Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Gift of Friendship

As promised yesterday, this is one of the cards sent to me from my friend Pat in WY. I LOVE IT! I've seen them made up over at SCS but never thought I'd have one. I know I wasn't making one myself, so you can see how wonderful I feel getting one for myself! The picture really doesn't do the card justice. It's even prettier in person! Thanks again Pat. Look in the mail early next week for something I made special for you!
Yesterday was a bargain day for me. I was looking for a Hobby Lobby coupon over at SCS. Someone always posts a link, but instead I found a thread about an envelope sale at Staples. What a deal! They are selling the boxes of 100 A2 envelopes for 5.00! Yes, you heard me right, so hurry on over to your local store and check them out. I heard they are not re-ordering this one again. I don't know the whole story, nor do I care, all I know is I got 400 new pretty white envelopes in my stash now! The way my cards are selling, that should last a good long time!
I broke open some of the papers I got from Pat yesterday as well and made a few new cards. I'll post them later in my ebay store, if you're interested in them. I was so happy with one of the cards. I love the digi images and I love to paper piece images. The trouble was how to do both. I worked it out on the computer yesterday. I first printed the image on plain paper and then marked the top of the page so I would know where to place a small strip of printed paper and then printed the digi stamp off the computer. My little girls dress printed out perfectly! All I had to do was cut the dress out and place where I wanted it! The hardest part was figuring out the top and bottom of the pages in my printer!
This afternoon Madelyn is marching in the holiday parade in our city. She's a Daisy, which is below Brownies, but it's a start. Tina is the troop leader so they get to do lots of fun things. It's not until 3 today, so I'll still have lots of time to play. Barry is working at a Lion's Eye Clinic this morning and then he thinks he's coming home for Turkey Salad Sandwiches. Not unless I buy some bread! Oh well. I guess I better get a move on it. The post office is calling me. I packed up all the thing I sold in the last day or two to go out. Not enough---but I can't make people buy any more then I could have made it snow in Dallas this week!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a beautiful card! I've been wanting to try one but haven't gotten to it yet.