6x6 little things.
Today Barry has another appointment at the VA. This time it's in Dallas, so we don't have to travel for hours. It's a follow-up last months to check out how he's doing. They should now have all the paper work from the surgeon and we'll go from there. I'm meeting him at school and then we'll drive down to the hospital together.
I made lots of cards yesterday and added them to my ebay store. I just wish I would have sold some last night. I was hoping to make a few bucks with them. Momma needs gas money! I wish I could say that in jest, but not this time. I really don't know when I've felt this down before. If you know me, I'm usually a happy person. Even if all the stuff around me going on, I don't get down on life. I think it's a waste of time to always feel bad, but between you, me and the bedsheets, I feel so bad right now. We're running out of money, we're running low on hope, and I wish I had the energy to run! I apply for jobs almost everyday and nothing! Sometimes I've got to wonder what is wrong with me? The one thing I know I can do well is make and sell my cards and even they're not selling well. Oh well, I guess you don't want to hear anymore about me feeling sorry for myself today. I think I'll just go and do something. I am in NEED of a shower before I go out of the house today, so I'm off.
Have a good day and think good thoughts!

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  1. Hello! I'm sending you happy wishes and a long distance hug! I know there are times when we feel so down it's so hard to pick ourselves back up. I hope you had a great day and made your own sunshine!

    This card is adorable! I love that image! I checked out your e-bay shop and LOVE the little girls with the pink papers. They are fabulous!!! If I weren't a card maker I'd definitely be scooping those up!

    Happy wishes for you!