Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just a Quick Post Today

I want to sing Love Boat when I see this card. I know it's a Lovebug, the song keeps running around in my head! Now, you too will be singing the song all day! My job is done!!
Don't you love the little bug? It's a digi stamp from Inktegrity Designs. I just was so tried of holiday cards that I had to find another holiday to work on. Notice the mat behind the image? I had a small piece of black and wanted to add this to the card somehow. I laid the black over the top before I ran it in the Cuttlebug-double color mat! The plaid is DCVW and the dot is left over from Halloween.
Today I'm still lazy. I can't seem to get in the creating mood this week. I did a few cards for the new DT, but I can't show you those until Jan, so you'll just have to come back. I'm meeting up with Evan today and bringing him lunch. I made a favorite of his last night for dinner, but he had to work late. I offered to take it to his home and leave for him for today, but he called last night and asked if I'd bring it for lunch. So like a good Mom, off I go! Larry called last night too, and asked it I wanted to go to the movies with him and Madelyn. I passed on that one. I am so lucky to have my son's around. They are my real blessings!
Well, I'm off to do who-knows-what! Have a good day and stay safe!


  1. Super cute!! The ladybug collection is one of my favorites!! I love how you added the heart buttons!!