Saturday, January 23, 2010

Something I Won't Do Again

That something is list my cards on ebay at a low starting price! Oh yes, I'm happy to sell cards, but not to make any money from them is a SIN! I know I should not have listened to people who said I'd do better to list them as an auction instead of fixed price, but believe me, I've learned my lesson the hard way! Each card that sold, I think I lost 2.00 on between the fee and what it cost to make the card! YES, this is my pet peeve for today and one of my own making! I won't do this one again!
The card I've chosen to share today was such a fun card to make. I don't use the long notes often enough, but when I found some of the SU one's in a drawer that I got as a gift, I couldn't resist. I paired up some SU papers that I have always loved with a Heather Ellis digi image. The little Birthday is from Verve stamps. I bought the little flower some time ago also. I wish I knew where, but it's pretty anyway.
Last night we had dinner at Evan's. He's such a good cook and the entertainment part of the evening was pretty fun too. Coco was up the whole time we were there. She usually falls asleep after she's played, but she had her grandparents to watch over her. Her favorite thing to do last night was eat Barry's shoe laces. At the end of the evening, they were so wet! Barry said when we got home last night we smelled like "dog"! Who would have thought that!~!~ I will upload a picture or two tomorrow of her.
Barry is off to Lion's Mid-Winter Convention today. It's not even a whole day, but I'll take it anyhow. I'm just being lazy and of course felling sorry for myself over my sales on ebay. I do have to start work on new projects soon. February's will be here before I know it.
Have a fun day and hurry back.

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