Monday, December 7, 2009

By Golly, It's Monday

I made it through the weekend and I'm here to tell about it! Ok, so there's not much to tell, but I made it anyway! We laid low yesterday. I needed a few things at WalMart, so we went there first thing and then it was the wash, wash, and some more wash. I finished it up this morning! I had a busy morning. I was up bright and early, well, maybe not so bright since the sun is hiding, but early and got the dishes finished from last night, the wash from yesterday done, and I got more cards made! This is one of those. I love these little Pure Innocence girls. They are so sweet. I pulled out some more of the designer papers that Pat sent and made this card. I saw this layout on some blog and loved it and the color combo came from another card I saw on a blog. I don't know what happened in the picture, but it's not really as dark as it looks. It's a nice Camel Hair coat with matching boots!
Nothing else is new with me today. Barry is at school and I'm hoping he stays there all day. Night would work for me. I do have to figure out what I'm going to make for dinner. I think Hot Dogs and Beans sound ok. I wish I had beef stew because it feels like a winter day and that's always good. Maybe next time.
Take care and if you want to see all my new cards on ebay, just follow the link!

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