Thursday, December 17, 2009

Out of This World!

Isn't he cute? What would you do if your daughter brought him home to you????? I was at M's yesterday spending my gift card Larry and Family gave me for Hanukkah this year. I also took my 40% off coupon and came home with some fun things. I bought a new Martha punch. I've been wanting the butterfly and she came home, and I bought this fun set of space people. They even had some matching papers. I wanted to do the SCS layout for yesterday, but the only problem was you can't see much of the printed papers. I added the stripe down the front lining up as much of the print as I could. It's really, really cute in person. I added lots of glitter, of course!
Barry has been coming home at lunch time each day this week to study at home. He's doing pretty good. I just wish he had a little confidants in himself. I know that it's been such a hard year for him, but anything I say, just seems to rub him the wrong way. Yesterday he got an 96 on a study test. I said what a great job, and of course, he said it wasn't good enough!! You only have to get an 80 on the TEST! He's driving me to my breaking point very soon. I told him yesterday that my mental state is shaky at best. Can you guess what his reply was? All about him of course. It's always, all about him. We are spending way too much time together this week!
Today is CCA day. The people are so kind and you really do see all types of people there. I saw a very nice lady every week shopping at the same time. Last week I parked next to her. I didn't know it was her car until we left together and it was a Lexis. She laughed and said she didn't always need help! I guess that's the way much people think. What happened to us? I know I feel like I've fallen such a long way down and I don't know if we'll ever be able to get up again. So if you get a chance to help someone, please do. That is my thought for the day!!


  1. Hi Paula. Love your blog and all your creations! They are just wonderful!! Look forward to working with you on the WD DT! :)

  2. Super fun card! I love the stamp and paper!